IVF or adopt


I been trying IVF in europe but didn’t work for me, it was not cheap coast more than 3k, the Dr. coast extra and using lots of med was to much for my body. My big sister was pregnant and she was planning to give the unborn child to adoption, so me and my partner decide to adopt the baby. Was lots of paper work to do and coast less than the IVF treatment and tooks a year until the documents are done. But in the end both side was happy.


I don’t respond well to the meds too. I really don’t know if we should just go for adoption yet or try again, but there are many things that are better if we would adopt. The struggle and pressure on me and my partner ends, the chance and fear to get pregnant at last but then have a miscarriage is no more. At the same time, we can start to be a family finally and the chosen child gets a chance to be loved and be part of a loving family, like every child deserves. The more I think about it, the more I think we gonna look into the path of adoption.
@Rechille, Life Stories like yours motivate me to go for adoption because what counts most at the end is that everybody is happy at last, that is what life is all about.


This is such a dilemma. I am also torn between which one can help. But since you have been trying to get pregnant for the 7 years chances seem slim for you. But if you want to keep on trying it is okay. But again, you have said that the finances hinder you. I think you could adopt your cousins kids. I hope n the future she will not come back asking fir her child. Because that is the one reason many people do. But she is a family already. So expect the child to later love her mother more than you two. You can expect anything in that situation. But for the time being I think you can adopt the child. Then when later you are financially stable you can go for the procedure. One good thing about IVF you can even do it in your 40. Just make sure you have saved enough. then to avoid losing your money on failed attempts go for a good clinic. Like bio tex in Kiev. They have a long history dealing with IVF. They have actually specialized in fertility treatment. Even the economy package of 2018 is running out so it is only this week that it will be available. So better hurry up.