IVF Cycle with DE II


[QUOTE=seattle2012;n2600103] (…) Hopefully baby is doing good, haven’t seen him in 4 weeks… that’s so long. But I can definitly feel he’s growing.

I remember I saw crying when I started the DE process, and I had to wait 5 months before the transfer for my DE availability: it was hell. But today I forgot we used DE, I never think about it. He’s my little baby, he’s growing inside me each day. It’s hard to think otherwise now. And I am at piece. I am just in a hurry to deliver and hold him. LOL It will be your turn too.

Desiree GL for the retrieval.

TOYA!! This forum suck![/QUOTE]

Thanks [B]Seattle[/B]!! I have some news and will be sharing them shortly.

I too struggled with the thought of having to use DE… I so much wanted my baby… but I am now getting more and more used to the fact I wasn’t able to, due to age… my DH regrets for taking so long to come to a decision that we could have had a child of our own. He had vasectomy prior to his divorce, we are married for over a decade now, but at the time of his divorce, he never imagined that he would father a child again. Over the years I was pretty accustomed to that idea, since I too had my own kids in my first marriage. But I tell you… as much as we love our kids and WE DO DEARLY… there’s nothing more frustrating than to raise “half-child” for years and years… not having our own to do whatever we like, and give the child whatever we want, without having to explain everything, justify everything, to deal with ex’s all the time, and then to share our own values, own principles, own faith, without having to tip-toe when these go right against the other set of parents… but again, the thought of having another child never really took place in our hearts until about 6 years ago, and then it was too late, too late for me… Now, I work in my heart every day thinking with excitement about the baby we may have next year and how our gang will love the family’s addition, they are college age now and would be surprised and happy, we know it. They have always begged for a sibling, since their other set of parents had babies too - but it is not for them that we are in this. Years of TTC passed and now we are here… trying. it once more, clearing the last coin in our bucket… because of a deep heart desire that emerged from years of parenting our children half-way. I want to come to a point that I will forget too that the baby won’t have my DNA. And I hope others won’t notice much or ask me about it. We don’t know how to handle the telling-the-child part yet… but it will come to us. I think that these days it is hard to hide everything because of so much new testings out there… DNA testing is frequently used for so many things nowadays. God will lead the way.


[B]Family4Us[/B][FONT=arial] - thanks for your words! I so intend to[I] “savor the process and journey” [/I]once I get the [/FONT][B]BFP [/B]:babydust:[FONT=arial] After so many years… I can’t wait to go through each day and enjoy as they come, knowing in my heart that this would be the last of our bunch! Indeed it was HARD to find the right donor… and then we had to cancel the first cycle because the donor didn’t show up!! now we are happy with our choice and hopefully we won’t have sad surprises![/FONT]

[FONT=arial][B]Jerry [/B]- I followed your story just a bit, in the past few weeks I was able to read some of your posts. How are things going for you? I read about procedures for babies with hydrocephalus… there are so many things that can be done these days and I pray that you will find the healing you seek for. Many blessings to you! [/FONT]

[FONT=Helvetica][SIZE=13px]Desiree - good luck with your donor’s retrieval. Remember it’s quality over quantity![/SIZE][/FONT]

[B]RubySlipper[/B] - Thank you!!! Yes… good reminder… we are looking for ONE out of the basket :slight_smile: so we are very hopeful! Cheering for you as well, with your diet and upcoming FET!

[B]Slushy [/B]- 4 frosties is still a good number! If you think that it gives you FOUR MORE CHANCES… but, then again, you may not even need them… hold on to your positive thoughts!! :bsv:

[B]Shalli [/B]- CONGRATS!!! yay!! for your :bfp: enjoy every bit of news that come with it!! :clap:

[B]Stacy [/B]- good luck to you, hope you get to the weight you desire. I can tell I will need to watch myself to NOT GAIN more than I need… let us know how the US go!

I hope I didn’t miss anyone that has been in the forum lately… I know this is a new format and very frustrating but I am still trying my best here… let’s see how far we can take this to.

