February 2010 Due Dates


brooklyn i was waiting for you to chime in about molly :slight_smile:

good grief ya’ll with your twin boy wishes! no way. if i do go for another it is strictly au nautral. if it doesn’t happen, the it doesn’t happen. in hindsight i am sure my thyroid kept me from getting pregnant since no one found anything wrong with either one of us. i still dont know how i feel. i have awhile to decide anyway.

so molly what kind of car do you have? hope its a big one! enough for three seats!:woohoo: this is so much fun!! :slight_smile:

(i’m teasing you don’t have to answer that one)


This will be the 3rd set of twins in this generation. My older sister did it with ease. My younger sister needed a nanny & still can’t handle all 3 kids at once. I’m guessing I"ll be more like my older sister. Hoping!!

Jami - We have a Town & Country minivan. Plenty of room for 3 carseats!


thats perfect!!

and i will say this- i am pretty tough and honestly can handle most things-or so i thought. i do not think i could have survived without my nannies, parents and in laws. my girls are amazing but i simply cannot do it alone, all day long, every day. it is beyond overwhelming. maybe i’m too hands on and that’s part of the problem, i don’t know. mares you have my utmost respect. yoga you don’t have help do you? i don’t think you do but not sure. how are you managing either way?


Jami - If I could afford a nanny, it would be on my must-have list! It’s a win the lottery fantasy. My MIL will continue to help out. Maybe coming 2 days a week instead of 2. And my mother is moving into our garage apartment (shudder) & will be able to “help” out.


Molly- :clap: This is so exciting!! LMAO about your Mom moving in, sorry. I’m sure it will be better for you than if my Mom moved in here :slight_smile: Beside many hands make less work right, the more help the better!


Jami- no, lol, I don’t have help. I’m busy but doing fine really:-) I cart all 3 to the YMCA 3x a week to get an hour to myself! On the other hand, I also find it kind of rewarding. My mom does visit for an hour a day or so and is avail to babysit and on Fridays, my neighbor watches the twins while T and I run errands or go out for fun. I figure it is a little crazy but it will go fast and I will miss it one day.

Molly- lots of sympathy for mom moving in! I have a hard time with mine living nearby, I can’t imagine that close! But, my mom isn’t great help…she always seems to create more work for me!


yoga are your girls sleeping at night?


Am I the only one stalking Molly?? I think her u/s was today right?


We have TWO heartbeats!!! :preg: :preg: :woohoo:


Jami- no… Boo! They were doing 7 hours straight until 2 weeks ago and now we can’t go more than 3 hours of straight sleep !

Mares- me too!!!


Ahhhhh this turning into the multiples board!!

Congrats Molly! Hope everything goes smoothly here on out and I guess boy girl :wink:


1 of each would be fabulous!! Last night Andy said he wanted a girl, someone who would love him. LOL All because Carter was feeling grumpy & wanted his mommy. It’s not my fault I’m his favorite!

Two! ACK!!!


That is FANTASTIC news! I am so happy and excited for you :slight_smile: :clap:


Yea Molly congrats!!! That’s great news.

I haven’t been on this board in so long that I had to reset my password bc I forgot it.


Molly – I’m so happy for you!! :clap::cheer: I would be absolutely tickled if you ended up with one of each!

Mary – I’ve been stalking her here too. :wink:

AFM – I think it’s time I changed my pregnancy ticker to a baby ticker for Joshua. :slight_smile: (Although it’s been a great way for me to keep up with how far along he actually is in gestational numbers as opposed to anything else. For the record, as of yesterday, he was 15-1/2 inches and weighs 2 lbs. 12 oz. !!


Thank you so very very much everyone!!

Lia - Wow Joshua is gaining weight like a champ!!


Yay Molly!!! That comment Andy made and what you said about being Carter’s favorite cracked me up!!! Warn Andy though…I have a girl…and most of the days, she doesn’t want her Daddy. She’s a complete Mommy’s girl!!! I’m sure that will change once she gets older though. I’m a Daddy’s girl for sure!

Lia, great news on Joshua!!! Grow buddy grow!!!


Yay, Molly! How amazing!!! I am so happy for you! Guess we cross posted before bc I missed that announcement! About the mommy/daddy’s girl… T uses it to her advantage…one day it’s me and another day it’s Brett.


Molly~Woo Hoo!!! Congrats!

Lia~I knew that lil guy was gonna be like his momma…strong!

I’m on mobile so I cant type too much more or it will kick me off. Ablessing~how’s everything on your end? And little miss Kennedy?


yay molly!!!:cheer::cheer:i KNEW it!!!

ok i think i’m going with mares and one of each. not totally sure yet. maybe two boys but then again maybe two girls. oh this is fun!

Lia-yay Joshua!!!:clap: