Long ttc, I'm tired(


Hi dear. I feel really sad for you. I know and I can feel the pain and the hardships you are going through. But these are all natural no one can do anything regarding them. You have to be strong enough and have to face all the hardships very bravely. I am happy for you that you have chosen an alternative instead of being sad and feeling hopeless. I would rather suggest you to go for surrogacy. Surrogacy is much better than other methods. I have also faced all these circumstances. Me and my husband both were infertile and it was literally impossible for us to have a baby. But then we found out a clinic in Ukraine that offered surrogacy. I have done a lot of research on this and found it to be the best remedy for couples like us to have a baby. It is one of the best and safest method to have a baby with the most guaranteed results.You just have to donate your eggs which are then placed in a surrogate mother who conceives the baby for you. This makes this method the most safest and best from all the other methods available so far. So I will recommend you to for for surrogacy rather than the IVF. I wish you best of luck for your future and all my best wishes are with you.


Hi! hope you are doing great. Bad to hear about your problem. It is all about fate and not depends what we think. You need not be worried. Surrogacy is such an amazing thing and sometimes I feel like a miracle. I am an infertile lady. I got a surrogate baby through surrogacy. You have to spend your own life. You have to take a decision. It does not matter how other think about surrogacy. Baby will be your own genetics. A surrogate mother just carries a pregnancy for you. So I suggest you go for surrogacy. God bless you.


You should not listen to people. Do your own research. There are laws created to protect the Ip’s and surrogates both. Go to a reliable clinic for your procedure. They will take care of the legal procedure. The surrogates are matched with you. Also, you can go for gestational surrogacy. The baby will have your genes.


Hey! How are you doing? Well, that’s some false thoughts that surround each one of infertile person and that’s what we got to understand,
Yes, I do have heard cases where surrogates have created some sort of complications but I believe that it is not certain that it would happen to every other single woman.
Look if you have services of a clinic that is trustworthy and you trust them then there would not be such complications.
If you have been on this forum a little longer than you must have read a post that speaks the success of surrogacy and they had a great experience.
That’s a golden opportunity for the women who can’t conceive. Why would we miss that?
Just go confidently. Let me tell you, No one hates babies. Once the baby would be in your life. Each one loves him. Trust me.


Hi. I hope you do good. I can really feel your pain. I understand how hard this time would be for you. On the other hand, I appreciate your words. Thank you so much for putting them up in such a nice manner. Don’t listen to the people around you. Listen to your heart. Keep faith in God. Life is testing you. You need to chin up. Face everything courageously. If IVF does not work,go for surrogacy. I had my done from Ukraine too. I hope you make you complete your family soon. My prayers are with you. Stay strong.


I’m going to have my twin daughters from surrogacy. Surrogacy is a blessing for many women and families.With this surrogacy many women are able to hold their babies.Some women cannot carry their baby in their womb.So they need someone else to carry their kid.Surrogacy is the best solution for women like this.
I’m also one of these women.I had hysterectomy cancer due to which i was totally infertile.Than we came to know about surrogacy.We first moved to Europe for surrogacy.Japan has banned surrogacy so we moved to Europe.In Europe we stayed for 4 months.We found many good clinics regarding surrogacy.But we weren’t able to satisfy us.Than we moved to Ukraine to find a good clinic.Ukraine is very popular in surrogacy.Here we found many clinics.But we went for BioTexCom.The clinic helped us to find a good surrogate for us.Now we will have two daughters from the surrogate.We are so happy and excited to hold our little girls.
Wish you all good luck.


Hi dear. I am so sorry to listen about your situation. No doubt you are going through a miserable situation. My dear its was all natural you have to do nothing with that. Keep taunting yourself will never solve your problem. These are all natural occurring and one can do nothing with that. You don’t have to say yourself a black sheep. It’s not only you, but there are hundreds and thousand of more women like you facing the same situation. Surrogacy is really a blessing. Surrogacy helps those couples who are infertile and can’t conceive. I have witnessed myself many couple who got benefited through surrogacy. Surrogacy is a sure shot. It has much higher success rates than any other options available so far. It gives you much guaranteed positive results. Let me clear you some thing, that the surrogate mother carries your eggs and fertilizes them. The child belongs to you and will adapt all the characteristics of you. So your family members are saying it wrong that the surrogate mother would have a influence on your child. I think that you must go for surrogacy. It is the best option available for you. Best Of Luck!


Thank you so much for tips and advice. I’ll use them in my search. Could you tell more about this Ukrainian clinic? What services do they offer? Did you have problems with documents for your baby girl? I’ve read some info on the other forum. There was a comment that even if we have surrogacy abroad, our baby won’t be able to get back home with us without some special documents. That lady said that many couples who had surrogacy abroad faced such problem and it caused a lot of troubles. Some of them even had to go to court. That’s really scary information


Hey Franny! Your frustration is totally justified. I want you to know that infertility is so common these days. It can happen to anyone even if you have history that does not even have a trace of it. The problem is that people tend to do nothing about it… There are so many alternatives present these days that could help youi in becoming a mother. I opted for surrogacy and now i am blessed with a beautiful baby boy because of it. I cant believe how my life would have been without my boy. All thanks to surrogacy. Best of luck. Cheers!


Hey dear. Being infertile is feels like living alone after marriage. I just read your reservation towards surrogate mother. Well this totally 101% wrong. As I have a baby through surrogacy. And my surrogate was one of the best person I have ever meet. Before the treatment you have a right to choose good surrogate for your child. So that really does not matter at all. So stop thinking about these non sense. I suggest you visit surrogacy clinic at least one time. So you could imagine these all are lame excuses for your family. In fact, we people should be thankful for them. They are spreading happiness for us. Hope so my words may effect you. With best wishes.


