February 2010 Due Dates


Twilight- Nice to hear from you again!! Sorry to hear about your sons asthma though :frowning:

Mares- Keep up posted on Ellie’s asthma or allergies as well.

I miss hearing updates about all our sweet little ones on here (even the ones that are in full force terrible twos LOL).

Leah is 30 lbs, not sure how tall she is but I’d say average height. For Christmas she is getting some Cars toys, she loves McQueen and Towmater :slight_smile: I’m still trying to decided about getting her an Innotab2 or Leapfrog Tablet. Does anyone have either of those and could give me a review? A lot of the reviews I’ve read online aren’t very positive.


Woooohoooo! I knew this thread would eventually spring to life again. :slight_smile:

Mary – I’m so sorry to hear about Ellie. How soon until you know about possible allergies? Poor little thing… three months is a long time to have a cough. :frowning:

Dawn! I’m sorry to hear about your little guy’s asthma. Have they given you hope that it’s something he might grow out of?

Melissa – I’ve been through the Terribles five times now, (with one more to go), and it never gets easier. One minute they’re simply the most adorable thing on the planet, and the next minute you’re trying to find a basket in order to leave them on someone’s doorstep. :smiley:

AFM – Luke is growing like the proverbial weed, a tall little kid with big brown eyes. He’s got a tremendous grasp of how to do almost everything in the world, can figure things out in a flash, isn’t afraid of ANYTHING… But is still having speech problems. So we have an appt. with a speech therapist to see what’s going on finally. Ptooey.

For the holidays, we’re leaning toward a small wagon or tricycle, and a sand box, because he is an outside kind of kid. We’ve also been picking up a few Dino toys because he is completely fascinated with them.

One rule this year: NO TOYS THAT MAKE SOUNDS OR ARE “HI-TECH.” We’re even having to pass that rule along to relatives, because one of them is absolutely nuts about getting him the loudest, most obnoxious toys on the planet. Little kids need to use their imaginations, not have it all at the push of a shiny button. It not only increases their intelligence, it teaches them patience and perseverance.

Okay, off my soapbox… :smiley:

P.S. Joshua is doing great. He had his eyes tested yesterday, and the doctor said they’re about as perfect as you could hope for in a baby – any baby. And he’s finally stopped getting us up 5-9 times a night. Woot!


Hi Ladies

Congrats to all the new mommies! Lia, I hope Josh keeps improving…prayers

Rio is 37 lbs and 38.5 inches tall.

I am researching car seats because it is time to get him another one even though he is no where close to 65lbs! Has anyone transitioned yet into a booster?

I am looking at the:
[]Britax Frontier 85SICT
]Clek Oobr
[*]Radian GTX[/LIST]There are pros and cons to them all, but, all cost about the same. This will be his last seat.

The Clek has a removable back so it will transition to a booster seat. It is made of the most durable of all the seats made with steel and magnesium, and appears to be the most comfortable because it can recline if they are sleeping. It also has rigid latch, but it doesn’t have the 5 pt harness and isn’t the best looking seat IMO.

Rio knows all of his letters, all of his numbers up to 15, of course all of his colors and shapes.

He is all boy, climbs, climbs and climbs. I’ve never seen anything like it.

He is wearing 4-5T clothing, which baffles me.

He wants nothing to do with going potty. He wears underpants sometimes, but, tells me after not before. :frowning:

He has that Elmo talking potty, anyone else have that thing? It speaks in like 10 different languages about going potty, and I SWARE, one of the sayings sounds like “Elmo can see up your twat”. SERIOUSLY.

I rarely get on facebook, I am weirded out about the privacy issues, the face scanning, and all that jazz.

I will try to keep posting on here since I did create this thread, and since you all have kept it alive when I’ve been MIA which has been too often!

I would LOVE to take Rio to Disney for his 3rd birthday, but don’t know if it’s possible $$$$$$$.



Car Seats

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Ok, so I did a “thing” (I would say bad thing, but it’s not entirely bad…LOL…) :eek: [/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS]I have a bunch of car seats on my watch list in ebay and I allowed myself to get into a bidding war (a big no-no for me) and I bought a Diono Radian RTX…[/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS]If I have regrets I’ll ship it back and choose one of the others…the GTX isn’t even out yet, and I kind of need to get one ASAP…we’ll see how this one works out! [/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][/FONT]


Renni- I almost died laughing about the Elmo potty LOL! We have a Fisher Price frog potty with no bells and whistles and we love it! I started really going at potty training last week and the first few days were awful, so many accidents and Leah always told me AFTER she had went. Then one day she just started doing it herself!!! She’s still wearing pull ups but wears the same one all day. She won’t poop on the potty though.

Why do you need a new car seat already? Or are you buying it early? What are the requirements in the States for boosters? Here is is, 4 years old, 40 lbs, or a standing height of less than 4’ 9". Leah is only 31 lbs so we are nowhere close to being in a booster yet. Emma turned eight this summer and is still in one since she’s underweight and height.


OMG OMG!!! I’m freaking out!! I got a BFP last night and this morning!!! Something has to be wrong! Who gets two natural pregnancies with PCOS and a low sperm count???


