IVF Summer of 2010


Oh, and I’ve counted 16 teeth in N’s mouth! Where the heck did they all come from?!?!


Nelly - huge hugs are coming your way for little T! I hope they are able to figure this out quick. BTW… pics on FB are so darn precious!! // I am in limbo over another RPL… considering that this one was ectopic it would actually not fall into the loss catagory that usually triggers an RPL. However, I really really really do not think I can handle another loss so do I do it to be on the safe side?

mel - what a hard point to be at… sending you lots of prayers! I hate the fact that those tests are full of false postitives :frowning:

AFM… DH and I talked last night and he is 100% that we are not doing DEm EVER again (I am not that against it). He basic opinion is that we do not need to assume someone elses infertility problems when we have our own… we should just focus on finding ds from a healthy fertile man. So I guess we are now for sure on where we are going from here…


i plan to catch up on personals in a min (after so much silence you ladies have been busy!) I wanted to pick your brains about evaporation lines. I was due for AF around the end of June. I took an hpt about a week after she didn’t show and BFN. Still no AF so I took another hpt last night (off brand) and it was negative (I know…not fmu). I left it on the back of the toilet and forgot about it and this morning there is a light pink second line. I’m not having any pg symptoms (at least nothing I remember from last time). Been feeling a little crampy so I figured AF is going to show any day now. Any thoughts?


I would say take a FRER… I have never had an evap line on a those… What brand did you use? Also, you could post a pic :wink: We are always great POAS detectives…


Wanna - I am betting this is real! No experience with evap lines or late appearing lines, but there’s only one way to find out…we’ll be stalking you till you go buy more HPTs!! :clap: :cheer: :clap: :cheer:


amy/mel- I have a cabinet full of hpt’s just in case. Silly, huh? I will try to get a pic posted in a bit. Wish they would enable doing it from the iPhone. That would be so much easier.

skipper/kss- I got an email a couple of days ago for this link. Thought of you. (Dongle- some tasty sounding vegetarian recipes too!) []Nut Free Recipes – Peanut Free Snacks - Parenting.com](http://www.parenting.com/gallery/nut-free-recipes?view=home&pnid=114310)

AC- I have everything crossed for you that the right thing happens. I am also curious about the rights of the bm/family in the future. Are you guys planning open or closed adoption?

bun- glad mom is out of the hospital and doing well. (I was in for 2 weeks with mine.) I never realized your parents were divorced. For some reason i pictured you having picturesque holidays with the entire fam gathered around the table…(not meant to be insensitive if this is a touchy subject. My rents divorced when i was 4 and it was ugly!)–btw-congrsats on the newest offer/venture. Pretty sure we will be seeing you on FNS in the near future. :smiley:

beach- how goes the settling in to the new classroom? I decided sell all my teaching supplies. Looks like I’ll be home for a while and no sense in storing when someone else can use, you know?

amy- hope you get a 0! October would’t be too bad. Give your body time to heal. Have you looked at any ds profiles before? What will be most important for y’all? physical traits or personality?

mamamel- will you terminate if + or is it just to be better prepared? We opted not to test at all bc we knew it wouldn’t make a difference for us either way (no judgement for those who test. just wasn’t for us).

kss/jan/non-walkers- Just keep practicing! One day they will just take off. DH and I used to sit on the floor a few feet apart, stand them up and call them to us. At first they just fell into our arms but quickly realized what to do. We gradually increased the space between us until they were just getting up and cruising on their own. My sil got all of my nieces & nephews to walk by giving them a wooden spoon to hold on to. (They thought they were still holding on to her.) Are they around a lot of walkers their age? Its amazing what kids pick up from each other. G watched trying’s L standing and was doing it by the time we got home.

nelly- hope T’s emptying test gives some answers. If he is just slow to empty, what next? Do you just make sure that what he does eat has high nutritional values?

AFM- My kids are addicted to sid the science kid on pbs.


Wanna - First and foremost medical history will be important part of the donor search, then physical traits and ethnic heritage, last will be personality. Since considering donor I have started to realize the impact ethnic heritage has on how you look… the shape of your face, skin tone, body build etc… It is funny how you do tend to find attractive people with the same ethnic background due to those factors.

awaiting your positive pic… :wink:

Question - one of the ways you consider a donor “good” is if their donation has resulted in a lot of live births. Some donors have resulted in 1, 2, 3, 12, 20 live births… does that measurement of success give anyone else a little pause? Does it seem a little strange?


OK so I just went and stared and I’m pretty sure it is an evap line. It is a little curved so I think the dye just bled. I think I was so shocked to see the second line that I didn’t really analyze. Now I feel silly for even brining it up. Trying to post a pic…


looks like a regular positive to me. Still waiting for another HPT…


Wanna, tht most def does not look like an Evap line to me. I have never seen one so dark! Please take another test ASAP! Also, is this welcome news?? We’re you guys planning on another? I hope the trend on this thread of ivf twin pregnancies with a surprise Bfp doesn’t catch me (or maybe I secretly hope it does!)


Wanna: not sure ive ever seen an evap line. Looks like a +


amy- do the live births measure anything other than just that? I guess if there were a lot of mc’s there might be a genetic link with development in utero maybe? I agree that it is a little strange since there are so many environmental factors and another 50% of genes coming from mom.

mamamel- I hope you’re right but I really don’t think it is the more I think about it. Add together the lack of symptoms, time past missed period, lightness of line combined with the fact that it wasn’t an immediate line…I guess it was just wishful thinking on my part. I will retest tomorrow am with FMU on a FRER just to be safe but pretty sure it will be a BFN.

nelly- We definitely want more! Judging by your response though, you guys are finished? Or are you (secretly :wink: )?


