IVF or surrogacy?


I am sorry for your problems. You have taken the right decision. Surrogacy will be best for you. You are lucky that you contacted them through email. They are the scammers. They just deceive people. They deceived my cousin. They trapped her all money. But they didn’t perform surrogacy treatment for my cousin. Because they don’t have any advanced technology for the treatment. So don’t go there. There is another good clinic in Europe. They are best in dealing with surrogacy. I wish you get successful. Till then best of luck.


There are so many reasons couples may apply for surrogacy. Among them hysterectomy. If a woman has had a hysterectomy and an illness it prevents her from being able to carry a pregnancy. Some women are required to take medication that could adversely affect a growing fetus. Also age and whether a woman is able to safely carry a pregnancy. A friend of mine was experiencing a life threatening situation. Dr told pregnancy was forbidden for her, so they opted for surrogacy 2 yrs ago at biotex and were successful from the 1st round. Another reason may be when a woman was born without a uterus. Fibroids in the Uterus. Although fibroids can be removed, they can also grow back. Unexplained Infertility. It occurs after a woman has tried 3 or 4 IVF cycles with good quality embryos but does not get pregnant. And other reasons we may read about on every infertility site. For me surrogacy has always been the last option to count on. We were lucky once using donor eggs for ivf. Came back to the same clinic for a sibling. Currently waiting for the ET.


Hi, here’s some of my background. Me 40; DH 45. DX - PCOS, endo, one ovary and tube; MFI. Oct 2008: Mike is here! 7lbs 14oz, 20.75 inches; C-Section.
TTC #2 since Sept 2015. BFN= 3 IVFs. IVF#4 – early mc @6w4d, June 2018. Last IVF #5 (5dt of two 2AA blasts) – BFP!!
Beta #1, 11dp5dt= 295.
Beta #2, 13dp5dt= 825 (doubling time of 32 hours!); progesterone 130.
Last time we were using donor eggs at Ukrainian clinic bio texcom. Quite far away from home. But the clinic was doing its best to make our stay with them comfortable and the most effective. We are waiting for the 7wks scan.
The thing I wanna say is that you have to trust your dr. (if you actually do…) He’s the one to know your med story the best, so that can advice you the best. Make sure you aren’t making a haste decision. Anyway, whatever your path is -IVF or surrogacy, let me know - I’ve got a plenty of things to share. Good luck!


Seems you’ve suffered a lot. I know I might be posting late, but. if you’ve been exhausted with multiple failures. and you feel like your body got drained physically. and you don’t feel quite well emotionally - maybe it’s time to have some break before heading off to another attempt?..Not insisting, just my personal thought. I think dr is the one to advice much better. he knows your particular case and will definitely offer you the best treatment plan. (if only you don’t want to switch doc and clinic 'cause of failures). Have you thought of using donor egg? Anyway, I think this might help. Found this on fb. biotexcom team is going to the USA early next year to hold an event like the one they had in London in November. It’s a great chance to have an initial consultation with them in New York and get all necessary information about treatment at biotex com. You may follow the link and fill in the form to register https://goo.gl/forms/qmppUatjA6Lj1KOW2. Admission is free. Soon after the registration, you will get an email with information about the date and venue where the event will take place. The email will be sent to the address you provide on sign up. GL!!


I could write more about my med history. but long story short, AMH doesn’t mean a lot EXCEPT for women going through IVF where the doctors use it as a starting point in terms of what dosage of drugs to give you. Some women conceive on an AMH level of 0.2 (or less). others at a more normal level have difficulty. so don’t get too caught up in this. If you really want to know your GP should be able to give you a script for the test. Hope this puts sb’s mind at ease.


Hope you won’t mind me chimming here again. Here are some of the keypoints to focus on if you happen considering the clinic like the one we used (BioTex, Kiev). They achieve positive results due to day by day improving techniques. Their embryologists work with fresh genetic material (eggs/sperm cryopreservation is used only at patient’s will). Such approach automatically multiplies chances for the successful fertilization. It is known and proven that quality of eggs gets worse during the freezing process leading to the failed IVF attempts. In addition to the spermogram doctors conduct sperm analysis for apoptosis. Conducting this medical test embryologist determines presence of the damaged sperm cells which prevent successful conception and can cause child’s DNA damage. In the case of cells’ poor quality, doctor prescribes appropriate medication, afterwards perform reanalysis and successfully fertilize the egg. Karyotype analysis is the part of a standard analyzes set (karyotype test shows the total number of chromosomes, the sex of the person being studied, and if there are any structural abnormalities with any of the individual chromosomes which can cause child’s diseases). Conducting programs of the egg donation and surrogate motherhood doctors calculate the ideal “window of implantation”. This is the most successful period for the embryo transfer without disturbing its structure and endometrium integrity. Starting to work with the infertile couple, their specialists use only individual approach in each case. First of all, members of the medical staff carry out detailed diagnostics of patients in order to identify clearly the seeds of the disease or reasons of the unsuccessful IVF attempts. There are no identical protocols as BioTex team does not work in the traces. Because positive result of any medical program is their main goal! Doctors of the Kiev center walk the line of the latest methods of treatment. So, for example, embryologists use the most successful method of working with blastocysts, namely, embryo transfer on the fifth day. It greatly increases the chance of pregnancy during the in vitro fertilization programs. Women who don’t have a functional uterus or for whom pregnancy poses a serious health risk might choose IVF using another person to carry the pregnancy (gestational carrier). And to apply for surrogacy one should meet the requirements. If it’s Ukraine, for example, then you have to prove any of these: You cannot carry a baby yourself. You suffer a genetic disease. You’ve already faced 4 IVF failures with A grade embryos. The pregnancy is prohibited for you. Moreover, you’ll have it to be proved by the doc’s certificate. Surrogacy law varies dramatically withing surrogacy friendly countries. So, be attentive. Wishing you good luck.