IVF Cycle with DE II


I just read your post… sorry… I have no clue about it. But I am wishing you the best of luck!!


Hi everyone!!

This thread is about die… yep… its slow death is happening since the upgrade… :frowning:
This thread is just not the same anymore. Some members seem to be lost here, still trying to find recent messages, and that old “active group” they were used to, to join in… while others totally gave up.

Also as you may notice… this thread has over [B]2530 [/B]pages, and messages since [B]July of 2009[/B]… not very easy to find our way around here and it seems to be very slow to reach the page you are looking for, unfortunately.

I am giving it one last try, though, not here but “next door”…

I created a brand new thread under this same sub-forum… and hopefully it will get more traffic with the people who decided to stick around this community and with the newcomers who are looking for a supportive/active group to join in.

If you would like to give it a try - all of you who are here for months and months before the upgrade (that drowned us), or for you who just found this group - come and start a “new season” with me there, just click on the link below and post your message!

[h=2]Definitely going for a DE/DS cycle (Fall 2013 thread)[/h]
Best of luck to all you and hope to keep this going under the new address!



I went over the the face book page. It is more active, and definitely easier! Things went good. My sister ER was this last Tuesday. They retrieved 16 eggs. 9 of them mature, and out of the 9, 6 of them fertilized. On Thursday they called and all 6 are still going strong so we have a 5 day transfer on Sunday! I’m so excited, and so nervous!


my2angels: I cannot say for all European countries but protocols in Czech Rep and Poland are different from (probably) USA. But good fertility clinics in Poland are internationally certified, even designed own methods, friendly prices and excellent success rate (e.g. http://www.invictaclinics.com/infertility-treatment/ivf-programs/ivf-all-inclusive-egg-donation-program/) So if a programme is a little bit different, you should be sure it is still of higher quality and with excellent success rate.


Bumping the thread. But who knows the continuation?? Tania, has your sister donated you eggs??
I know it’s been time since last post here, was looking for some info, actually. so anyone knows what happened next?? I’m hoping the lovely might have been already on the prego list…Well, going to post on suggested above thread as well. Babydust, ladies!!


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This topic was automatically closed after reaching the maximum limit of 10000 replies.