Just joined 40+ and happy to have found you


Karend72: That’s great that you are getting a faint positive. I hope your betas are good!

Nilah: that’s great that you should be getting things started!

AFM: I’m expecting to do my next FET in July probably. It will hopefully put our due date (if we’re so lucky) past a period of time that is really hectic for my DH at work. Plus it gives me some time to maybe lose a little weight and get healthier first. I’m still waiting to actually have my miscarriage. Was one spot of blood 2 days ago and nothing since. I still feel slightly queasy, whiich really sucks. I’m really hoping this happens on it’s own because I ended up with a D&C when I had a miscarriage back in summer 2012. Though that time around I was anxious to get things over with so I could do another cycle. Since I’m purposely waiting a few months before my final FET, I have the time to wait for a natural m/c. I’m feeling REALLY nervous about the last FET, just because it will pretty much be the last shot for a sibling (unless we get a miracle natural pregnancy, but we’re not even going to try for that). The only thing is if we aren’t successful, we will be able to start traveling back east to see family sooner (DH absolutely did not want to travel on a plane with an infant). I haven’t been back to see my family since Christmas 2009 due to various trying to conceive/being pregnant, etc. I’ve seen my Dad, Stepmom, and Sister because they’ve visited out here, but haven’t seen my brother and his family since 2009 (my Mom passed away during that trip East, so it’s really only my brother’s family, husband’s family, and my extended family that we haven’t seen). Now my sister just had a baby on March 17, so I doubt she will be coming out here to visit for awhile.


Dragongirl- is it possible for you to squeeze in a trip back east before July? I hope you don’t have to get a D&C if that is not what you want.


I start my stims tonight. 300 gonal F and 150 menupor. wish me luck.


Nilah, Good luck! I hope this cycle will be the one! I don’t think my husband would be willing to try to squeeze in a trip before July. He wanted to wait until DS was at least 2, which won’t be until August. Plus we are going to test him out with some days out and a driving trip (just maybe down the coast to Monterey or something) first. We are going to try to do some fun stuff with DS between now and July. Right now we’re trying to find time to take him to Sonoma Train Town. It includes a train ride and has a petting zoo, and I think DS would really enjoy it. And it’s not too far away, just have to find time where DH can go (he’s been busy with work and having to go in on weekends to catch some stuff up). Then after July we either have success with the FET, or we start living our life without the TTC weighing on what we do. If we do fail, then we will at least try to take some kind of trip for our anniversary in September and see how DS does. I’m hoping by two years old, he will be capable of sleeping in a hotel bed. Right now he will sleep in his crib, but if we put him in our bed it gets him excited, and he wants to act like it’s his own personal bouncy house. I’d rather have the success with the FET, but at least there will be something fun to look forward too if it doesn’t work. If it does work, we will probably not be traveling for at least another 2 years. (It really bugs my brother that we will not travel by plane with our son, yet he has not once tried to fly out here to visit me either. And his kids are 9 and 11 years old. Though he cannot afford the trip, I’m sure.)


First night of stims down and over. I totally forgot what I was doing. I had to go on Freedom Fertility’s website to refresh my mind. I am glad that I don’t have to prime the gonal f pens anymore.

Dragongirl- a thing to think about is if you guys can travel before he is 2 you won’t have to pay for the seat. After 2 the seat is full price. :slight_smile:


I would probably pay for a seat for him anyway because I can’t see going a whole flight with him in our laps (and they would be 5 hour flights. Regardless, my DH isn’t willing to do it yet. I felt weird doing shots again after a couple year’s break. They did do an injection refresher at my clinic though. Is it weird that I used Gonal-f for all my fresh cycles, but do not even know what a Gonal-f pen is? Mine always came in a vial that I needed to fill into a syringe.


I love the pen. It is premixed. You just have to turn the dial to the amount you need to inject, wipe the head, put the needle on and inject.


Nilah - I also loved the Gonal-F pen due to the ease of using it.
Dragongirl - I traveled with my son alone on a trip from DC to SFO and it was great going there and he was on my lap. Coming back I was so tired and he was wide awake. It depends on the situation; but next time I am going to buy him a seat.

I got my beta no back for 5dp5dt and it’s 13 which has me worried. Next beta won’t be till tomorrow morning. Crossing Fingers that this one keeps!


That’s a pretty early beta, so hopefully it’s okay. I hope it doubles, that’s the more important part. Mine was 9 at 6dpt6dt (so 2 days later than yours basically), mine didn’t end well, but we did get to the point of a heartbeat.


karend- I hope that your beta doubles. 5 days sounds pretty early, so hopefully all is well.

Afm- day 2 of stims in the record books. I remembered quickly why I hate giving shots on my left side- it always is more sensitive than my right side but I am not complaining.


Thanks Dragongirl & Nilah. Just wait until you start with the PIO injections; those aren’t fun.


I have actually never had to take the PIO injections. I have only ever done the prometrium suppositories.


[QUOTE=“Nilah, post: 1789774, member: 61756”]I have actually never had to take the PIO injections. I have only ever done the prometrium suppositories.[/QUOTE]

Wow, I don’t know how you managed to miss out on the PIO. They are a pain in the butt, literally! Actually, for the most part they don’t hurt going in, but over time the hip/butt area gets sore and develops knots. I did prometrium with my IUI. I didn’t like it because it always felt like it was going to fall out (and did occasionally). I did Endometrin for one weekend when pregnant with my son. My husband had gone out of town, and my RE had me go in to have a nurse help give my shots during the weekdays, but let me use Endometrin suppositories for the weekend. I do like the PIO only for the peace of mind knowing I’m getting plentyI of progesterone, especially since my RE never measures progesterone levels after transfer.


Dragongirl- that’s the way my hips are feeling.

I did my Beta Test this morning and still waiting for a call from the nurse. Hmm, should I call instead? Don’t want to be a pain.


Beta no 34 for 9dp5dt. have to wait till Wednesday since I am out of town till Tuesday.


karend- did they tell you if that was a good number?


The nurse said its a good number and I asked her to compare it to my fist beta and she still said its good.


karend- good. Can’t wait for Wednesday. Fingers crossed for increasing betas.


I went in today for my first blood test since starting stims. I got a message that says continue with the same dosage and to come in on Tuesday for b/w and u/s. My estrogen level was 98 but I don’t know if that is good or not.


Karend: Yay for rising betas! Good luck with the next one.

Nilah: Its great your cycling is moving along. Unfortunately, I don’t know whether your estrogen is goid or not My RE used to never tell me my levels (though with my most recent FET, they did put my levels online, so I think they may have changed how they do things). For my levels the nurses drew wt the clinic rather than going through the Kaiser lab like I would have with non-IVF blood draws.

AFM: No news here. Still waiting to physically miscarry. I’ve been mildly nauseous, which really sucks under these circumstances. I am starting to feel a littke crampy, so maybe things are starting.