February 2010 Due Dates


This thread should never be allowed to slip down the page so far. Ladies, somehow we created and maintained THE BEST THREAD in the history of this place.


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Ugh the last few times I checked in here I had to sign in. I agree that we can’t ever let this end and I miss out endless posts BUT thank goodness for fb :slight_smile:

So ok who is potty trained, who is in beds, who is starting school, who has alredy been to the er, and who is thinking about third birthday party already???


Potty trained - Ellie yes, Oliver no

School- nope, we can count to 6 with Oliver and 10 with E.

We’ve been in beds for since January. Sometimes Elle falls out and it is sad :frowning:

No we visits thank God. Oliver did hit his chin last night on the table and bit all the way through his lip. Called ped and she said don’t go to we cause they won’t stitch his lip. He is fine though :confused: sad!!!

My babies will be 3 in nearly 4 months!!! So bitter sweet! We are having a party but no theme as of yet…

We are enjoying gymnastics and lots of walks lately. Elle has relentless temper tantrums and is über bossy while Oliver is very laid back.

Keep our thread alive!!! Molly is about to have two new babies to talk about!! <3


Molly when are you due?

We are potty trained except for sleeping.

No beds yet. We have them and theyare forgoes but girls not ready

School starts in two weeks! Pre nursery five mornings a week 9-12. I’m splitting them up!

Three er visits. Two for vomiting one for a gash on the head. Fun times!

Birthday will be at Disney world. We arrive on their actual bday. So not sure about a party bc I’d have to invite both classes and I can get away without one probably for the last time this year. I might do something just with my friends at my house, most of them have kids either a year older or a different school


Oh, I want their birthday in Disney World! Totally jealous :slight_smile:

Not potty trained (Brooklyn will use her potty occasionally, Cooper has zero interest), going to be in cribs til they are 15, no pre school but they go to a school program every day during the school year, just having a small party with a few friends and we had one er visit last year when they had the norwalk virus. Please, please do not let us get the norwalk again…we have had it 3 times since the babies were born. Which included that one time we went to Mexico :grr:


I am so relieved to hear all this about potty training and sleeping in beds! Luke is still in his crib, mostly because he’s comfortable in there and I wanted to extend it a little bit due to all the uproar in our lives. (The move, the new baby, etc). This weekend I will begin painting his “big boy room” in order to eventually get him moved there from his temporary room.

As for potty training… Nope, not yet. Just not making any progress in that department. He’s not ready and I’ve had better luck with all my kids just letting them pick their own time.

Jami – If you bring the twinks to Disney for their birthday, we HAVE to get together!

Mary – Honestly, I feel like you just gave birth to Oliver and Ellie yesterday. You were the very first person in this group to bring her baby(ies) into the world. :slight_smile:

Susan – I am a strong believer that you should give Brooklyn and Cooper their birthdays down here at Disney World. Do it! If we time it out right, we can have a mass birthday party… Your two, Jami’s two and my Luke. heh heh heh. :smiley:


We had a check-up yesterday.

Eleanor is 25lbs even, 34 1/2 inches tall.

Oliver is 28lbs even and 36 inches tall.

I am curious what everyone else is at with weight and height.


Wowza this thread is still alive!!! It’s been a while since I looked in here, but it was pretty dead last time I did.

Well here’s Leah’s info LOL.

Bed, yes. Just did it in the last week, was worried like the dickens, but it proved to be no big deal.

Potty trained: just starting. She will go pee on the potty any time she is put on it, so this weekend we are gonna try a pee schedule and some big girl panties.

Leah’s in daycare 2 days a week in the preschool room, so I’m amazed at the knowledge she comes home with! She can identify numbers up to fifteen and most of the alphabet too. All her colors and shapes she can name as well, but she always gets blue and purple mixed up.

Leah is 30 lbs, not sure on her height, but she is average.

Okay so I’ve got a question for you all. Leah loves Buzz Lightyear, is it wrong to dress her up as Buzz for Halloween? I mentioned this to my BFF and she went nuts on me, saying that I shouldn’t dress Leah in a boy’s costume, even if Leah wants to. She suggested that Leah goes as Jessie the cowgirl from the Toy Story 2 movie, but Leah doesn’t care for her at all. To me and Chris it’s not a big deal, so ultimately we will do what we (and Leah want), but I just wanted to know if anyone else agreed or disagreed with me LOL.


LOL, let her be Buzz!!! Who cares!?!?


Let’s see…

I can’t remember the exact numbers, but Luke is something like 35 lbs. and … Inches? All I remember is that he’s in the 95th percentile for both height and weight – we’re looking at a future football player here! :smiley:

Last night was the first time we could get him out of his crib and into the new room, which we did by putting his crib mattress on the floor of the new room. I didn’t know what to expect, but he slept through the night beautifully, and this morning was still in there delightedly playing with his toys! Woot!

No potty training yet, because he shows absolutely no interest in sitting on the toilet, and I’m not wasting my time or his by training ahead of schedule.

We’re not doing preschool, mostly because at this stage of the game with Joshua, we still can’t afford for him to be bringing home any little toddler germs. So maybe next year or even the following year. In the meantime, I work with him on things right here.

