February 2010 Due Dates


Everyone still alive??


Lia!!! How is sweet Joshua?


Mares- I’m here, I think I scare everyone away LOL, everytime I post no on signs in for days :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes we need updates on Josh, on the Farler twinkies, and any other news on our fabulous babies <3 Is anyone’s baby giving up their only nap? Sometimes Leah goes without hers. I think if she didn’t nap I could move her to a toddler bed, because she passes right out on days where she hasn’t napped. But her daycare puts them down for nap until they are school aged and won’t make any exceptions :frowning:


See Mary! I posted and no one wrote back :frowning: I’m starting to wonder if I stink or something :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been MIA. Babies are already eating my brain.

Paisley - I’m so sorry you were advised not to have more. :frowning:

Mares - What??? Have you tested?

No updates here. Saw the babies last week & all looked good.


Whoa! I guess I should have checked in here sooner, because I seem to have missed some of the great drama!

Mary – Any further testing? Did I miss something? Whether you’re pregnant or not right now, I think this is your body’s way of telling you to “prepare” :wink:

Jami – Hmmm… I’m trying to think of something wise to add for you. Does the doctor truly think it would be a bad idea, or is it one of those things where he’s giving you his most cautious advice for your situation? (I say this because at 19 weeks pregnant with Joshua, our specialist advised us to terminate for my sake… and we didn’t do it – and you know the rest of the story, right?). I understand the “bummed” thing, though. It’s hitting the wall of facing the possibility that there really will be no more children. It’s a natural feeling, I suppose, and doesn’t mean it’s a bad choice. Doesn’t make it any more pleasant though, does it? Yet somehow, in some weird way, I can still see you having a son. And I don’t know why.

Molly – I was thinking about you today and decided you’re having a boy and a girl. How many weeks until we find out???

AFM… Joshua is doing BEAUTIFULLY. He is 4 lbs 13 oz. and 18 inches long now. I’ve given him a few bottles and he does really well when I’m there. (Preemies wear out too fast to try the breast, so he’s going to be on breastmilk through bottles for awhile). He has these big dark eyes like his daddy, and he spends nice waking-time looking at me. What a little sweetie!! My favorite moments are when he smiles in his sleep while I’m holding him. I’m torn between being the mommy of a two month old, and mentally adjusting myself to his gestational age, which means there’s still a month to go before he would have been born. He’s such an amazing little miracle in my life right now.

In the midst of all this, I’ve been packing, packing, packing for the move. :frowning: My head is congested from the dust we’ve stirred up, and I feel completely exhausted – and still sore from the surgery!. The moving truck comes on Monday.

I hope I survive until then.

P.S. Melissa, no you don’t stink enough to keep everyone away from this thread. The forum isn’t scratch-n-sniff yet. :wink:

By the way, yes, Luke has days when he thinks he is all done with his afternoon nap. There is NO WAY I’m going to let him stop now. My kids have always gone down for naps until they reach kindergarten. That’s what keeps me sane! :smiley:


Im here to. Just nothing new going on over here.

Grey still needs a nap. That is when I get to have me time.

Lia so glad lil man is doing so well.

Mares :babydust: to you.

Emmys and Mares I see all the stuff on FB so I dont log into this account as much anymore.


why is the color different? who changed it!!!

my girls still nap altho lately not very well. but they never napped well so i am not used to that me time. so i really dont care when they stop napping bc it never meant much before anyway. in fact it wont be such a tease bc i wont sit down and eat and catch my breath for five seconds before one of them wakes up!

Lia, its the kind of thing where no one knows if anything would go wrong, and certainly theres a chance that nothing would go wrong, but its a pretty risky thing, and not sure worth it, bc id be looking at complications after as well, like lifetime medicine (more than im already on now) and maybe worse. plus i was lucky enough to have two healthy babies and i don’t know if i’d be so lucky again, if i had the complications. so knowing that going into it, its hard to make that call.if you knew beforehand you had placenta previa and that the dr’s would tell you not to continue, would you get pregnant? who knows. my heart and head say two different things. how ever either way, I wouldn’t be ready right now anyway. i think i would be in about a year or so, but who knows, maybe in a year i still wont feel ready, and then ill really know that im not doing it. thats my out for the moment, knowing that i wouldnt do it right now even if i could. lets see how i feel in a year.


Lia when are your other kids bday’s? i just realized joshua is a feb baby like lucas and our group (duh)! hmm, he was meant to be born in feb then :slight_smile: good sign!


Ok and I’ll admit if I were to have another, Lia I’m with you I think it would be a boy :slight_smile:


Jami- Are you guys against adoption? If you “kind of” want it now, I hate to say it but the want will probably grow.

Molly!! 2nd trimester!! Yay!!! Can’t wait to know what you are having! Still saying b/g for you! Share names!!