[B]AFM [/B]- [B]I got some news! [/B]My RE nurse contacted me yesterday to tell me that the Donor had been in and was going to trigger at night for [B]ER on SATURDAY[/B]!! I took my last Lupron yesterday, I am still taking E2 and started PIO last night and also (for the first time) the prometrium cap vaginally (I have never done this in previous cycles…). I was a bit worried because it was taking longer than we expected and the Donor’s companion needed to go home this Saturday… (which meant we would be asked to pay more for another companion to fly in)… now apparently, they can go home together over the weekend. My RE said that we have now at[FONT=arial] least 20 follies and sizes are good! So I am on the edge of my chair waiting for a call on Saturday (tomorrow!!!) to learn the number of eggs retrieved, and then on Sunday with fert information and when the transfer will be. We are looking at a Day-5 transfer, depending on the number of embs.

I got soooo excited last night that I decided to stay home rather than drive to an event. I don’t want to say a word about this to anyone yet. The funny/odd moment of the day was that I got the email from my RE nurse while I was at the dentist… coincidentally being asked if I was pregnant (:woohoo:) because they needed to do some x-rays. I am SOOOO GLAD I got the x-rays done for the year prior to getting my [B]BFP :pray: [/B]yes… I am counting on it!! :dance:

This was a long post… sorry… I will send short updates later!



Hi Seattle, I remember you had M/S pretty bad. When did it stop? I’ve been puking just about every day since 6.5 weeks. I’m now almost 9 weeks and could really use some relief. I’ve tired lemonheads, and seabands, and zofran. But I puke in the morning, then fight constant nausea all day. The nights are the worst. I always told myself that if I could become pregnant, I would never complain ever. But I’m exhausted and sick and tired of being sick and tired. And it’s hard to do things in public, like work? because no one knows what’s going on. I feel comforted that week 12 will bring me some relief, but then I hear of peoplel being sick their entire pregnacy. ugh!


I haven’t posted in a while but have been following everyone’s posts. Wishing everyone the very best! We transferred again yesterday after another fresh DE cycle and again have been faced with disappointing results. We chose a new donor and she produced 21 mature eggs, 10 fertilized and only 2 made it to a 6 dt because they were delayed on day 5. The two embies transferred were graded B and B-. I cant believe it happened again, i have cried my eyes out. With the first failed DE cycle the RE felt was egg quality from donor. But now I am worried about sperm quality. I am trying to stay positive until my beta but I am so disappointed.


hopeful4baby.you are pupo…praying your embies snuggle in…relax…many hugs!!!
desiree…soon you will be pupo!! many hugs!!!
jerry …how are you and marina…and sweet babies doing…many hugs!!!
toya…many hugs!!!


[B]hopeful4baby [/B]- just like Suzy said: YOU ARE PUPO!!! CELEBRATE THIS DAY!! :flower: Trust things are going to be OK!!!
We know the odds you are facing, but don’t send negative vibes to yourself. Wait for your BETA!! :bsv:
Let us hear from you as soon as you get some news!

[B]AFM [/B]- some GREAT NEWS… I can’t believe this is actually happening… a day at a time… but here it is the [B]ER RESULTS: 23 EGGS!!! :)[/B] :dance:
The lab is rechecking dishes now and will be in touch with more info later!! Please God, may this cycle be “it”!! :pray:

Swimmers are in action today!! :cheer:
More later!!



Hello all… I have not posted in a while. This forum is SO confusing…I actually do not care for it at all. But I do like to see how all are doing. I have not read back through everyone’s posts. So, sorry for not many personals.

Hopeful - We had a DISMAL DE cycle (our 2nd horrible one.) We had 24 mature and 4 fertilized!! Surprise!! Talk about upsetting…we too think we now have a sperm issue. I had written off that cycle right after transfer. We transferred 3. One was an early blast, but the other two were very slow growing morulas. Well, we are now 12w3days wtih twims…and started off with triplets. So, you just never know…

We has our NT testing this week. Things look good so far. Baby B has a VCI…a velementous cord insertion…but hopefully this can be monitored and will not be an issue. They are DI/DI twins…but the radiologist who did the scan (who was AWESOME!) said there is a 20-30% chance they are identical. Now, we don’t want to know the sex…but this leads me to believe we have same sex babies. He seemed to hint at that… although there is defintily a margin of error. We are trying to get excited, but after so many cycles…it is hard to get too excited yet!

