High TNF alpha : Ayurveda treatment


[QUOTE=“Khwabm, post: 1871103, member: 88351”]Hi aisha
Guess what??
This is a happy new year for me dear because
You are a gem aisha.
How could you predict it so early?
I feel like hugging you.
I don’t know how to react.
I wasn’t expecting this so soon,
And this sounds no less than a miracle to me.
this means , amh rose and an healthy follicle was formed.
Immune response got corrected , so may be
thats why my energy levels were also good.

I am left with no words to thank dr uppal for this herculean task.
He’s awesome

Now i ll go for my beta hcg blood report tomorrow and will let you know soon.
Good bye aisha[/QUOTE]

Hi Khwabm
Thats grrrt news
I did no big prediction it was just a wild guess cos i have heard a couple of ladies experience this cramping just before their BFP.
Anyways you plz stay cool and careful.
Dont get overexcited
Get your blood reports done
Just want to tell you , this is a blessing from god. Take in that sense and don’t forget to thank god first and then all the people who helped you reach this goal.
And take everybody’s wishes and blessings.
See ya


Hi aisha
I also have high tnf and i am ttc since last 3 yrs.
Plz guide me ,
i am also curious to know about you n your case.
Did you conceive?
Plz do reply because i am interested in ayurveda treatment from dr uppal
Thank you


Ayurveda treatments are based on individual body types. There are no general Ayurveda treatment packages which can be availed by people based on their choice. The authentic Ayurveda treatments are provided only after detailed consultation with the person seeking treatments, even if it is for Rejuvenation. Depending upon the body doshas, a detailed program is created by the Ayurveda Doctor including Ayurvedic treatments, medicines, special diet, exercise, etc. which is to be completely followed to get the best results.​ Those who practice Ayurveda believe this is the most powerful of all three doshas. It controls very basic body functions, like how cells divide. It also controls your mind, breathing, blood flow, heart function, and ability to get rid of waste through your intestines. Things that can disrupt it include eating again too soon after a meal, fear, grief, and staying up too late. If vata dosha is your main life force, you’re more likely to develop conditions like anxiety, asthma, heart disease, skin problems, and rheumatoid arthritis.


Hello taruna
Plz stop worrying about tnf ; it can be managed.
I ll tell you in short about my case,
My tnf value got controlled from 21 to lower limit of normalcy
And thats not all; the very next month I conceived and currently i have just entered my third month.
All this was done by using herbal Ayurvedic medicines, without using any allopathic medicines at all.
So its completely safe, and effective.
You can consider dr uppal as an option.
Apart from main treatment they ll give you food n diet n lifestyle related advices to help you attain your goal quickly.
They ll not only focus on tnf or other immunity related issues but simultaneously on conception also.
So good luck and go ahead.


Hi aisha
How are you
Must be in your 5th or 6 th Month.
Hows the baby doing
Growth n all?? All ok
I am currently undertaking Ayurvedic treatment from dr uppal.
Lets see how it progresses.


Hi taruna
I m doing grt
N the baby’s fine too. Thanks for the concern.
By the way how are you feeling and
How many days of medications you have consumed ?


Hi aisha ,
Its nearly three weeks of treatment i think,
Took a few days of gap in medications because of the the festivities sometimes guests, so i have not been so regular.
Even inspite of consuming the meds for so less i am feeling much better.
So Overall health is doing good.
And i am thinking of being a bit more committed to my treatment.


Lessons learnt i think.
Regular consumption will fetch you a lot more good results.
All the best and happy Diwali in advance.


Happy Diwali to you to aisha.
There ll be a lot of eating sweets and other savouries
So bevery careful as you are in your 6 th month I suppose so there could be risk of sudden weight gain along with bigh blood pressure.
So limit your sweet and salt intake
Eat healthy, try going for home made less sugary sweets.
Diwali greetings again .
Take care


Hello everyone
I am seriously considering taking Ayurvedic treatment for my tnf issues, reason being i have experienced three misscarriages in last two years.
My amh is 12.69 which makes me fall into the cystic pattern caregory,
Fsh lh are on the higher side.
Did a laparoscopy few years ago, and then two chocolate cysts were drained and both openings of the tubes were well visualised.
I am Also taking thyronorm,
So this is my complex story.
My Biggest fear is tnf because other things can still be managed.
After reading success story here of aisha , i am keen to consider dr uppal as an option.


Hi anu
Welcome to the discussion group.
I am glad that I can be of some help to you ladies.
This makes the whole experience very special.
Anyways how much is your tnf value?
I am a bit concerned because your amh value is very high.
Still let’s find some way out.


Hi aisha
My tnf value is 1094 ( ideally should be less than 200) so its alarmingly high. Took lit therapy but couldn’t get any success.
But this still never scares me.
I keep my hopes high always , cos i am an optimistic person.
And my periods are also not regular sometimes comes after 2 months long gap and sometimes times they happen two times in a month.
I have weak digestion with milky white itchy discharge all through the month.
So i am full of complexities. Lets see how
dr uppal responds to my case.


Relax dear,
I used to think the same.
Everybody these days have multiple health problems.
So take it easy
Exactly the way you are doing
But plz don’t read me wrong but your tnf value is too high.
I think your case may take time.


You know once I conceived a few years ago and my beta hcg was 54.
Ie confirm positive
But on my ultrasound scan the uterine cavity showed an empty sac . There was no fetal node at all .
So it was an an embryonic pregnancy.

Once again a few months after that I conceived and this time i had a spontaneous misscarriage.
So from that day onwards i started taking this tnf / immune issues seriously.
And thats why i have decided not to take another trial for pregnancy until n unless my tnf values are within safe limits.


This looks like the correct approach . No point putting yourself such trouble.
You should move slow and steady and in a safe manner.
So many misscarriages are also not good for overall health.
It depletes the vital energies of a woman.
But now your case is in safe hands.
Good luck dear


thank you aisha
by the way you must be nearing your delivery date? feeling ok ?


Ya i am near , edd is in coming February.

I did discuss the same with my gynae and also with dr uppal .
He advised to stay prepared now. Last two months are really significant one because you need to be extra cautious.

Although calculations of the the gynae obs are correct but at times may be due to any unexpected circumstances

Deliveries happen earlier as well
And these days such instances are becoming quite common .
He said that doesn’t mean that this ll happen but we should remain prepared.


Rightly said aisha .

After so much of struggle and hard work , as the journey nears its destination, everybody tend to hurry up and then in hurry or in a carefree attitude, mistakes happen.

I totally agree with you on this.


Hi anu
It’s been a few days now
How are you feeling ?


I am ok atleast i can say that
In a few days itself the itchy white discharge is reduced by more than 50 percent.
I am not feeling lethargic, there is a zest for life now. And now because of this i am feeling high in hopes.
Although practically speaking i am aware of the fact that its a time taking job.
But still small motivation in the beginning is encouraging.