He recognizes and says his whole alphabet, recognizes and says numbers up to 10. Okay, the one letter – isn’t it ironic? – of the alphabet he just cannot seem to say or learn is… “L”. No good for a little boy names Lucas!

Also, he is still having trouble talking. I’ve never encountered this in one of my children before, (all the others were practically born talking – must have gotten that from me! haha). So we have an appt. with a speech pathologist to see if something is going on or if he’s just a stubborn little cuss who won’t try. It’s strange because there are somewhat complicated words that he has no problem with, (“Apricot” for instance), but he can’t bring himself to say “dog”, (instead he will say “ruff ruff!”), or “chicken”, (saying “bwuck-bwuck-bwuck!”).

On the other hand, we must be doing something right with his manners because he always says “thank you”, (“din you!”) and “please”, (“puh ease!”) and he loves shaking hands and saying “How do you do!”

As for Joshua… sob Is there a support group somewhere for parents of difficult preemies? He has no schedule at all, and fusses, fusses, fusses. :frowning:

Any of you other mommies of preemies had this with your little ones? Are they just born more fussy than term babies? I can’t deal with 10 minute naps and up 5 times a night, (Susan, I’m sure you can identify with that because of Cooper). What gives?


Lia- :grouphug: Sorry little Josh is being so fussy :frowning: Hopefully he outgrows it soon. Does he like to be swaddled? Leah needed to be swaddled until she was like almost 6 months! It really helped with her fussiness and definitely helped with her sleeping and napping.

Sheri- Yeah, she’s gonna be Buzz (as long as I can find a costume).


Melissa–Yes, be buzz!! Who cares? I think it sounds cute anyways!!

Lia- Eleanor was that same way. Crazy fussy!! She needed to be swaddled forever to sleep. I am not sure it has anything to do with preemie but rather babies have different personalities. E&O were both preemie but only Eleanor was an evil baby :slight_smile:


It’s been over a month since the last post on our thread! :frowning: :confused:


And today, 10/11/12, Mollie had her little twinks!

Welcome Declan and Graham!! :clap::clap:


Where is everyone?

Congrats Molly, your newest boys are so sweet, just like their big brother :slight_smile:

So halloween costumes, who’s being what this year? Leah decided she wants to be a kitty instead of Buzz Lightyear. Emma is being The Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz :slight_smile:

Has everyone given up soothers yet? We’re still working on it with Leah. I’m trying to restrict her usage to bedtime only, but some days she just needs it for a bit.


Ally’s going to be Dorothy for Halloween. She’s obsessed! Her and Emma would have a blast together. She puts her costume on skips around the house. Loves it!

She hasn’t has a pacifier since about 3 months old but she sucks on her middle and ring finger when she’s upset or going to sleep. And she has a My Little Pony that she holds the hair of right by her lip. That took the place of her pulling out her own hair…thank god! She goes to the dentist in the Spring and I’m going to see what they say about her finger sucking. Her doctor said as long as she stops before she starts school, it’s fine. But I don’t know. I’d like to see her stop now. We try to talk to her about it because she’s all into “being a big girl” now and hates to be called a baby.


Luke has decided he wants to be dinosaur for Halloween. A dinosaur? Okay… Hmmm, costuming challenges ahead.

He’s going through a Dino phase right now. His vocabulary is FINALLY starting to pick up steam, but interestingly, when he can’t say the word, he comes up with hand gestures to tell us what he means! :smiley: “Alligator” is one of our favorites.

I could never get him to take a pacifier – he just wasn’t that sort of kid. But he found his thumb at an early age and uses that when necessary. It’s a very occasional thing now, usually only when he’s extremely tired or stressed for some reason. Other than that, he is a happy, funny, healthy, extremely active little fellow who never met a stranger he didn’t like.

For the last two weeks his favorite phrase has been “Away we go!”,… or sometimes, “Away we go?” It means he wants to head out on an adventure, like Disney or the beach or just anything at all.

I love it when he goes to the front door, smiles at me and says, “Away we go?”



bumpbumpbump shove shove bump



Buuuump!! :wink:

What us everyone getting the almost 3 yr olds for Christmas? I’m a little stumped this year!

We are experiencing our first and hopefully last issue from prematurity with Ellie. It looks like she may have childhood asthma. She’s had a cough for about 3 months that she can’t kick. Though it is accompanied by red ears and lumps on her lymphnodes so it may be allergies too. We are doing more tests tomorrow and next week. Ellie has turned from the rotten whiny baby into the absolute sweetest little girl. People are just drawn to her too, in the stores and everyone we go! She weighs 25lbs and is 36 inches.

Oliver is quite the bugger lately and testing all his limits. He is quite hilarious though and loves music. He has taken over the iPod touch and knows how to work it and play the songs he likes. He is 30lbs and 37 inches!

I wanna hear about all the other munchkins!!



I have posted here for ages.

My son has asthma. He ended up in the hospital ICU in May 2011. His trigger is getting a cold. He hasn’t had any colds for a long time now, so we are not sure where he stands with that.

We are not sure what to get him for Christmas. He has a ton of toys already and he losses interest in them after a while. I think he will be more aware of what is going on this year. It should be fum.

He also can navigate my ipod like a pro. At least he hasn’t bought anything (yet).