Infertility Story


I have been trying to TTC from last 10 year but i don’t have any luck with it.I went to many doctors for check up.They can’t tell why i’m unable to conceive.I don’t know the reason for my infertility.I tried many other methods like IUI and IVF but there was no luck with them too. So i gave up.Than a friend of mine told me about surrogacy.I found surrogacy to be a good solution to my problem.
I have contacted some clinics about surrogacy.There are best clinics about surrogacy. BioTexCom is a good clinic with good reputation and reviews. i have contacted the clinic.They told me we can have a baby of our own.I will surely go for surrogacy soon.I am still finding some answers to my confusions.
If someone has experience about it let me know than.


Hi girl. How are you doing? Infertility is a curse. It is so common. But even then, it really does break a person. You must have gone through such a hard time. I’m so glad you are finding the answers now. I’m so happy for you. You have chosen a great clinic. I have heard so many success stories of this place. You will surely be in great hands. Please do keep us updated on your journey. I would really live to know more about it. Congratulations girl. You’ll be a parent soon.


Hi Roxie! Just read your whole post. I’m deeply sorry for your losses. You’ve also lost a great deal of time. But, yes! Still you can be hopeful. Last year my cousin sister also had surrogacy in Kiev. In the beginning, we were also tense and confuse. But, trust me. It went fine for her. So, yeah! She even has a baby daughter by it. I want you to just go for it. Stay strong and mature at this time. You need it! You can finally complete your family by this opportunity, yeah! Take care of yourself. Stay strong and have suggestions from others, who have it before.


Hey! Hope so you are doing good.
I felt very sorry for to know about your situation. But don’t very such things happen in a life.
I think surrogacy is the best option for you. You don’t have to be worried about miscarriage. There some clinics in Europe which is very popular for surrogacy. I think it is one of them. You should check the faculty before having any treatment. I also heard many great reviews about it. It seems good for you. May your wishes be fulfilled with happiness and lots of joy.
Best of luck


Hey! Hope you are doing good. Though I have no such experience over surrogacy. BUt it been a long time I have been active on forums and I could assure you that. This is a great procedure. And would help you out in the much better way.
BTW 10 years are just numbers for us but I know how would you have survived in this long journey, I just can’t imagine being infertile longer.
I just wish that this procedure works out for you. And you must have found a great clinic for yourself. Others might also look for your selected option.
Fingers crossed.


Hey Roxie, I hope you are doing fine. Sorry to hear about your hardships. Infertility is a curse. Infertile couples are suffering from depression. But Luckily due to technology they have other options. Infertile couples choose IVF or surrogacy. I am glad you made the right decision. IVF is not a good option for you. IVF success rate is very low. Also it costs to much. Surrogacy is the better option. I am an infertile. I also have gone through surrogacy. I wish you good luck for your journey. Keep updating us about your journey. Wish you luck.


You have been suffering for very long. Why didn’t you took this step earlier? Anyways, It is never too late. What exactly are your questions now? You said you are confused. Confused about what? Still, I will try helping you as much as I can. Surrogacy is a very successful procedure. It has two types. One is the traditional surrogacy. The other one is the gestational surrogacy. The traditional surrogacy means the surrogate’s own eggs will be fertilized to make the baby. Gestational surrogacy means that your eggs or your husband’s sperm will be sued to make the baby. It will mean the baby will be genetically yours. I think this is a more preferable method. Now the choice is yours.


Hello there. Hope you are doing fine. Yes, Infertility is such a big issue. It is sad to see people going through it. Funny that most of the methods to deal with it are frowned upon. I recently learned that surrogacy is banned in UK and Japan. I don’t know why people are like that. Why can’t they understand that we can’t have kids naturally?


Hi, I hope you will be fine. Being infertile is the toughest thing a couple suffers from. Your happiness will be completed with a child.IVF is the transfer of the embryo to mother uterus to make her pregnant. While this process can fail also because in some case womb of the mother is not fit for pregnancy. So eggs are implanted to other who keeps it for 9 months. This is known as surrogacy. So you should prefer surrogacy. It is less expensive in the UK.Don’t be confused. You make the right decision. Don’t lose hope. Every problem has a solution. Remember difficult journey makes your destination beautiful.


Hello, Hope you are doing fine. First of all, I have a feeling for you. You face this situation in your life. Life can not spend smoothly. Ups and downs are part of life. So never lose hope in your life. Never give up in your life. Always face things with strongly. I’m so glad you are finding the answers now. I’m so happy for you. I think IVF is tough for you. IVF is very painful. Also, there are nat 100% chances in IVF. I suggest you choose surrogacy. Surrogacy gives you 100% chance to avail child opportunity. I would really love to know more about it. Congratulations girl. You’ll be a parent soon. Best of luck.


