IVF Cycle with DE II


Ask. At least you will find out why they are not monitoring you more and if they tell you it is because everything looks great then at least you will feel better. Aren’t we all high risk at our age? If you are having twins that also makes you high risk.


So… I was expecting a phone call this past weekend that I only received today…
We ended up with 2 snowbabies rather than 3. Upon our request for a closer look, regarding the “early blasts”, one of them didn’t have 2 structures required [FONT=arial, sans-serif]to develop as an embryo and into placenta… they were simply not there after the expected expansion of the cells. The others looked good.
I hope we don’t need to resource to our frosties… though I am not sure what we will do with them yet, I hope the one in me is all that we need to bring our baby home… [/FONT]


Hello All!
Please excuse me for a very selfish post. I have posted that I have had some spotting on and off since we got our BFP. This morning I had a huge gush of blood, followed by clots and cramping. I was completely destroyed. I couldn’t believe that I could be losing another pregnancy. I called my RE, who is an 1.5 hours from my house. They asked me to come in for a scan. I drove the entire way crying and questioning everything. I went into the lab to have my blood work drawn, crying the entire time. The lab techs were crying with me. I went in for the scan to confirm what I already knew in my heart. BUT… did you know that all that bleeding, clotting, and cramping “can” be a signs of a miscarriage? OR… It can mean we expecting TWINS!!! That’s right, Twins. I am beyond relieved and excited. They can’t tell me where the blood came from, but it is not my uterus or near the babies. We will still have our U/s on the 17th, and should see the heartbeats.
I hope everyone is doing well, have a Great day!!


Shalli - that is AWESOMe news!! So excited for you. I am 14 weeks with twins and have gushed blood 5 times…yes…5 TIMES!! Went to the ER twice, so nerve wracking. Hang in there!


Well, it is hareder to do personals now as I just comment on each persons post now! LOL… Anyway. Had my 2nd ob appt at 14 weeks. I was kind of bummed that i did not get an U/S. Oh well, but i did hear both heartbeats…YEAH! I have only gained two pounds. But, I stopped all progesterone 2 weeks ago and then last week a peed 5 pounds of water off…it was CRAZY! I got up 7 times a night…I had forgotten how much pounds you put on with that drug!

We have had a few scares. I was in the ER on Monday night with yet another gushing red bleed. The babies were fine, but I have a subchronic hematoma. The OB told me at my 14 week appt today that there is really nothing you can do about them, they either resolve or they don’t. The Perinatologist was not too worried about it and told me that I can expect to bleed more. They are apparently very common with twins and with IVF pregnancies. My OB said they were not problematic usually in the 1st trimester, but may cause trouble in the 2nd ti… Hopefully mine will not give me too much trouble! I have to wait two more weeks until I have another appt (with the Peri…)

Toya alll, and have a great day…


Congrats Shalli!!! Sweet!!


Sending positive thoughts and prayers for a smooth 2nd and third trimester!! Hang in there nheidem!!


Congrats Shalli! Ladies, do your RE’s tell you that bleeding is a common thing for twins? Thanks!


Oh my!!! you got me so worried!!! CONGRATS!!! I am celebrating the news with you!


Glad things are getting cleared in your mind so you don’t have to worry so much!! Hope you have a great 2nd Tri!


This forum is crazy… the links aren’t working well yet. I had to come to the “first” page of the forum, to read the lastest,until the other day it was the last page… and when I click “go to post” it always takes me to the last page… and the post I want is not there. And the smilies aren’t working for me…

[I][B]ANYWAY… [/B][/I]

I have a question… today is my [B]8dp5dt[/B]…

I have VERY LITTLE signs… a very light pressure on my side as if cramps would start… but not bad and that’s about it. And I have been more sleepy… but I am not quite convinced… DH doesn’t want me to POAS and I won’t because I am too afraid to do it. I did last time because I started to spot and got concerned. I did at my 8dp3dt… and got a light positive… it ended up a BFP later though I m/c at 8 wks.

[B]I am reading so many stories of spotting, bleeding… if implantation MEANS to see some spotting… oh well… so far I am as clear as water. I want to believe this is all good thing. [/B]

Monday can’t get here fast enough…


Desi- I POAS with my 1st cycle and lost that baby at 8 weeks. I did not spot or have implantation bleeding with that cycle. I POAS this cycle because I couldn’t stand the wait, and of course I have had all kinds of crazy bleeding, including implantation bleeding the day after I got BFP on the home test. I have learned anything this cycle is spotting or no spotting, it really doesn’t mean anything. I was sure my bleeding met we lost everything, and I was in for a huge surprise.
I guess what I am trying to say is that we all look for “signs and symptoms” but the only thing that will tell you is to POAS or the Beta. I personally couldn’t wait for my Beta. I had to know because I wanted to be prepared in case it didn’t work. Sounds dumb, I know. I wish I could say that the 2ww was the hardest part. I’m learning that I spend a lot of time anxiously waiting. I waited for the Beta, for the 2nd Beta, the early preg. scan, and now I am nervously waiting for tues. to see the heartbeats.
I guess after losing the baby last time, I may be nervous through the whole pregnancy. If I were you I would POAS, but you have to make that choice.
Good Luck!


