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Hope everyone had a great weekend!
Nilah - When I go in tomorrow is when the RE will determine when the FET will take place. For some reason I am so nervous about tomorrow. I go in at 9 AM EST. I hope that the transfer will be sooner than April 1st.


karend72- any news on when the transfer will be?


Nilah - thanks for asking! It’s st set for the 1st. I am nervous and keep wondering how many of my frosties will survive thawing.


Karend72 you probably said before but how many do you have to thaw. Prayers are going up that they all survive the thaw and that you have success.


I only have 3 and they are going to thaw all of them.


Hello ladies…
Hope all is going well, [B]dragongirl![/B]
[B]Karen[/B],[B] [/B]crossing my fingers for the thawing of the frosties. FX
[B]Nilah[/B], hope you are successful with your weight loss and keeping yourself occupied until your transfer.
I don’t have any news yet. Theoretically, AF is due today, but no sign of her yet. Normally, I have a pretty stable 10-day LP, but this month I added progesterone cream to lenghten my LP and that may have worked, actually. In addition, my FF chart thinks that O was a day later than I think, which would mean AF is due tomorrow. If she doesn’t rear her ugly head by tomorrow, I will test on Sunday.


Good luck everyone!

Toronto: I hope it’s not just the cream holding things off, but I hope you had sucdess this month! I had a co-worker who used some sort of Progesterone cream (not to get pregnant, I’m not sure what for). She had a surprise pregnancy in her 40s (she already had older kids).

AFM: Nothing new to report here. Just anxiously waiting for my ultrasound on Monday. As usual, I alternate between feeling really positive and really negative. I have only very very mild queasiness, but I never had full blown morning sickness with my son either. My breasts have suddenly gotten more tender the last 2 days, so I’m hoping it’s a sign that things are continuing to progress. I should be 8 weeks as of today. I wish I could just enjoy being pregnant, and not try to read into every little symptom/lack of symptom. I won’t feel safe until after tge first trimester is over, and nuchaltrabslycency tests, etc. are done. I’m kind of hoping they’ll let me take the Maternit21 (or equivalent) this time. It seems like usually it’s offered automatically to women over 35, but I’m with Kaiser and kast time they would only offer it, if the NT scan/bloodwork came back with risks. I’m hoping they’ve changed their policy since then.


[QUOTE=“Dragongirl, post: 1789601, member: 75020”] I hope it’s As usual, I alternate between feeling really positive and really negative.[/QUOTE]

Oh, I know exactly how you feel! I am the same way. Hope you will get great results at your 12-week scan. Can’t believe you’re already 8 weeks. Time is flying. Before you know it, you will have your scan. Fingers are crossed.

Of course, AF did not spear me.
Lots of spotting today, so tomorrow is the day. Sigh. She never fails me. Seems like I did gain a day or two in my LP, so the progesterone seemed to have an effect. Not sure what my TSH is doing. I need to wait a few more weeks until I can go for a blood test. I know my chances are slim to none to get preggers naturally. I still get my hopes up every cycle… I know a woman who got pregnant at 46 in her 3rd cycle TTC. But these are rare exceptions. I was lurking on an UK over 40 TTC board and so many ladies who got pregnant over 40 were early 40s. And then there were at least 50% m/cs for those who got a BFP… All gloom and doom. I still want to keep trying.

Take care ladies and keep posting. :heart:


Torontochick - hope AF didn’t appear and that you will have some great news soon.
Dragongirl - I rem not enjoying my pregnancy due to me being so nervous until after my 2nd trimester. I totally understand what you are going through. Can’t wait for an update.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! I started my progesterone shots which I give myself. No pain at all if you get the correct area. I had to YouTube it since its been 3 years. I am chubby so hoping the 1 inch syringe is hitting the muscle. On the video the nurse said an 1 1/2 needle should be used unless you are a 115 lbs. the pharmacy sent me 1 inch needles.
I am missing the type of support I had when I did the IVF. I have told 4 friends about the FET and feel so lonely not getting the similar support I had before. Before I had told many people close to me and later my family.


Toronto, I’m sorry AF is starting. I really hope you can manage to get pregnant naturally. That way waxn’t working out for me due to DH having low counts. We got pregnant naturally one time at 39, but ended in m/c. I’ve had at least a chemical with every IVF, but an IUI did not work and seems very hard for natural to work for me.
Karend72, I’m glad you have started your shots, but sorry you don’t yave the supportvthis time. I don’t think I could give myself the shots unless I did the thigh. I gained a lot of weight that I was unable to lowe yet with my DS. I seemed to have lost a lot of flexibility with that weight gain. I don’tv hink I could twist around and get to the correct spot. However, DH is very crabby about giving the shots. He thinks every day, and having to go to 12 weeks is too much. And on Mondays and Thursday’s I get 2 shots because I’m also doing estrodiol as a shot twice a week. You would think he was the one getting the shots, and he acts like he is the hormonal one. Its frustrating, but I am glad for his support during ultrasounds.


Torontochick - sorry I misunderstood your post. Sending you good thoughts and vibes.
Dragongirl - It’s not easy for me to twist but I am taking the shot while looking in the mirror. I am able to reach and pull the plunger back to make sure it’s not drawing blood and push the progesterone oil in. I guess your hubby is worried about hurting you and complains. I am glad he does do the injections even with complaints. lol.

I am a single Mom and I don’t like peoples’ reaction when I tell them that I want to have another child; therefore only told a few people. I am already worried if the Transfer takes and don’t want to worry about anyone’s negative feedback. I am venting again but it drives me crazy; who are they to tell me what to do. I am a grown up supporting my child and myself and own my own place.


Unfortunately, my ultrasound gave bad news. The heartbeat we had at 6 weeks, 5 days was gone. I still have 2 remaining frozen embies that I will transfer this summer. Hopefully, they will work, but if not, I at leadt have my DS who is awesome.


Dragongirl - I am so sorry for you loss. I will be praying and thinking of you! Sending you hugs ((())). I will also pray that your next transfer is very successful.


My transfer went well today. All three snow babies survived the thaw and transferred. The RE gave me the pic and said he didn’t think the AB embryos looked good but the embryologist said its a late bloomer. The other two were grade AA.
My Re wants me to come in for a pregnancy test on the 10th. Now the 2WW


karend72: Yay, for transfer! Good luck!


Thanks Dragongirl! Thinking of you! (())) hugs!


It’s gotten really quite on this tread. Hope everyone is doing well.
I really look forward to updates.


Yeah, I miss how busy this board used to be before August 2013 (it started having issues right when I started my maternity leave before my son’s birth). So many ladies never came back to the sight. I unfortunately don’t have much to contribute at the moment, but I do check back everyday, and will continue to root you on.


I did a POAS this afternoon and got a faint line. I am going to test again tomorrow to see if it gets darker. My RE had me scheduled to do a Beta test today and on Friday. I won’t find out the Beta count for another two days according to the lab tech. Trying to be patient. Haven’t heard from anyone on here lately. What happened to everyone?
How are you doing Dragongirl?


Hey ladies, for some reason I wasn’t getting the email notifications so I didn’t even know that you guys were posting. Karend72- are you going to POAS again tomorrow. I can’t believe you have to wait 2 days. I would have go stir crazy. Dragongirl- how are you doing? When do you think you will try another Fet?
AFM- my AF came on and I go in tomorrow for bloodwork and u/s. Hopefully, I will be starting stims tomorrow night or Wednesday.