Surrogacy abroad?


Trying to conceive is such a difficult part of my married life.I am ttc from last 10 years.Still i don’t have any luck with it.
There is no specfic cause of my infertility.I have gone through several medical tests regaring infertility but doctors can’t decide the main cause for my infertility.So they have called me infertile for life.
I want a baby too badly as i have been trying to conceive from the last decade.I am looking for other alternatives to have a baby.I have looked into a numbe rof options like adoption,surrogacy.
I have came to know from many forums about surrogacy. i heard many infertile women going for surrogacy.People on forum are discussing mostly about surrogacy,People discuss about clinics mostly.


All I could suggest you is have a fertility clinic. That would provide you all the services you are asking for. And to the solution of the legal allegations. You could find some places where surrogacy is legal. So you won’t have to look for the lawyer. And no worries over getting into legal allegations.
Once you have found the surrogacy clinic. They would find you the surrogate. And all the contract and the terms and conditions would be done among you.
So get the fertility clinic and let all the concerns go off. Let clinic and their team do the rest of the work.


Hello dear, I hope you are going well. I feel very sad for you.I know that all infertility treatment is a little bit expensive. If you want that the child should be genetically yours than surrogacy is the valid method. If this method is not banned in your country. You may ask funds from the government and when the government allows you to move abroad. There are many clinics who deal with their reasonable packages in abroad. So, I suggest you move Europe there is less budget otherwise ask for governmental help. They never refuse a mother. You may also ask for the low-cost treatment form the relevant clinic. They will help you without any hesitation. I glad to know that you want to move for surrogacy treatment and still you making efforts for this. Please, also try clinics, where it’s affordable. Try clinics in Europe, it’s pretty affordable there. I know it’s hard but they will help you and listen to you about your Physical and financial condition. I hope for the best.


I should say every infertility treatment has its risks, surely. Surrogacy allows women who cannot carry a healthy pregnancy themselves to become mothers. But for the intended mother, the risks of gestational surrogacy are mainly related to the ovulation induction and egg retrieval that she will undergo if she is using her own eggs to create the embryos. The use of a gestational surrogate carries significant financial risks. For example, talking about the US options.The intended parents are responsible for all of the medical costs of the surrogate. The use of a surrogate is very expensive even if everything goes well. And if the surrogate experiences medical complications, the intended parents will be responsible for the entire costs of her treatment. They may also be expected to compensate her for the loss of her time and for the damage to her body. Insurance doesn’t usually cover these costs. Therefore, the use of a gestational surrogate can become extremely expensive for the intended parents. Their ability to absorb the potential extra costs should be considered before they decide to proceed. Even with a well-written contract, there is a risk that the surrogate will decide to keep the child after birth and mother it herself. Because the law in some states gives parental rights to the woman who gives birth to the child, if she decides not to legally transfer those rights to the intended parents for whom she was a surrogate, there may be no way for the intended parents to enforce the contract. The worry about this potential situation may make the entire surrogate pregnancy a difficult emotional time for the intended parents.The cost for gestational surrogacy in the US can be $60,000 (for 1 shot only) to $100,000 or even higher. The cost varies depending on several factors, including the region and the particular surrogacy agency. These are just some of the facts and they vary so much within counties/clinics/agencies. One should definitely do a thorough research before proceeding with surrogacy. From my experience it’s worth considering Ukraine.


I’m with you. Would-be parents from nearby West European countries including the UK and from as far as Australia and the USA are seeking surrogacy in Eastern Europe more and more. The process is well regulated there. Surrogates are usually required to submit photos upon application. Then they undergo testing both physically and psychologically to make sure they are fit. Only women who have given birth before are qualified to become surrogate mothers. Agencies/clinics usually do not accept surrogates who drink, smoke, or take drugs. Typical surrogate moms from Eastern Europe are between 20 and 40 yrs. Prospective parents are given several profiles they can choose from before agreeing to a surrogate mom. As I’ve mentioned above, before going straight for pregnancy, a surrogate would have to undergo extensive medical testing. What tests a woman has to go through depends on the country’s law. Usually these involve gynecological examinations, blood tests, and screening for various sexually-transmitted diseases among many others. She also has to go through psychological screening. She would usually be given continual counseling by the agency along with the parents. In countries where commercial surrogacy is legal like Ukraine, the surrogate will have zero parental rights over the child!!! Gestational surrogacy cases may require some paperwork so that you can be legally named parents of the child. Otherwise, all you need to worry about is acquiring an exit visa for the child!! But as usual there are some cons. While more affordable and financially feasible for you, you will unfortunately not be able to personally screen potential mothers for the surrogate pregnancy process in Eastern Europe. Since your baby’s life depends on the surrogate for nine months, it’s best to check your agency’s/clinic’s reputation when it comes to choosing and screening surrogate moms. One should make sure his agency/clinic performs regular checks and home visits on the surrogate since you one can’t be there physically to do it on his own.


