IVF Cycle with DE II


Congratulations. That is great.


My clinic tested me for Vit D deficiency, as they thought I may be defecient. Well, ofcourse I was, I live in the Pacific Northwest. I took supplements and am still taking them. Google search Vitamin D and embryo implantation. D may be involved in more body functions than previously thought. They tested me well before my cycle started so that I could get back up to a decent level before transfer.


[B]Hopeful [/B]- CONGRATS!!! :clap:Tomorrow will be just another CONFIRMATION! Keeps us posted!
I am still taking PIO on my ‘cheeks’… I considered the thighs but I just can’t face it yet… it looks as it will hurt more.
The one good thing is that now, besides the daily PIO every morning, I am doing a bit less of shots at night, which has been given me a good break…
At night, I only take the prometrium (vag caps) now… but twice/week I do take E2 injections at night.

I am going for blood work today, to check levels of my hormones but not BETA yet. Another week… can’t wait.
Sometimes I wonder… I am not feeling pregnant yet… I have had a few moments of strong headaches, and also sensitive to a cleaning smell at a museum we visited but that’s not too unusual for me. I keep checking myself … “is this for real?”. DH thinks it is. I find it completely different from my last cycle. Then again… I am only 4dp5dt… :bsv:


Hopeful- Congrats!!!
Desi- I know waiting is hard. I am hoping the next week goes fast for you.
AFM- I woke up to little spotting today. It was just a little this morning, and appears to have stopped for now.I am resting and trying to remain calm. U/S on the 17th:pray:


Hopeful: congrats! so happy for you.
For the PIO, the best thing that works is to walk 30mn to 1 hr everyday. It helps tremendously to difuse the oil in the muscles and you will feel no pains at all. I used to walk everyday for 30mn to 45 mn and that’s the only way it didn’t hurt me or didn’t create these nodes…

We had our 16 weeks visit and it went very well, no US tho, just the baby’s hreat beats. It was nice hearing her/his little heart beating so fast.
We have our 20ww US in 2 weeks now, it’s the anatomy scan, we’ll find out the gender. I can’t wait.

TOYA!! I am thinking of all of you, Lucy, Sue, Godiva, and all the ladies I know and the new members. Big hugs.


Seattle: will try your recommendation on walking. I called dr’s office today because I am getting a red circle and lots of itching at injection site. They said to have one of the nurses look at it tomorrow. Is it possible to get an allergic reaction? Desiree: thanks, I am anxious about tomorrow. Hope your hormone results were good today. I didn’t feel anything until the day before my beta. I just feel very tired. Shalli: thanks, stay calm I am sure everything is fine, can’t wait to hear about your next u/s Slushy and zipper: thanks! Tomorrow is next beta. Fingers and everything crossed for good results. My beta seems high for 10dp6dt?


Hopeful, It could be an allergic reaction. I had it with the first time I used PIO. I had to get sesame oil this time. If you can see if you can use benedryl cream and a low % steroid cream. I had to put that on to get the itching undercontrol. Best wishes for a great beta tomorrow. Mine today was 1254! Wednesday one more and Ultrasound for a check to see yolk and sac! So getting excited!!!


Good news! My second beta results are in… 1409! The nurse said “tell your hubby to work lots of overtime it looks like he may have twins on the way!” I know it is still very early but I told my hubby I was very happy today for the first time in a really long time. I was shaking when I hung up the phone with the nurse. I can’t believe this may actually be our turn. It has been a heartwrenching journey but it seems we are closer than we have ever been. My third beta is scheduled for Thursday followed by an ultrasound 2 weeks after. The dreadfull 2 week wait - it seems like you go from one to another.

Wishing everyone the best of luck! :slight_smile:


Wow outstanding beta!! Congrats Hopeful!! So happy for you and DH! I have more blood and an ultrasound tomorrow looking for sac/yolk! Many hugs to you!!!


Congrats!!! That is an awesome beta!!! Can’t wait to hear about the US!!!


Good evening everyone. Little selfish post here .

Had my Biophysical profile US today along with my appt with my OB. Babies look great and all looks good on the US!! Seen my OB – well the CNP. I am almost 34 weeks-- been having contractions and all for awhile now-- nothing major of course. I haven’t been checked since 28 weeks – cervix that is. I haven’t even been check to see how my uterus is doing-- measuring that is. I am so frustrated. There are a few other ladies at work that are pregnant. We are all due about the same time and they have been checked more than I have. Should I say something or should I just relax!




That is fantastic.


So exciting!!! Prayers for you and the baby(ies)! :smiley:


CONGRATS!! oh my… that’s a HUGE number for a second beta!! :slight_smile: I am one week away… waiting… so glad to read your news!


Can you ask for it? Just ask… Is this something related to the insurance? maybe there’s a limit of times you can do that, unless there’s a “problem”?? which in your case you don’t !! thank God!!


[SIZE=14px][FONT=arial][SIZE=12px]This new format allows us to post a comment right under a post… at times is great, so we keep the convo right there with the topic but we can also miss out on some updates… I hope you are all doing well…

[B]AFM [/B]- ONE week is gone!!! Now to my second week… :gsv:
Yesterday was my 4dp5dt and I checked my progesterone level. Today I got the results: 53!! very good! The best I had when compared to my 2 other cycles (it should be 20 and above)
So… all good… [/SIZE][/FONT][/SIZE][FONT=arial][SIZE=12px]Feeling good. No real changes… I have been taking walks, moving around as I feel comfortable… for once I felt a bit of tiny pressure like ‘light cramps’ but of no real consequence… I have been drinking lots of liquid, and eating healthy… watching my weight and my activities to keep things right where they need to be.

waiting… waiting… waiting… [/SIZE][/FONT]


Yeah!! Such good news…!!


Aren’t you considered high risk with twins? I would ask for it. They have already told me that as we get closer it will be checked every other week and then every week…


Oh, I meant to also say that I am only 14 weeks and they told me that already…