Have a great weekend all!


Good morning Ladies!

[B]Hopeful[/B] - keep hanging in there!! stay positive!!
I have to tell myself this as well… :slight_smile:

[B]nheidem[/B] - wow! what a story! from 36 retrieved to 3 embs and a now expecting a twin!! I am sure the docs will be monitoring your baby, no question! and Baby B will be just as good as Baby A is!! I understand how hard it is to rest our minds…

[B]Slushy[/B] - yay… I am giggling here at your itching attitude… to get the POAS done as you did! CONGRATS!!! I am sure you can’t wait for BETA, me neither… I will be looking forward to your results!

[B]AFM[/B] - Here are the results of our fertilization - out of the 23 retrieved, 19 matured and [B]10 were fertilized.[/B] My RE Nurse who is often in touch (so good to have open email communication with her!!!) said that this is a good number!! So 10 were fertilized and now growing… we hope to have a good report tomorrow of how the cells are dividing. The embryologist that called us to share the report, also said that 10 is a good number. Though they prefer to see 60~65% of eggs matured being fertilized but I am still over 50% [B](10 out of 19, about 52%) [/B]and he said that’s still OK.
I am praying for ONE good chance. One good emb. Please say your prayers for me & DH and our little embs :babydust: as we go through this overwhelming process!!

DH’s heart desire is for a girl, and because I have none… well, mine is as well… however, we opted out of PGS testing. Right now, we want our embs to survive until Day 5 if all possible… and if there’s any girl emb there now, we pray that she still be there at Day 5. And if our heart’s desire is not along with God’s will, then may God give us the grace and courage to embrace His option, and we will.

Do you ever feel you may need some “desire adjustment”… :nerd:
That was mine and DH’s afternoon here…

God knows our hearts.

Thank you!!



I am so behind!!! I to am disappointed in the new format:(. Lucy- I am interested in joining the FB group. I really enjoy watching your beautiful babies grow! They are getting so big :). Slushy- we go way back and I am thrilled to see those 2 lines!! You deserve it!! Suzy- how big was Ire when she was born and how much does she weigh now? I had my baby 2 weeks ago and she is so tiny! AFM- I had a baby girl on August 15. I was 3 weeks early due to pre eclampsia. Her name is Madelyn Anne. She weighed 5 lbs 3 oz and was 19 inches long! We are so excited and blessed:)


Lisa/Flygirl- Congrats on your baby girl arriving safe and sound! YIPPPEEE! She was bigger than my sweet girl, so no worries. The important thing is that she continues to gain!

Desiree- I hope that you have some great embies for transfer! We are all rooting for you!

Slushy /Nheindem- I posted comments to you on your post!

TOYA! Gotta run, I have a hungry tot!


Not sure if it is a glitch but Godiva I don’t see your comment :frowning:


Lisa, Congrats on your new arrival! Yes we go way back and so happy for you! I think it’s starting to sink in that we have “baby on board”. Can’t wait for Beta! And yes come join FB!!


Lisa~~ Congrats on the new baby girl!! I love the name!!

Desiree-- Will be thinking of you on ET day!!


Slushy - woohoo …yay for a positive HPT! So happy for you. Flygirlrrt - congratulations and looking forward to meeting your munchkin. Lucy - love seeing your little ones on fb. They are beautiful Sully - thinking of you and looking forward to our visit Everyone else - the new format is frustrating … Please try to stick it out for a while. I have contacted admin and they are working hard to fix it. I just hope everyone sticks around in the meantime. Xo


[FONT=arial][B]Lisa [/B]- congrats for your baby girl! beautiful name!! hope all is well!

I don’t see many other updates… but I agree with [B]Babystuff[/B], it would be nice if you can try to stick with this site for a while… giving the adm some time to make things right. It is still very slow, but I have been able to find my way around a bit better. At least to this forum.