I will suggest you surrogacy because i have been through this by myself that is why i will suggest surrogacy. It is better to suggest others from which you have gone through. I am going through the successful journey of surrogacy that is why i am telling you about it.
I had hysterectomy cancer from my adulthood. I had proper treatment of it and i was cancer free. But i was infertile for life.
But my husband always supported me and we decided to start our journey of surrogacy. We lived in Japan and surrogacy is totally banned here. So we moved to Ukraine. There we found a very good clinic regarding surrogacy. We started our journey there. The clinic is very good the whole clinic is to cooperative with there clients. From that clinic our surrogacy journey started. Now our surrogate is pregnant with our twin daughters. We are so happy that we are finally going to have our babies soon.
Good luck to you with your plans ad journey,


Hi Roxie. How are you doing? I’m shocked. 10 years is a very long time. How did you manage this? I’m sure I would’ve given up way earlier. You must be a very patient person. You have waited enough. I’m glad you finally decided to do something about it. You can ask whatever questions you have regarding surrogacy. I’m sure people will try and help you out here. You can even ask for clinic suggestions or reviews. Always do your research before selecting a clinic. It is very important. The clinic you have chosen sounds like a good one though. Good luck with your procedure.


Why didn’t the doctors find anything? This is very strange. I am happy for you though. I am glad you got another way out. Do share your experience. I have heard a lot about the clinic. Let’s see how your experience went.


Hi! Sorry to hear your story. It is really a hard thing to face. But I am happy to know that you found a way finally. Surrogacy really helps. As a mother of a surrogate son, I can better understand that how surrogacy helps. In my life, it proved like a blessing. I am an infertile lady. I also went for the surrogacy. I went for it in Ukraine. It was a good experience. Now my family is complete. Surrogacy is like a blessing for infertile. It is the safest way of getting a baby. So do not worry about the process. Best wishes


Hey. I felt very sorry to know about your situation. Don’t lose hope nor be sad. Everything would be alright soon. I wish you would become a mother soon. I can understand your situation. Unproductivenes takes a lot out of a woman. I think you should go for Surrogacy. I faced infertility for 10 years. Due to cervix Incompetence disease. I was so disappointed when i came to know that i can not give birth. But, I did not lose hope. I started searching something else than getting pregnant. I came to know about surrogacy. Surrogacy was like my last hope. I went for it to a reliable and renown clinic. They provided me with a match and a healthy surrogate. They also provided me all the facilities. The surrogate gave birth to a healthy baby. I am a happy mother now. I hope it would help you too. Stay blessed.


Hey! I just read your threads have an experience of surrogacy. An aunt of mine was 40. She has no kids. After consulting many doctors she went for surrogacy and had a baby girl now. This is a great procedure. And would help you out in the much better way.BTW 10 years are just numbers for us but I know how would you have survived in this long journey. There is nothing much harsh then to be infertile. But medical science has made much progress in this regard. And you must have found a great clinic for yourself with you very good luck. A lot of baby dust to you. Fingers crossed.


Hey Roxie. How are you? Well, its painful when you get to know about infertility. And it is even more horrible that you dont know the cause behind it. You might first go for your proper checkup. Maybe its something else then you think. Surrogacy is the option available for you and will be available for you. But before going for surrogacy you should be fully sure that things are not working for you. Hope so you got my point.


Hey Roxie, Hope so you are doing good. I’m glad to know that you are trying to conceive through surrogacy. I have seen many cases, they gave up after failing once or twice. You have chosen the best option of surrogacy. The clinic that you are talking about are very popular for such treatments. I have also got many great reviews about them. My cousin just adopted a baby through this method. Their surrogate gave birth to a child last year. Surrogacy seems good for your condition. It’s a safe and secure method to conceive. You should avail this offer blindly.
All my sympathies are with you.
Wish you best of luck.


Hey. I am so sorry for you. 10 years is a long span of time. I hope you will be a mom soon. You should go for surrogacy. Make the decision as soon as possible. I miscarried my baby when I was 23. I was young so I thought miscarriages are common. After that, I miscarried twice in a row. I was so upset because it was making me anxious. Later I became infertile. I didnt know the reason. I was so shocked but it was in fate. After wasting many years in failed treatment I decided to go for surrogacy. I went to the same clinic. I also had many doubts but all of them were cleared when I went there. I have a baby now.


Hello. I am so sad for you. 10 years is a long time. I trust you will be a mother soon. You ought to go for surrogacy. Go for it without wasting time. I was youthful and I faced infertility for 10 years. The reason was unknown. I was so vexed on the grounds that it was making me restless. Later I ended up infertile. Either doctor didnt know the reason. I was so stunned yet it was in destiny. In the wake of squandering numerous years in fizzled treatment I chose to go for surrogacy. I went to a similar center. I had numerous questions however every one of them was cleared when I went there. I have a child now.