IVF Summer of 2010


[QUOTE=amyinohio]MY BETA IS NEGATIVE!!! :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:[/QUOTE]

YAY!!:cheer: :grouphug: :cheer: :grouphug:

p.s. would love to see u and lil A at Disney Land 2013! whoop! its gona be AWESOME!! lol

DCA just opened CARS LAND!! lol maybe that only appeals to me b/c im taking 3 boys lol but still… im pretty flippin excited about it! im even more excited that MO3 has girls!! so i can see the princess’s!! LOL WOOO HOOOO!!!


[U]amyinohio[/U]: That is excellent news for you, Momma! Wahoo! Dangit, your DH! Try to keep in mind, it will always, always take him longer to process the next steps. My DH was the exact same way. What about counseling? Does your RE office offer counseling for DEm, DE, DS? That really helped us a lot!

MC(Mission Complete): :cheer::cheer::cheer:!!! Seriously, still soooooo excited for you and those lucky babes!!!


Amy: YAY!!! So glad you can move on. :flower:

Ooooo… I am liking MC even better than AC!


kss: Part of me wants to take the girls camping. Part of me is sane. :slight_smile:


MC!!! That is amazing. BEACH, how come you didn’t come up with that name sooner. I LOVE it!!!
MC and Lucy: we planned on going next year around May. When were you guys thinking?

Amy: thank God it’s down to zero!!! Are you still on for Sept-oct?


Amy - Yesssssss, at last! So now you should get AF right, and then you can maybe get back on schedule? Sorry that DH is being a grump. I know for my DH he really can’t cope with a lot of the emotions that come with IF and he hates talking about it for more than about a minute every month. Seriously. I am sure that it’s really difficult for your DH, although he has accepted donor sperm intellectually, to really be ready for it emotionally and practically. I know it’s frustrating for you, but I hope you can both cross this tightrope without too much friction. So hard for the both of you. Hugs xx


MC!! I love it Beach! …This is your mission should you choose to accept…

Lucy - I am blessed with a little girl that love Cars as much as Princesses!

AFM… talked with DH and he is ready to move on, he wants to consult with the dr about timeframes but he is fine with this Fall. He has requested to be in charge of picking the DS and that he would do it on his own. I am fine with this because if it were DE I think I would want the same thing. First step though is an HSG after the next AF and bloodwork…


YEA!!! :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:


[B]MC: [/B]I see you’re on - how goes the planning??

[B]Beach: [/B]Nice work on MC!! Btw I love the suggestion of therapy. I’m pretty thrilled that now that we had our consult with the RE I can go back to my favorite therpaist for free any time - lol!

[B]Amy: [/B]So glad to hear your DH came around!! Love that he wants to take over the selection.

[B]AFM: [/B]Things have been difficult this week. I’m finding it increasingly difficult to work from home with a crawling, exploring 10 month old. I’m sure I don’t have to explain the problem to any of you busy mamas. I also think I’m overwelmed with all of the new business opportunities coming my way with my new website. In addition to the monthly TV segments, I’ve been approached for a 9 month consulting job for a product line in the health world. It’s only a couple hours a week and it’s my dream gig but I think everything happening at once is putting me over the edge. I also had a new development with the other big thing going on that I can’t discuss on here.

Long story short, I don’t get very anxious or stressed very often but yesterday was probably the closest I’ve come to a true anxiety attack. I tried going for a walk but it was 90 out and after getting more work emails I was too anxious to be away from my computer.

It didn’t help that Bun was having a horrendous day and pretty much crying non-stop unless I let him stick his fingers in a powerstrip or climb in the toilet.

I have a very high work ethic and I also want to be the mother bun deserves. Right now I’m not doing anything well and I feel tremendous guilt.

Every Mother In the World


Amy: That is fabulous news DH is on board now and I think it’s perfect that he picks the donor.

Beach: Mission accepted lol.

Bun: I have been preparing like a wild woman but at the same time trying not to get my hopes up too much in case the attorney calls at any minute to let us know it isn’t going to work…I know this is my protection mechanism for my heart. Only missing a few things to be ready that I am pretty much holding off on intentionally until I am given the official all clear. The last items are picked out though and just have to be purchased. We decided that the bedding sets and such in the girls room will be left as is so the oldest girl can go help pick out the girly stuff and decorate. Other than that we are just busy busy busy trying to make everything ready to go from the two of us to 5 of us. Anxiously awaiting.

Sorry you had a rough day yesterday but the up side is that no matter how rough yesterday was, today is a new day, time to start over. Remember that little bubble?, just blow away all that stress.


Amy- im glad DH is on board. I know it has to be EXTREMELY difficult… but im glad in the end yall both just want a healthy happy addition to your family. Hope he finds a perfect match that puts his mind and heart at ease.

Dongle- I think we are thinking June time frame… but i know we are doing DL… not DW… were u doing DL too?? with MC’s oldest in school… and Cam too… (and we are already taking him out a week this Dec for our cruise) just trying to eliminate missing TOO much school. lol

Bun- Take a deep breath… Every momma gets like this. What i do i try and sit down and devise a plan. on paper things are so much easier to see. What are your commitments to work, home, bun… everything and make out a schedule/plan. I know u said you have a Nanny so she will be there to help. i know you are used to being home with him… but most mom’s arent able to do that and we have to rely on help. So use the help and resources you have. You can always cut back the work if things are getting too skewed in one direction. This is your dream… try to figure a way to make it work without going into anxiety mode. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Amy- YAY!! so Glad A likes all that too! i really hope i get to meet her!!