Franny, I respect your concerns and they are indeed genuine. I am also TTC for years. Ended everytime disappointed. Its been 9 years now. We have tried every possible way to natural conception. Unfortuanlty, nothing worked. After three MC’s, we went straight to IVF, which ended in CP’s. And months turned into years with no luck, and then my age came into play. I have a low ovarian reserve. So, my chances of natural conception are rare. I have stopped thinking about being able to conceive naturally. I think couples like us, are left with no choice to pursue surrogacy or adoption. Because it’s like any other fertility treatment. And the infertile couple only knows how to deal with the emotional and physical breakdown. Surrogacy isn’t immoral, models are pursuing it in order to avoid the physical after-effects of pregnancy. Then why not us? When surrogacy gives you your own genetic child. I advise you to stop listening to people and research. I wish you a blissful surrogacy journey,


Go for surrogacy i will suggest you surrogacy.
Ukraine is very popular for its clinics regarding infertility. I have been there in Ukraine myself. there are a number of clinics in Ukraine for infertility solutions.
I was infertile due to hysterectomy cancer. I was cancer free after sometime but it resulted in my total infertility. My husband decided that we will go for surrogacy to have a child. here in Japan surrogacy is prohibited. So we moved to Ukraine for surrogacy. There we found a very good clinic which is best for its surrogacy. We started our surrogacy journey at that clinic. Clinic founded a good surrogate for us. Then we went through the whole process and everything was just perfect. Now our surrogate is pregnant with our twin daughters. We are so happy that we will finally have our baby with us.
We will be flying to Ukraine once the clinic let us know the delivery date of our surrogate.
This is the story of our surrogacy journey.
Good luck to your friend.


Hey dear, don’t lose hope. Giving up will ultimately lead you to the failure. Keep on trying again and again. Your family is not supporting you because they have not gone through such experiences. So, don’t get worried dear. You are such a courageous lady as you are coping with infertility. It will definitely increase your patience. I think you should consult with some fertility expert. Only an expert can guide you and your family in a better way. The final decision will be yours. My family also not supported me. But I was so firm upon my decision. So, I went to a prominent clinic in Europe for the treatment. Having your child in your hands is the greatest pleasure. I had my child through surrogacy. I think you should consult your DH and ensure him. Wishing you very best of luck!


Hi Emily. I am feeling sad for your condition. Well, you have no fault in it. It’s sometimes nature which plays a tragic part in it. But my dear does not lose hope. And try again. There is a day after every night. It’s just a time which is not in your favour. If you are not hoping for it then go for surrogacy. One of my friends had a baby through surrogacy in Europe. Consult this with your DH and your doctor too. As they will give you best suggestion. Final decisions will be yours but always set your mind positive. Think positive and achieve positive. My best wishes are with you.


Hey dear, hope you are fine. dear, why are you losing hope? if you give up then it will lead you to the failure. Keep on try again and again until you succeed in the last. don’t be worried about your family.they are not supporting you because they have not gone through such difficulties. So, don’t get depressed dear. You are such a brave lady as you are fighting infertility. don’t lose your patience. I think you should consult with some fertility expert clinic. Only an expert can guide you and your family for a better future in a better way. The final decision will be upon you. My family also not supported me. they leave me as a garbage thrown in a basket. But I was so firm upon my decision. So, I went to a famous clinic in Europe for the treatment. Having your child in your hands is the greatest happy feeling in the life of a mother. that moment is fantastic. imagine it. I had my child through surrogacy. I think you should consult your husband and ensure him. Wishing you very best of luck!


Franny your concern is real, and you cant conceive naturally or via assisted conception. Then surrogacy is left with you. I can tell you that surrogates are doing this because they want to help other couples. They are risking it because they have the vision to spread the happiness. So, why would they will betray you. Another point that the fertility clinics have their own surrogates. And are certified and scanned in order to be sure that they are healthy enough to carry a child? My clinic has an extensive surrogate database. So we didn’t have to worry about being betrayed or scammed. Good luck


Hey. I am sorry but you are not right. It is not always for money. I have also a baby through surrogacy. My surrogate was provided by the clinic. I went to a clinic in Europe. They take care of IPs, baby and surrogate. I have met many surrogates who do it for someone happiness. It is not always for money. I have never seen a surrogate who die of hunger. I hope this would be enough for you to understand.


Hello. I am sad yet you are wrong. It isn’t generally for money only. I have likewise an infant through surrogacy. My surrogate was given by the clinic too. I went to a centre in Europe. They deal with IPs, infant and surrogate carefully. I have met numerous surrogates who do it for somebody comfort. It isn’t generally for cash. I have never observed a surrogate who pass on of hunger. I seek this would be sufficient for you to get it.


Hey, Franny, I hope you’re doing well. I am extremely sorry to know about your failed cycles. It can be really hard to go through these many and not be understood. I can completely understand what you are going through. However, don’t lose hope and move forward with surrogacy. The things your family will only prove to be right if you visit a clinic which isn’t operating professionally. Make sure whichever clinic you decide to firstly is operating legally. Secondly, make sure you go through their rules regarding the surrogate and the intended parents. Don’t lose hope I am sure things will work.


hello there. i feel sorry about your condition. its harsh what your sister asks you to do. surrogacy is not a folly. consult some good clinics i Ukraine. they are operating really professional. all the legalize work is done before. in order to prevent leaving the baby or any kind of security issues. you should go seek assistant from some good clinics doing surrogacy. they will guide you about there procedures. the genetics are totally yours in the baby. the only influence a surrogate mom may have is the health. the diet is takes while pregnancy may affect the heath condition of the baby that all. ill pray for you. may you make the right choice, keep me updated.