February 2010 Due Dates


Is anyone else’s toddler going through a hitting phase? Leah beats on Emma all day. It’s gotten so bad, it seems like all they do is fight, well Leah fights and Emma cries. Leah grabs toys, throws toys at Emma (or another kid if we have one over). I don’t know what to do. I’m stumped. We tried time outs, we tried removing the toys she threw. Lord Help me, we spanked. I’m at my wits end, I feel like crying. I love her but parenting her right now is killing me. Any ideas?


Sheri- congrats on the heartbeat!!

Emmysmom- We’ve had to discipline for hitting here too, but mostly E hitting us. He tends to do it when he’s really tired or really frustrated (or both) and we’re holding him. DH is usually the one to get it though. He usually takes E aside and tells him no hitting and that it hurts to get hit. DH also tries deep breathing with E to calm him down. It’s pretty funny to watch, but sometimes it actually helps!
I think at this age they tend to get frustrated really easily, especially since they still don’t have all the words they need to commuicate. With children I work with ( I work in early intervention) I try to give the children words that they don’t have. For example, “you’re sad because so and so won’t share their toy with you.” or whatever the case might be. I think if they realize someone actually gets what the problem is and it’s put into words for them it can help. But also to discipline them so they know hitting isn’t acceptable.
I’m finding this to be a really tough age for E. And I thought I would be used to it since the children I work with are mostly from birth to 3 years old! There’s many days I want to pull my hair out!


Holy moly - I made it to 12 weeks!!! :cheer:

OMG, Ally is just nuts lately. Doesn’t listen, talks back and is kinda mean. But then 2 minutes later, it’s “I love you mama” and giggles. I swear I have to ask/tell her to do something 5 times now. It’s so annoying. This is life from now on, isn’t it?!? Typical 3 year old?


Sheri- YAY!!! 12 weeks is a HUGE milestone! :slight_smile: Now comes the fun parts, baby bumps, finding out the gender (you are gonna right?) and eating for two :slight_smile:

Creid- Thanks! Leah’s been better lately. If I don’t lose my head and take the time to talk calmly and give her words she seems to be better :slight_smile: I’ve gotten pretty used to my easy going 8 year old LOL, doing the toddler thing all over is messing with my skills! Bring on the Trying Threes!


Hi everyone! It has been ages and ages! But I couldn’t resist dropping in to say hello on Rosh’s birthday. He’s turning 3 today, I can hardly believe it!

I’ve only read back 2 pages, but congrats to Creid and Sheri! Wow, great news! I see a few others here have been… ahem… busy since the last time I was here. I see some new baby names and birth dates in your signatures!

Anyway, Rosh continues to be a delightful, clever, cute as heck child. He’s super happy, strong-willed but well-behaved the majority of the time, and so, so smart. Here he is around Christmastime:

As for SO and me, the biggest news is that we are no longer SOs. We are fiances! No date for the wedding yet, but probably May sometime. We’re keeping it low-key. (I hope. SO is supposed to do the planning, because wedding planning is just NOT my thing! I would just take us to City Hall on Monday if it were only up to me!)

As for more kids, we’re leaning toward “probably not.” I think that for both of us, all we really wanted was a child to love and raise. Now that we have Rosh, we don’t feel that yearning for another child that we had when we were TTC before. Rosh makes our family seem complete just by himself.

Well, I’d better run. Rosh will be awake soon, and we have a birthday party to get ready for! Happy Birthday to all the recent and upcoming birthday boys and girls!


Update from Rio & Renni

Hi Ladies,

Wondering how everyone is…? It’s been a while…

I’m super stoked because Rio is FINALLY potty trained!

He did it all himself, just put Elmo in the living room (yikes, right?). He started peeing in Elmo, but would not poop. He went almost 4 days without pooping! I was starting to get worried, but lo and behold he did it w/no prodding from me! He was so excited about it…he said “Look mommy I did a BIG one!” And we clapped, and jumped up and down, and laughed (as we had done with his pee-pees) & it’s all history from there!

Some time ago, (like a LONG time ago) someone from here put a link on FB about NextDirect (clothing from UK) and they have super cute clothes for kids, boys especially!

They’re kind of pricey but…I’m curious if anyone has ordered from there and the quality of the clothing?

Congrats to the Mommies who’ve been blessed again! And the currently PG Mommies!

Take care everyone!