AFM: left my phone at home today… ughh realized it when i was halfway to work so couldn’t turn around… i feel so unattached to the world! lol my work blocks FB so i don’t even know what is going on with anybody! lol i feel so lost… lol

if any world news happens today will somebody please let me know? LOL


Amy- YAY!!! So glad it is negative and now you can get ready for your next cycle. So glad DH came around. Can’t wait to cheer you on.

Bun- can’t believe lil bun is 10 months. So sorry you are feeling stressed.

Skipper/mamamel- how are you ladies feeling? When do you go back for your next appt?

MC- What are the next steps??


jfratts - when is transfer… it is this week right?!?

Bun - being a career minded momma is not an easy task… you really start to understand that you cannot be everything to everyone. It was very difficult but I have had to come to accept that the standards I place upon myself are much higher than those that others place upon me. I get stressed out trying to achieve what I think others want when in reality they would be overly pleased with half of the effort. I would guess that your expectations of yourself would be very similiar… Is it possible for you to have a Mommy’s Helper at the house while you worked? Perhaps an assistant of sorts?


jfratts - I’m doing pretty good. Had some more spotting yesterday and today but no red blood so I’m not panicking. And my next appointment is on Saturday so I think I can hold off the anxiety till then, lol. AND, my belly has definitely popped now, my bump is still small but kind of hard which is how I know it’s not just flab! So, 2 days left before you get knocked up? How does it feel? Has the nausea eased at all?

Bun - Sorry you’re feeling so anxious. The other ladies have given you great advice, to which I can only add, this too shall pass. You will find a way to make it work and keep your sanity, even if it means giving up something else, and you will feel calmer soon, I promise. Hugs!

MC - So cool to hear about all your prep! When will you know for sure that the adoption has been finalized?


I WISH I had a nanny! All of my problems would be solved. :slight_smile: I used to have two great nannies who would watch bun during my business trips but they recently graduated from college/nursing school and now have day jobs.

At this point, what I make doesn’t warrant paying for day care full time so we are at a crossroads. :frowning: It would be much easier if I worked outside of the home and didn’t have an option… I feel a lot of pressure to make it work so that we can have the much needed income.

(Although it’s not a really high paying job, it does cover double our mortgage each month!!)

Thank you for listening and helping me brainstorm. xoox


[B]Amy: [/B]You nailed it on the head. The truth is, I could probably get away with half of what I think I need to do and it would still surpass expectations. I need to get that into my head. Deep down I know I can keep my day job. I just need to set realistic expectations. :grouphug:

[B]Incomplete: [/B]I love that you’re letting the older girl pick out her own room decor!!! You’re such a good mommy.

[B]Lucy: [/B]I love the idea of writing everything out as well.


[QUOTE=Hopeful4Bunny]I WISH I had a nanny! All of my problems would be solved. :slight_smile: I used to have two great nannies who would watch bun during my business trips but they recently graduated from college/nursing school and now have day jobs.


ohhh well that stinks. maybe you can find a mommy’s helper or something like i think Amy suggested.

i also agree with her. don’t try and make yourself be supermom. we all try and do it. set realistic expectations for yourself.

trust me it gets way harder when they get older and you are trying to run them around everywhere. birthday parties, football games/practices, karate

lol it becomes overwhelming. Try to work on doing this now so you will be able to manage your time when things start to get really hectic in a few years! lol


[B]Lucy: [/B]I know. :frowning: I’m very aware it’s only going to get worse which is why I think I feel so much anxiety and pressure. I also feel tremendous guilt for having such a hard time with it these days because I wanted bun so badly!!! It’s almost like struggling with IF makes me feel even worse for having bad days.

Do any of you ladies feel that way? Like we shouldn’t be complaining?




Amy I’m so glad you are down to zero and ready to move forward. What happened on the house? I can’t remember if you purchased a new one or not yet.

Mel Yeah for no bleeding.

Dren I love that you paper mache’d stuff (I have zero idea how to spell that correctly!). Can you post pictures on FB? I think it is a cool idea. I envy the crafty people of the world.

Dongle How is E Bean’s detox going? Has she started acting differently? Stopped sweating? Is there a timeline for the dietary part?

Lucy I can’t even understand your post. What is cars?

Skipper Camping worked for several other twin families. I think the critical part is that our kids had never been in a pack in play until we tried to put them to sleep and had never seen the tent. The family with much fewer problems have their kids nap in the pack and play regularly so it wasn’t such an adjustment. We also relied on them napping in the car–which didn’t happen. We rarely take them for long drives and they stayed up the whole time. Many people suggested camping out in the back yard first to get them used to it.

Neurodevelopmental follow up for Beatrice this morning. So booooring. Nothing to discuss. No concerns, no issues. I love boring. :nerd:


H4Bun I actually feel a little better that you are stressed. It made me wonder what was wrong with me that I couldn’t even begin to contemplate working and watching a baby at the same time. I think you are underestimating that watching the baby is a full time job. In figuring out your “worth” (you mentioned double your mortgage) you also need to put in the dollar amount you’d pay for full time care. Does that put you at triple your mortgage? You are doing what…two full time jobs? 2.5 full time jobs? Could your DH even contemplate doing his job while watching Bun? Why should it magically be easy for you? Is your job any less real or less demanding? Consider a mother’s helper. Even a few hours a day may make your life loads easier. Many of the people with au pairs in my twins group actually work at home and have the full time au pair to help out.