February 2010 Due Dates


Brooklyn- I have to pin Leah down to brush her teeth, and tickle her to make her open her mouth. It’s like a 5 minute process and is a big pain in the butt, but I’d rather force it on her than deal with the four year old with 10+ cavities…especially since we don’t have dental coverage.

Lia- Sounds like Josh is doing great and well on his way to coming home! You’ve been pumping this whole time?? Wowza, you must have quite the milk stockpile! How is Lucas liking the new house?

Leah said her name for the very first time ever. It was so cute she said “Ye-yah”, but I know what she meant :slight_smile: She’s really starting to talk more and more lately, and repeat things I tell you to.


Carter loves to brush his teeth. Well, Carter loves to suck the toothpaste off the brush. I have to hold his mouth open to brush. He keeps trying to close it & suck on the toothbrush. We’ll sing the ABCs while brushing. Then let him brush on his own for a minute or two.

Hopefully we find out genders on Thursday!! I go in for a cervix check & the Dr said we should be able to find out the genders. Woot! Still on Harper for a girl & thinking Declan for a boy. Jack is also in the running.


Farler, I love the names you chose! :slight_smile: Can’t wait to find out :slight_smile:

Another question, is anyone still using a crib? Am I the last hold out? They love their cribs and I don’t care if they sleep in them til they are 10 LOL. They have never once tried to climb out.


Molly, I am so excited for you!! Cute names too!!

Brooklyn, we have to make a game of it but like Paisley, if I do my teeth they do theirs too. We sold the twins cribs and got twin beds for them. We are at my moms now waiting to get a house so not sure how it will go but the transistion from crib to toddler bed was no big deal at all. It was like no change basically.

Lia- So happy to see Joshua is close to coming home! Learning to eat was the hardest for us and even after we got home that was my main stressor with preemies. Of course they are hoglets now!!

Peter and I changed our minds again…we aren’t doing a cycle. Basically, we like our money and I like not being a fatty. So, for now we are content. We talked about how much harder it would be to travel, and be independent with more children. We don’t want to be outnumbered and we would rather keep our bank account fluffy than drain it will IVF. I guess maybe we just don’t want it bad enough yet…time will tell. Though I thought being around my sisters newborn would give me baby fever and it really made me NOT want anymore. It reminded what having a newborn is like and it doesn’t sounds so attractive now. :wink:


Brooklyn- Leah is still in a crib and likely will be until she is married :smiley: I’ll let her husband worry about her climbing out of bed and playing in the middle of the night, because that is my biggest worry and reason I haven’t made the switch yet. I’m in no hurry. Same as potty training. Leah knows where the potty is but doesn’t have too much interest right now.

Mares- Newborns (shudder), possibly my least favorite stage of babyhood! I love toddlers though :slight_smile: They have so much spunk and personality. Leah’s hilarious right now. All the reasons you listed are the same ones I have for not wanting another. Who knows maybe someday I will change my mind, but as of right now, 2 is definitely enough. I remember when I was pregnant with Emma I told Chris I wanted 6 kids LMFAO, I was crazy.

Farler- I love the names Harper and Jack! My votes are for those 2! I can’t wait to find out what you are having! How have you been feeling this time around?


I already got the news on Facebook, so I’ll wait for Molly to post it here before I start shouting my congratulations… :slight_smile:

Oh… and today is Joshua’s due date!! I guess his official age is “0”. :smiley:


Grey is still in his crib. And will be till he figures out he is like 3 feet tall and could get out of he wanted. LOL

He can unlock and open the front and back doors so I am scared once he figures out the crib thing.

He likes coming and getting ready with me in the mornnings. Just sucks on the toothbrush to. Some mornings he will let me do it and some not. whatever mood he is in that day.

Molly boys are great! so excited for you!

Lia- Joshua is amazing! I love seeing his pics. So tiny!


Lia, Joshua will be home very soon!!! His actual due date is a pretty good milestone, right…isn’t that when a lot of preemies come home? What a trooper…BOTH of you!

Mares, you crack me up how you change your mind about cycling again.

Ally is hit or miss on the teeth brushing. She sucks the toothpaste off mostly and brushes a little bit. I let her do that for a while and then I “finish up” with a good brush. Sometimes it’s through hysterical screaming, but oh well!

She’s been in her toddler bed since last October-ish, I think. And she’s getting a lot better at going potty. I think she’s really starting to figure out when it’s coming before it actually comes now.