Thanks Shalli… I am still scared or should I say “concerned”.
Simply put: I have no “meaningful signs” yet… my breasts are a bit sensitive… but… with all the hormones I am taking I’d be surprise if they were not sensitive by now… I don’t really “see” or “feel” anything that gives me a hint…
At times I believe I am pregnant… at times I am just wondering "how can I be!? feeling this good?? okay… "
Last time, I had my legs itching like crazy, I spotted, my breasts were sensitive, I had some light nausea and I remember clearly having ‘car sick’ and having to turn the a/c and fan full blast, with car windows opened to keep me from getting sicker… it was a day before BETA, if I am not mistaking…

This time… I am just having some sort of overall ‘physical discomfort’, but mainly because my shots are a pain, they are still hard to take… also I get some stomach problems, but then again, I have never been pre-natal friendly, however, I am enduring it! … other than this, just a slight discomfort when wearing a bra… as if it is a bit tight… that’s all I can describe from these 2 ww…

If to be pregnant now means to have these “non-symptoms” symptoms… then I shall be the happiest Mom-to-be out there… !!

My DH is not supporting POAS, and my brother-in-law (doc) says that I really should wait… because only the blood tests, after 14 days from conception can give the ‘right’ result… well… today has been 14 days since the retrieval (conception). BIL also said that he is sure I would get positive results if I tested… but still asked me to wait. Anyway… I just wouldn’t be able to do it on my own, without DH near me…

So… 2 MORE DAYS… and I will find out…

Shalli good luck, I hope all goes well on Tuesday!!!



I hope you get your BFP tomorrow.


Can’t wait to hear about your BFP tomorrow


Thank you!! I will update you all tomorrow… I hope the news are good…

Today I had a few symptoms… I am so skeptical!!
[FONT=arial]A bit of silly things happened today, I have no clue if they count as “pregnancy symptoms” but here they are: I craved for Western Omelet this morning, so after church I decided to make an omelet… also cooked some potatoes and steamed broccoli. After eating some of the omelet and potatoes, I had one bite of broccoli, and became sick to stomach (threw up. sorry for TMI)… then took an afternoon nap with 2 fans, one on the ceiling and a small one blowing on my face, though DH says that the room temperature was 69F… it felt really good… Then, while visiting relatives this evening, I had some sort of “hot flash” and when we were leaving their house, I got sick over a skunk’s odor (the skunk sprayed at their front yard… I could NOT wait to get out of there, get in the car and turn the fan on)… and, finally, while trying to go to sleep (and I can’t right now) I got a itchy stomach, twisting and turning in bed seeking relief (got my DH to spread lotion on my belly… :)))

Now, I know part of this could be all psychological… I am “looking for symptoms”… as you can tell…

Tomorrow is the day!!! (actually today, it is already Monday here!)

More news tomorrow… oh my… I can’t wait and can’t sleep… but will try… I won’t have the results until sometime in the afternoon…


Yay! I can’t wait to hear your Beta! Will be watching for it later! Good luck Desi praying for a nice big fat number!


Desi - thinking of you. I keep checking waiting for your beta #. I can’t figure out how to post right below a selected post - please help!!


I have been checking all day waiting for your post. Thinking about you!


Oh MY…

This morning I wrote a note to DH, being very concerned again: “[FONT=arial]I am feeling perfectly okay this morning…No symptoms… I hope God surprises me today.”

I also told our special RE/DE nurse about the few and rare symptoms I had last night, it was so kind of her to write me a note wishing me luck today!! I told her that I have been having just a few symptoms… nothing [/FONT][FONT=arial]constant really… most of the time I have no “known common symptoms”… then [/FONT][FONT=arial]I went to the lab with fingers crossed… hoping… waiting… praying. [/FONT]

[I][B][FONT=arial]This afternoon: I got a Big Fat Number… [/FONT][FONT=arial]171!!! :)[/FONT][/B][/I]
[FONT=arial]The nurse who called me said that any number above [B]5 [/B]would be positive but they really want to see a number [B]above 50 as BETA #1[/B] and that I did really really well!!! oh my!! I did better now than last time (see siggy), though we all know these numbers can be all over the place… the important thing is to get a positive result!!

She said that now my 171 number must double by Wednesday and then they will give me Beta #3 on Friday 9/20 and Beta #4 on Monday9/23… and if the numbers continue to show a [SIZE=14px][B]BFP[/B][/SIZE], then [B]u/s will be at 8 weeks…[/B] (a month from now… that will be hard to wait, specially because I m/c last time at 8 wks… but it won’t happen this time!!)
[FONT=arial][I][B]I’m sooooo relieved! and I am happy they will continue to test until [SIZE=14px]Beta #4. [/SIZE][/B][/I]
[FONT=arial]Ha!!! oh my!!! :wink: my first positive of the week!!!..

[I][B]So… here it goes, I can say it now: I AM PREGNANT!! [/B][/I]

(though I know I need 3 more BETAs to confirm it… and I hope the lack of major symptoms continues to benefit me and the baby!! being ALL OK!!)

So happy!! THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT!! (and sorry for the selfish note here today!!)