[B]Wanna[/B] - That looks real to me. I would definitely test again. That would be so awesome. Another 2010 miracle! :cross: :clap:

[B]KSS/Nelly[/B] - Thank you for the reassurance. She is able to stand for about 15-20 second unassisted and can cruise so maybe she will be walking soon. She is around 4 little girls that can walk. It just gets so frustrating when other people compare and make comments.

[B]Nelly[/B] - Poor little T. It is so hard when our LOs are not feeling good. If he tests positive for having slow gastric emptying will there be something that could be done? Is this something that he would grow out of as his body matures? Sending lots of prayers.

[B]Mel[/B] - I am so sorry you are having to go through this. The worrying never stops. I was told that since I was 41 when I had my transfer that my odds were 1:50. I was devistated but knew me getting pregnant with only one embryo happened for a reason. I did not have the Ammo done out of fear. I did have the bloodwork done at 11 weeks and again at 16 weeks along with the u/s which combined all together gave me reassuring results. I think it was called NST. Sending you lots of prayers.

[B]A/[/B]C - I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I cannot wait to hear more about how this unfolds and your family grows from two to five! Have fun with [B]Lucy [/B]this weekend!


Umm… is Wanna pregnant??



:clap: :cheer: :bfp: :preg:


[B]Amy: [/B]I would keep current commitments also. :slight_smile: PS: Sorry to be annoying but please call me bun on here. (Wah Wah Secret Sally)

[B]Nelly: [/B]I can’t even imagine the cost of preschool since you live in the most expensive part of the country! You would laugh if you saw how cheap our life is here.

[B]Dongle: [/B]Why are you upset :af: is late? Have you POAS??

[B]Wanna: [/B]Have you used a digital???

[B]AC: [/B]Any updates?

[B]Mel: [/B]How are you doing lady?

[B]Skipper: [/B]Your good luck is spreading across this thread!!!


bun- I have not. Going to wait until tomorrow morning for FMU so it is more definitive. With the twins, my lines were so dark & I had sore bb’s. Now I just have a light crampiness that feels like AF should show ANY DAY NOW! I have been having really crazy EWCM for a week or 2 and needing pantyliner for the wetness (sorry if TMI). My body is so confused! I feel stupid for getting the group worked up. I’m positive now it is just an evap line. Think skipper is our only surprise bfp so far.

dongle- I second bun- Why haven’t you tested yet???-- check out the nut-free recipe link I posted for kss/skipper. There were some interesting ideas on vege options (carrot salad & cream cheese sandwich. sounds YUMMY!)

Jan- sperm can survive for a long time. I watched one of those discovery shows recently that said that new research suggests that the sperm ‘go to sleep’ in the fallopian tubes and that when you ovulate it releases a hormone that ‘wakes them up’ and they continue their journey to the egg.

lucy- Have fun in Austin with AC! SO jealous! I lived there when I was a teen and my parents were there until just a few years ago. I miss all that there is to do. Y’all will have to tell me EVERYTHING you do so I can live vicariously. :slight_smile:


Bun - thanks, I’m doing way better today. Have pretty much decided to go straight to amnio and not do any of the other “probability tests” that will just make me worry for the rest of the pregnancy. BTW it was great to see you in action, I followed your FB link :wink:


Wanna - I cannot believe that you can wait until tomorrow! // Live births are just one way of measuring if they are a good donor or not… but at the same time that means that person has xx# of kids that he was a genetic donor for that will be half genetic matches with your child… that is the part that makes me pause and think it is slightly odd…

Bun - Oops Sorry!


Good Golly yall have been busy! lol

Wanna… HOLY MOLY! praying it is a real BFP… but i know i had an experience once with a cheapie HPT and had the same thing happened… mine was evap line… but praying urs is REAL! how awesome would that be??? lol too bad we couldn’t meet up with yall halfway in between for dinner or something… i don’t even know how far A is to H? lol

Amy- So now on to DS IUI?? when are you planning to start??

Nelly- Good luck with T… poor thing.

Mel- i have heard SOOO many stories of people being told they are high risk. Try to stay calm and just relax… most as you can tell turn out to be b/s.

Beach- How are ya super mom? p.s. u should i tell everybody about you being my hero lol

dongle- how late is she??

im not so patiently waiting for AC to text/call something after her meeting. Im so nervous i could puke! lol I know some of yall have had the pleasure of meeting her… but for reals… she is truly a gem and i am just so excited that they are SOOO close to having their family ALMOST COMPLETE!

AFM: starting to plan Luke’s first bday party… can’t believe my precious nephew will be 1 soon!! lol then soon after that is is peanut! ahhhh… can somebody tell these kids to stop growing up so fast???


[B]Lucy: [/B]We are gearing up for Bun’s first bday bash too!! WHen is Lukes?? Any ideas on theme?? Also I haven’t met AC and feel the same way so I can only imagine how she is in real life!!!

[B]Amy: [/B]I forgot to comment on the donor thing. Isn’t that sort of common with sperm though since they can keep donating and donating? Plus one vial can make many embryos and such? Don’t get me wrong - still odd. I feel like I’ve seen some guy on Oprah who said he had like 20+ kids.

[B]Wanna: [/B]I guarantee if you’re this late with AF you won’t need FMU for a positive digital! I was only a day late and got a positive every hour on the hour because I couldn’t stop peeing - lol!! I’m so excited for you, you have no idea!! I know how badly you want a big family!!