IVF Cycle with DE II


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Congratulations on getting started! We have been fairly open too and plan to tell…just seems easier that way!


Just a quick update!
One happy little bean, with heart rate at 138.89 (per screen) bpm.
and 2 happy parents… dismissed to my regular OBGYN.
Next appoint will be at the end of the month.
DH video taped the u/s, so super cute, and took a pic with my dear RE dr.
I guess this means we are graduating from one place to another!

Thanks for all your support!!


Desiree- wonderful news! Congratulations! Can you remind me, did you do DE + DS or just DE?

A quick update for me: We are moving along in the DE process. I have been on birth control for 10 days now. I will be starting Lupron very soon. I have my phone dr’s appt tomorrow afternoon to discuss the nitty gritty. My husband is flying to Seattle this weekend to provide the sample. We are having our consents notarized this friday by the lawyer, and have already paid for the cycle. Therefore, by monday, the lab will put the order in to create our embryos…and then its just a matter of getting my lining right. We are still on target for a FET the second week of November!


Congrats on moving on Desiree! We have been recording our US’s as well. Today was our last day with our RE, tomorrow I see my OB. When we first saw baby today, I swear to god, it waved at us. The look on DH’s face was priceless!! Baby was just a dancing and moving. We are now 9 weeks 1 day today. I know you are about a week behind me. Glad to hear all is going well!! Can’t wait next week I get to start to taper off my shots!!!


Awesome news Angela! Keeping fingers crossed to stay on target!!


Hi, I don’t know who is left. I have been on this thread for a1.5 years, and the last few questions have given me no replies. Maybe someone can help me. We transferred in August with our first Donor Embryo from our clinic. I got pregnant, with what looked like more than 1. As my u/s progressed, by week 6 we saw one sac for sure and a bleed. I was bleeding off and on and was put on bedrest. I was doing well, feeling more pregnant than ever before, and by week 7 I felt like the baby was a few days behind. My RE’s u/s machine is older and not as clear so I was hoping that was the issue. By week 8, I was still measuring a few days behind and we couldn’t find the heartbeat. We went to a fetal diagnostic center and there wasn’t a heartbeat, but a clear picture of the baby. We decided to do a D&C to end this quickly and have testing done. I have felt weak and broken and hopeless. We got the results back yesterday and found out it was a female with Trisomy 7. I know now my body didn’t let me down but did what it was supposed to, thankfully. I have feelings of hope again and think we will try again after a break. My question is, has anyone used donor embryos from their clinic and done PGD testing on them? My RE was a frontrunner in doing this research so I know they do it all the time. I just don’t know if when taking what you the clinic has to offer, does it make sense to use the PGD testing? I haven’t met with him as I am waiting for my HCG to come down before we meet. I just don’t know much about it but after this experience, is it worth it? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I just can’t find much on the internet about PGD testing on donor embryos. My clinic has all of the information on where they came from since they were patients with them, but I know there are risks with accepting them.

Thanks so much!


Hi Angela… I did DE only!
It seems you have all scheduled and good to go!!
Why are you going for a FET? just can’t remember the story behind…


Hi Angela… I did DE only!
It seems you have all scheduled and good to go!!
Why are you going for a FET? just can’t remember the story behind…


Hi there,
I am considering DE at the moment and already have a DS who was conceived naturally. I am actually adopted and so is my brother. Although adoption is very different to DE I thought I’d share my thoughts. We both grew up knowing we were adopted. We had a book about it which my Mum read to us. She also told us that we were extra special because she got to go to the hospital and choose us (obviously not the case, but that felt nice as a child). She told us how to deal with being teased at school (which actually never happened) and I never ever felt like I wasn’t 100% their daughter. I am very thankful that they always told me. All of our family and close friends knew and never treated me any differently. I have red hair and no one else in my family does but we always just told them that an aunt had red hair. It wasn’t a big deal. We are a totally normal family. Very close but also have small disagreements from time to time. I’ve met other people who are adopted who were told when they were teenagers and it sent them off the rails. They felt very confused and angry. So for me, if we are able to have a baby through DE I will tell them in the same way that my mum told me from a very early age. Knowing that I can tell them that they grew inside me, that my body fed them and grew them and that I gave birth to them, I nursed them makes me smile. I hope this helps in some way. Good luck :slight_smile:


Yay!!! So excited for you!!! Keep us updated! Love, hugs, and baby dust!


hello…I hope you are all doing great!!! just wanted to say hello…
has anyone heard from mel…
how bout jerry and marina…
I am excited for all the pregnant mamas…the ladies on their way in this journey…
have a beautiful day!!! miss you all!!! many hugs!!!


Sue, Mel’s baby is adorable! She’s doing great and he’s growing like a weed. She keeps the FB group updated! I know you aren’t into FB, but I REALLY wish you would join us over there! I miss you and Godiva!!!


My sister is doing her trigger shot tonight, and then we are set to go on Tuesday morning for her ER. I’m so excited! I’m also nervous! Also relieved! I’m not sure that there is an emotion that I am not feeling. I’ve watched my sister for the past 10 days. I’ve watched her get crampy, go to appointments, get moody and be in a bit of pain and I am relieved that it gets to end for her in a couple days. My mom is so excited that she called me bawling. She wants to come with, and we are letting her. She likes being a part of this process. I figure that she has been there for me for all of my bad times, let her come to be there for the beginning!


YAY!!! Hope everything goes wonderfully!


Hi Everoyne,

I’m new to this forum, my husband and I are considering traveling to the Czech Republic for a DE cycle. We’ve tried a number of treatments in NYC and only one worked (clomid and timed intercourse), we’ve done at least 8 IUIs, 2 IVF cycles (one was cancelled) and nothing worked. Then we went for a DE cycle in Colombia and it worked but unfortunately I miscarried. That was about 4 yrs ago. Much to our surprise, I got pregnant a couple of years ago when we had stopped trying but again I miscarried. So now we’re ready to try again with a DE, but this time we’re thinking about going to the Czech Republic. I’ve read a few posts regarding the treatments there. If you’ve been there for a DE cycle please let me know your experience. Thanks!


Tania how did things go!? waiting for some updates!!


Thank you!!!


I just read your post… sorry… I have no clue about it. But I am wishing you the best of luck!!