She’s been horrible lately though with her attitude. When we were at her 2 year check up, the doctor said she saw her molars coming in. I swear she’s still got them coming through now. I checked in her mouth the other week because she was so freakin whiny and think I saw some pop through. And she’s been having so much trouble pooping lately. It comes and goes. I’ve had to give her Miralax a bunch of times, extra fiber, prune juice and mineral oil over the past month. It’s not like it’s a tummy ache, it’s like her actual butt hurts. Ahhh!!! And she is so whiny…teeth, poop…I guess all of that is making her whiny.


Matt and I drove back to Florida last Thursday – I needed to see Luke, because it had been over 3 weeks! Uggh… I have NEVER been away from one of my children when they’re little more than a day or two.

In the meanwhile…

The hospital finally seemed to realize that we’re at our cracking point; no matter how it’s handled, a NICU stay is hard on the family, and ours has been starting to drag on and on. So they started making calls, and… in the event that Joshua hasn’t perked up sufficiently and starting to eat his food… ANGEL FLIGHT has agreed to transport him and me to Orlando!! This is provided that Winnie Palmer Hospital accepts Joshua into the NICU rather than the PICU, (where he would be exposed to more germs – and I’m not going to risk that).

However… He is eating!! :smiley: Apparently, in the last two days he has been eating just about everything they can give him, so this is all very promising!

As for the crib thing…

Luke is still in his crib, mostly because he seems to like it, and because I don’t think I’m up for any struggles at nap time if he weren’t in his crib. (Life’s a little too stressful right now). I hope to have him out of his crib in the next few months; this is the oldest ANY of my children have stayed in their cribs.

As for toothbrushing, we try to do it morning and night, and I do most of the brushing for him because otherwise he would probably just eat the toothpaste and get nothing done.


Sorry I went MIA! Some of you have seen, we’re having 2 boys!!! Everything is looking good so far. Still muddling through the names. Feeling OK, not great. I don’t know if it’s being 40 or having two, probably a combination, but this pregnancy is kicking my butt! I’m definitely not the most productive person in the world. Ah well, so it goes. Luckily Andy picks up my slack.

How’s everyone doing?


Where is everyone! We need to keep going ladies! Ok whose kid is potty trained? We are about 90% there. Underpants at home and pullups at school. Big girl beds hopefully arriving next week. I’m separating my girls in August when school starts. Yikes!


Carter isn’t anywhere even close to potty trained. Hoping this summer we’ll make some progress but not sure it’s worth it & the relapse he’ll probably have when the twins are born. He loves to take his shorts & diaper off, but does it whether dry or dirty. So I think he really just likes going commando. We bought him some underwear yesterday, regular & training pants. Going to pick up a potty seat soon. I’m willing to let him go at his own pace & not push it.


Yeah where is everyone…

Molly- So excited for you and your growing family!!

We are close to potty training though the move didn’t help. Eleanor goes poop on the potty almost every time and pee maybe 2-3 times a day. Oliver has been lazier about it and says “Oh poop” and runs toward the potty but has already pooped. I have never rushed it and feel it is necessary to. We will get there. I actually don’t even think about it lol Not that I don’t care but there is just always so much going on.


We bought Carter some Thomas underwear & training pants just in prep for potty training. Carter spotted them. THOMAS! THOMAS! So he’s now walking around in them, very thrilled. He’s tried to put on several pairs. Very cute. I think in our travels today we’re going to pick up a potty chair.


Thanks Sue!! It’s exciting & scary. Most of the time I’m just excited about our future. Occasionally I think, “what on earth did we do this for???” Life with Carter is perfect, having more kids is crazy, especially in our tiny 2 bedroom house. Then I calm back down & know that it’s going to be great. We don’t need a huge house, just lots of love! And an addition. :wink:

The names in the running right now Declan, Graham & Brendan. I still love Jack for my Grandpa but it’s so popular. We were pretty much set on Declan & Brendan & then I suggested Graham. Andy really likes it & so do I. So have to decide if it’s going to edge out Declan or Brendan. I go back & forth.


I LOVE Graham and Brendan!!!


I vote Graham and Declan.



Molly~I love love love Graham!

Jax is moving slow on potty training, but it’ll happen so I’m not rushing it. Someways we wear underwear, somedays we dont. He is still in his crib and will stay there until he climbs out. He’s good at brushing most days, but resists some. I let him do it in the morning & I do it at night. We just bought the floriude toothpaste so we have to be a little more careful.

Lia~How’s the kiddies? And the new Place?

Brooklyn~Coop sleeping through the night yet?

Hope you all are keeping cool & enjoying the summer!!!


I miss when our group was active!! But I am glad that we’re friends on FB & get to keep up with each others lives.


I know. I’m glad we are friends on FB too…I got really bad at checking in here and I’m sorry! Life is crazy, but FB is easy on my phone:-)