[B]AFM [/B]- another call today… [B]“Embryos are doing awesome!” :cheer: [/B]that was the first phrase we heard! [/FONT]

[SIZE=12px][FONT=arial]At my clinic the grades go from 1 thru 5, 1 being best. At Day 2, they would like to see 2 to 4 cells, and grades 1 to 2. So out of our 10 embs, we have: 8 embs: 4cg1, 1 emb: 4cg2, 1 emb: 2cg2.
We will get another report tomorrow and then prepare for ET on Day 5, hopefully everything will be in place!!
Praying for our ONE EMB that will EMBrace me… :babydust:

Have a great holiday for those in the US and a great start of the week for those abroad!!



Hi everyone, I have just recently started looking at this thread…my name is Angela, and I am 30 y.o. I have a 2 year old DD, love of my life. My dh and I have been trying for baby # 2 for over a year now. I had one early m/c. As you can see from my thread, I was diagnosed with POA/DOR, with my highest FSH being 35, and lowest 12. I have tried to do IVF twice, and each time of max doses, only had 1 or 2 follicles, and both times I ovulated prematurely. We are now looking at DE, as my RE does not have faith in my eggs…if there are any in there at all anymore. I live in Manitoba Canada, and am looking for a center that I could preferably drive to. has anyone done DE through Mayo Clinic in Rochester? I have a phone consult with Shady Grove next week, however it is far away (2 planes), and holy moly, the cost is so expensive…I was quoted 44,000$ for shared risk 1:2. Does this seem comparable to other ppl’s experiences?

Also, any other centers ppl would recommend? Any canadians out there use US agencies? I will take all the help I can get


lisa…congrats on your sweet little girl…i love her name!!! ire was 5 pounds 11 oz. 18 inches long…now at 1 16.6 ounces and 28 inches long…she is mighty as can be…enjoy your sweet baby!!! many hugs!!!

nheidem…ire had a velementous cord…the docs watched very carefully!!! all went well…many hugs!!!

desiree…sounds beautiful!!! soon you will be pupo!!! many hugs!!!

slushy…congrats to you!!! many hugs!!!

mel baby here yet? many hugs!!

toya…have a beautiful day!!! many hugs!!!


Welcome to the Forum, angelalms! There may be some members here that could offer advise on Mayo Clinic in Rochester… I am not one of them. But I can give you a link from this website, regarding places where you can go for info on DE, agencies that are dealing with this business and some reviews: Check the topic: “Recommended Donor Agencies” at http://forums.fertilitycommunity.com/forum/infertility/infertility-treatments/donor-issues-egg-sperm/49801-recommended-donor-agencies. You may find some good hints there. As far as costs… it varies so much. The $44k you mentioned is within a higher bracket. It much depends on the kind of program you choose! You need to do a lot of investigating, research, take notes, compare all that matters to you, among the agencies you find. Best of Luck and check back anytime!


Check out the shady grove thread http://forums.fertilitycommunity.com/forum/infertility/infertility-treatments/donor-issues-egg-sperm/33333-shady-grove-anyone My only advice would be to do the 1:3 program instead of 1:2. The put their donors in programs based on expected response, you generally get the same amount of eggs in each program, but the 1:3 is cheaper. Lots of Canadians use shady grove so they are great at working with canadianclinics. The ladies on the shady grove thread will be very helpful. Good luck!


Good Morning All!

Slushy- Congrats on your :bfp:! I am so happy for you!
Desi- My DH really wants a girl also. I keep telling him he needs to be prepared in case he has a son. I know he will be thrilled either way once the baby gets here.
Hopeful4baby2014- I just wanted to tell you that I am thinking of you during your 2ww. I know it’s hard, but try to relax, and keep your chin up. Good things are coming.
AFM- I go in for my 2nd beta today. I believe that I am almost as nervous as with the 1st, and I have no idea why.LOL Dh and I had planned to wait until after our 1st trimester to start telling everyone that we are :preg:. That pretty much went out the window within 5 minutes after we got out beta results. I just know everything is going to work out this time. God has brought us too far for it not too.