AFM- I am officially waiting to start AF to start BC. Our consult is May 22nd in Sacramento and hoping to cycle right away. Turns out we will be doing a fresh cycle. We ended up donating our 9 embryos in Michigan because we felt we could bless someone. Our embryos were all blasts and retrieved when I was 24 so they are def good embyos. We struggled with having biological children in the world we didn’t know about but we feel happy that we could make someone parents with those embryos.

So on to a fresh cycle in June or July maybe. Im so scared and keep waivering on whether I should do it because I hate the though of all the shots and OHSS but I do want another baby. Though I am scared too that it just won’t work this time.

Anyone else gonna have more? Melissa?? Sheri?? BROOKLYN??haha


How exciting Sue! I"m surprised you donated your embryos. We’re hanging onto ours until we know we’re done aka when the twins arrive safe & sound. If they’d let me, I’d donate now.

We have 3 weeks until we can have an elective gender ultrasound. I’ll probably schedule it the day I turn 16 weeks. LOL Hoping B/G. We’ve picked out Harper for a girl. No clue on boys names. Still soooooo tired! Waiting for my energy to magically return.


molly that is soooo exciting!!! you know harper is david and victoria beckhams baby girl :slight_smile:


I know Jamie! That’s not a point in it’s favor. :wink: Seriously, I love the name but not the popularity.


Can’t wait to find out the sexes Molly!! Harper is cute.

Mary, I want another one really bad. Been off BCP since last January and nothing yet! My cycles have gotten shorter and more regular and I’m not taking my Metformin anymore. I have a real problem remembering to take pills everyday. We have 6 frozen embryos still but we’re completely out of pocket so it’s a matter of having the cash to do everything. If insurance covered everything, or some, we would’ve already cycled by now.

I almost hate that we got pregnant with Ally naturally after a failed IVF. It’s like…false hope. Not knowing if it could happen again. Not knowing how it happened even after they said how low Keith’s sperm count was. I have that in the back of my mind all the time…that it happened once, it can happen again. But geez…it probably won’t!


Mares- I’m thinking 2 is our magic number. We still have 3 frosties though so you never know. But I seriously can’t think about having another right now. Leah is the epitome of terrible two year old, so I couldn’t even imagine being tired and pregnant right now. Plus we have so many renovations that need to be done around here that our money is tied up in. I’m excited for your cycle though :slight_smile: I’m thinking twinkies again :slight_smile:

Sheri- Don’t give up hope, you might get surprised yet :slight_smile:

Molly- I love the name Harper too, but I too hate when stars name thier kids a name I like, because then you get “oh did you name her after so and so’s baby?” When I had Emma every stranger I met asked “Did you name her after Rachel’s baby on friends?” To be honest I didn’t watch friends until it was in syndication LOL


Still haven’t changed my mind…done, done, done! :slight_smile: Although we do use the ‘pull out’ method of birth control - how retarded is that!


Brooklyn~I’m with you done! I just don’t think another baby is in our cards. We weren’t sure if we wanted at when we first got together. I’m happy with my guy, and especially since I just donated my 1 frozen to science, no way I’m starting fresh! Bless you all who are/have done it again!


Is anyone else having troubles with teeth brushing? Brooklyn and Cooper are impossible about it. They refuse to let me in there to brush them and it is a fight every day. Suggestions?


my dentist says just mke sure they know what it is and have some idea how to do it. my girls think its hilarious. they get to sit on the counter and suck the water off the toothbrush. but brooklyn, why should yours do anything easily??? i mean come on, what are you thinking, that thi would be easy?? ( kidding!!!) i also find that tory likes to do it in te morning with me, since she gts up so freaking early i take her with me in the bathroom while i wash up. she loves it


MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! :smiley: Two of my children are from that form of birth control… :wink:

Mollie – I’m stalking you here, because I am just dying to know the sex of your twinkies!

Ladies, this board is still so friggin funny and exciting for me. Keeping up with all these little people and all of you is great. Plus I believe that the “February 2010” boards has broken all the forum records, (except for one of the Donor threads), so it’s becoming legendary.

AFM – I’d STILL have more children, yes even at this age and stage of the game, but they took the key component to be able to, so it’s definitely not in the cards. Now we’re talking about looking into adoption. (I guess you all realize I’m love big families, right?)

Joshua is officially 3 months old, 6 lbs. 2 oz and a little over 19 inches long. He is BEAUTIFUL! The hernia surgery went great, and now the only thing we seem to be waiting on is his desire to demand feedings and his ability to complete them. In other words, he’s gotten lazy because he’s spent months taking food in his sleep through his little nasal-gastro canula. He’s catching on, though, and while he doesn’t have the strength to breastfeed yet, he loves to nurse just a little and be cuddled there. What a snuggler. :slight_smile:

In the meantime, I’m still pumping, (ugggh!) and storing and hoping I get to take my baby home some day soon. I’ve been away from the new house and Lucas for two weeks now. I’m ready. C’mon, Joshua…