My surrogacy program continues with renewed vigour!


Hello OP! Thanks for this thread. I think it’s very important topic. Especially for women who go abroad to have surrogacy or ivf with donor eggs. I’m one of them. I’m currently looking where my surrogacy can be done. This is not easy to decide where to go. Nowadays there are hundreds of clinics, but not all of them can be called professional. That’s why so many intended parents fall into troubles. I’m in a search for a couple of months already. During this time I’ve read so many stories of women who shared their surrogacy experience. Some of them are so touching. You read them and you think everything will be perfect. But some of them are so disturbing… It’s so scary that even surrogacy can go wrong. We should be very careful and overthink each step.


I hope you’re doing great. We were thinking about finding sm among our relatives/friends or through fb groups or forums. Eventually we decided we don’t want to involve people we know into our surrogacy. That’s really great that couples, who choose this way gain success and everything goes smooth. Unfortunately I’ve read so many stories about fraudsters who pretended to be sm. That’s why we decided to choose kinda easier way and to find clinic which will take all arrangements on itself. Maybe it would be cheaper to find sm and do all stuff by your own, but we decided not to risk. We’ve gone through a lot during past 8 years. I didn’t want to suffer again and to be stressed again. Anyway I’m really happy for everyone who had finally taken this step into surrogacy because after everything we’ve gone through we deserve to be happy parents!