Ohhhhh I’m so excited for you!! Congrats!!


Sheri — AAACCCKKKK!!! :clap::clap::clap: Congratulations!!! Yours is the news that has made me really smile today. Oh, and… “who gets two natural BFPs with PCOS and low sperm count?”

[SIZE=5]YOU! [/SIZE] :cheer:

Renni — Good seeing you here again. We’re nowhere close to getting Luke a bigger car seat yet. Right now I would be happier getting him to use the potty than just about anything else. He’s a great little kid, but I’m all done being cheerful about changing a toddler’s diapers. :frowning:


Sheri- YAY!!!:clap: That’s so exciting!! Congrats! :grouphug:

Lia- Leah wasn’t really interested in potty training either, but all of a sudden last week something changed. I have no clue, I guess she was just ready, now she is fully pee trained and wearing undies, but still won’t poop on the potty… so once a day those undies contain biohazardous waste. So I guess they know when they are ready (with some gentle encouragement LOL).


Ahhh!!! I went on Wednesday afternoon for a beta and then I went again this morning. My beta Wednesday was 1312. How am I looking? I think I would’ve been about 5 weeks then. The first day of my last period was 10/16 (I think). So, CD 37 on Wed., right? This sucks, this sucks, this sucks!!! I can’t take it!!! :woohoo:


OMG Sheri!! I’m so happy for you!! I switched back to Firefox & had this link in my bookmarks bar. I’ve been a schlep not checking in. Click & get your news. Thrilled for you!! Now I have to read backwards to catch up.


Thanks so much everyone!!! Wow! Who woulda thought!?

I just got a call from the OBs office and my beta from yesterday was 7349, so “it’s rising appropriately”, as they said. YAY!!! I’m in shock!

I go for an ultrasound on Friday at 2 and then my appointment will be after that. Oh geez!!! Fingers crossed ladies!!!



Congrats Sheri!! So excited for you!!!

Yayayayayay!!! :cheer:


Hi everyone!

I can’t even believe how long it’s been since I’ve been on here last…makes me a little sad! I wanted to give you an update on us…

DH and I just had a baby girl last week! Best part is that she was a complete surprise to us! We were about to start ivf again, but found out the great news! To say I was in disbelief is putting it mildly! It was a pretty rough pregnancy though. I was really sick for the first trimester, and even after. I had one good month, and then started having pain in my pelvis which made it really fun to move around. By the time I was getting near my due date I could barely move without pain. Not fun when you sit on the floor and play with children for a living! Or run after a two and a half year old at home.
Luckily things are so much easier now! Totally different pregnancies! This little one is so easygoing and just content all the time. E is so good with her though…he just keeps giving her kisses on her head all the time and comes running to tell us if she makes even the tiniest squeak. It’s so sweet!

I hope everyone is well!! I have to try and catch up a little since its been so long.


Wow Congrats Creid! :clap: You and Sheri are blazing the way for surprise natural BFP’s! Honora looks sweet and it’s a good thing she has such a good big brother to beat all the boys away from her :wink:

Sheri- How you feeling Mama?

So is everyone ready for Christmas? What did you all get your kidlets?

Leah is getting everything Lightning McQueen and Towmater LOL. She is nuts about Cars. We also bought her an innotab2, hopefully she can use it well and it isn’t a big piece of junk.


I have an u/s this afternoon. This has been the longest 2 weeks EVER!!! Well…at least since the beginning when I was pregnant with Ally. There’s going to be a heartbeat, right??? What are the chances that there’s a yolk sac that doesn’t develop into having a fetal pole and heartbeat??? Ugh! Wish us luck!

I feel like crap so hopefully that’s a good sign. It’s been getting progessively worse with the morning sickness throughout the day. Yay for that (I hope)!

We haven’t really said anything to Ally yet. I’m guessing it’s best to wait, right? How did you all that have older kids tell them when you were pregnant again? She’s been saying for months now about getting a little brother or sister. Now she’s telling people she’s getting both. I told her she might get both but only one at a time, sheesh!


Sheri- Hope your U/s goes well! I’m praying for that beautiful heartbeat for you! We waited to tell Emma until I was almost 5 months LOL, I don’t know why, I was just nervous about jinxing Leah. I was more amazed that Emma never noticed my belly getting bigger. One day we said what do you think is in Mommy’s belly? She said “food” LOL :slight_smile:


LOL!!! God love Emma!! She just thought you were fat! Ally already tells me my tummy is big so she’s gonna think I’m HUGE later on!! That’s just mean!

Well, u/s went well. Got to see the flicker at 150 bpm and it’s measuring 7w1d. Due date is July 31st. That seems so far away!!!

Now to try and relax and stop worrying and get the Christmas shopping done this weekend.


Sheri- That’s great about the heartbeat! Yes relax for a while now and get on with Christmas :slight_smile: When is your next baby appt. or u/s?


[QUOTE=emmysmom]Sheri- That’s great about the heartbeat! Yes relax for a while now and get on with Christmas :slight_smile: When is your next baby appt. or u/s?[/QUOTE]

Yay Sheri!! How fun to have a summer baby too!!

I hope everything is smooth sailing! Please put a ticker up so we can keep track lol:flower: