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Hi Marta, Armour Thyroid, or desiccated thyroid supplementation, is a pig based thyroid supplement that was used before synthetic thyroid medication was created. It was felt to be safe at the time, but once synthetic form of thyroid medication was created I would say about 90% of the population was switched from the desiccated to the synthetic form. At the medical center I work at, I actually work with one of the chairman for the national society of endocrinology and we never used the at our thyroid on our patients. Basically the main reason for that is that our patients who are usually Graves’ disease (hyperthyroid) on supplementation after radioactive iodine treatment, Hashimotos (hypothyroid), or thyroid cancer patients, they require very stable and consistent hormone levels and we found that we obtained better results with brand name thyroid medication like Levoxyl or Synthroid than with armor thyroid. We also noticed that when we tried using cytomel in combination with Synthroid or Levoxyl, the patient would actually start feeling worse… So we only use cytomel for a short time period before a patient receives radioactive iodine after surgery or in very small doses in a few select patients. I will tell you that one brand can make you feel better than another, so not all brands are the same, and unless your pharmacist can guarantee you that you will be getting the same generic medication from the same manufacturer, I would not go with generic. Ultimately, some patients feel better after trying armour, but I would try synthetic brand names first and leave armour as my last choice if I were in your shoes… Let me know if this information helps. Regarding the Iron, I have tried OTC types but they still upset my stomach, I used to suffer from heartburn before pregnancy that I would manage with diet, but with the pregnancy hormones and the size of the belly, no diet modification helps and most foods, supplements are giving me a hard time, so I think I am going to have to suck it up and pay the copays, especially because the counts are not getting better, and I don’t want a transfusion.


Hey gals,

I have to say I can’t even come on this forum anymore because the new format makes me crazy. If folks want to reach me you can PM me and I’ll give you my facebook contact or email info. I seriously can’t take this format. It’s too unwieldy and I can’t even figure out how to get the most recent message first, let alone the signature thing, and it just looks all wonky.

Marta, have you had all your thyroid levels checked? I actually heard an awesome program on People’s Pharmacy on NPR that was all about thyroid issues, diagnosis, treatment, and even some tidbits on fertility.

I hear you on the worries about lining. I still believe that the car accident was what caused my miscarriage because of how shaky I was and for so long, not just the accident but having to chase down the hit and run driver. I do worry though about my lining and suspect it could have been too thick. I was already at a good lining thickness at my baseline and then they waited so long before the actual transfer and I know it kept on growing. If I ever find a way to try again I won’t let them make me wait so long and will insist on a more naturally timed cycle, with or without the estrogen.

Latina, so excited for you and hope that things are settling down a bit for you.

To everyone else, I think about this group often and I hope everyone here will stay in touch. I’ll try to stop in from time to time just to see if they fix the format but I just can’t keep up on this new format.


Good luck with iui


My goodness it is quiet here. I just wanted to say hi. All is ok for now. 32 weeks tomorrow. Little Baby boy is a little too small at 6% for growth while she is at 18% so they are watching me closely and if he continues this way…they might bring them early… Wish me luck!


Hey everyone. I’ve been MIA from this site for like a kajillion years. Single motherhood is still awesome. I can’t believe than when I started on this thread i was in the throes of trying to become a mom (and it was not an easy or quick journey) and now I’m here with a 5-year-old. Davis’ godmother just found out that she is pregnant with triplets (identical twins plus a fraternal). I told her this site could be useful in mining information from other women going through the same or similar issues.

I’ve only read through about a page of posts. Ona, I’m so sorry about the m/c. I didn’t know you were planning on trying for more.

Hope all of you are doing well.



Well just an update… I have been hospitalized since last Thursday, I went into preterm labor but they were able to stop it. They won’t let me go home until I am 34 weeks and then thereafter it could happen at anytime and they won’t stop it. Babies are fine… I am ok dealing with a kidney stone, a cold and hospital food lol… Hope everyone is well.


Sure miss everybody.


We’re back!!! We need updates from everyone and pics!

Nothing new for me. Still single, not pregnant, and not sure I can afford to do this alone.


Hi Everyone! Glad you are here. It sounds like people are still getting “used to” the new format. We thought y’all would love it… Hopefully the love will grow :slight_smile:
I am a new admin on and am part of the fertility struggle myself. I’ll give a more proper introduction soon. Have a wonderful Friday!


A couple more thoughts:

For people who have lost their signature/health history, you may want to try searching for an old post you made in the past and see if your old signature shows up.

As far as the new format, there are settings that I may be able to change in the backend. If there is a specific suggestion about the display of threads, etc. I may be able to adjust. Let me know! I want you to love this place more than ever before. :slight_smile:


I am single and trying to get pregnant and I always wanted my own child and if I can get treatment to have my own baby I will be willing to take care of him or her and I will have a nice place for him or her and I to live in and I can buy everything for him or her and I can have everything for him or her.


Hey Cheers to the ladies who share their stories over here. according to my research, taking sperm donation is the best method for single women who are trying to conceive.


Yes, but in case their eggs are healthy enough. So using donor’s sperm must be perfect. But if not… All my positive thoughts going singles always. They are true worriors and seem to be twice stressed with the treatments, 'cause have to deal on their own…It’s so difficult… May god bless you, lovelies, after all your strugglings.


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