I’m glad there are still countries which allow surrogacy. Banning it in my personal opinion is no way out. Too many couples are suffering leading childless life. Not planned. Not deserved. So that’s really nice they can still opt for it even if overseas. I’d surely recommend looking onto Ukraine as the destination. The advantages are the following:
The baby’s considered to be yours from the moment of conception.
The birth certificate is issued with the IP names.
The surrogate mother has no right to keep the baby after delivery.
There are so called ‘‘guaranteed’’ plans.
No long waiting lists.
You may use donor eggs without extra troubling.
There are many good clinics to choose from. (I personally would recommend looking onto
Many surrogates/ egg donors participate in the programs.
All this makes the country really unique destination.


Also a couple of words as for egg donors. They also go through a very stringent psychological evaluation. The clinic’s main job is to build a profile of the donor from every angle. Including personality, intellectual capabilities, motivation, level of responsibility, and health background. Their questions during the initial interview cover the donor’s education history and grade point average and her family’s professional background. They ask the donor to describe her personality traits: Is she talkative, shy, confident, caring etc. Many potential donors do not make the cut in bio texcom. Women who smoke, use illicit drugs, or consume excessive amounts of alcohol are immediately rejected! Psychological disorders are also a gray area. They will never accept a donor if she has been diagnosed with schizophrenia or severe manic depression. In other clinics the mild history of anxiety or depression usually does not preclude them from becoming donors. Other clinics just ask how many generations back it goes and whether they’ve had an episode recently. It all goes into the report, and it’s up to the doctor to make the decision!! which is an absolute rubbish, I would never want my donor be a depressive one or sth of this kind. I’m glad Bio tex takes extremelly precise look onto all those things.


My RE diagnosed me with blocked fallopian tubes and low egg count. She said my ovaries looked okay. Below are my first test results. So if anyone sees a red flag or a trend I should have investigated further, please let me know: Normal cycle length 27-31 days. Ovulate between cd 13-19. Luteal phase between 12-14. HSG - right side open. Left side either spasmed or blocked. There was an air bubble at the opening of the tube – so very painful!! I always briefly spotted a few days before I ovulated. Husband tested okay. BBT temps seemed to be on the low side - range between 96.4-97.2 pre-ovulation and 97.7 and 97.8 post-ovulation…We finally ended up with using donor egg with IVF successfully.


Hi, I understand your worries, cause I was in the same situation. I had 4 failed IVF attempts and after that I was looking for the clinic for long time and finally I found it. I’ve chosen to pass surrogacy in Adonis, Ukraine. The medical services are on high level there. And, what is the most important, we got the success and now I am the mother! So, I can recommend this clinic without doubts.


Hey, I think, it isn’t a good idea to look for surrogate mother on the Internet. It is better to sign the contracts with the clinic. For example, when we passed surrogacy in Ukraine, Adonis, we knew that our sm is completely examined and totally healthy. We were sure in her health. The clinic is responsible for that. So, wish you good luck!!


Hello guys! I am a newbie here. Looked through your posts I’d like to add a few words as well. I had one failed IVF attempt and decided not to do anything. I was in a great depression. After 5 years of TTC, my DH and I went to one of the Ukrainian clinics to try our luck. We chose a mixed program with 1-2 IVF attempts and the possibility to move to surrogacy in the case of failure. I think that it is a great program and worth undergoing. I am preparing for the second IVF+DE, hoping that it will work out. To my mind, it is great that there are such clinics abroad that can help such couples to complete their families and give, at least, a chance to hold their babies and become happy!


hello dear !sorry to hear about your grief !i know it really hurts a loss of your baby.
now coming to your question surrogacy is really illegal in some countries but some allows them you can find the local clinics on internet with surrogacy mother and with their rates . also if you want a surrogate mother yourself first you need to contact a law advisor then proceed .
all the best .


I also went abroad for surrogacy. Surrogacy has been a good thing for me after all. I read about surrogacy a lot.I heard people talking about it mostly on the forums. I had hysterectomy cancer. Firstly we both searched about surrogacy we understood every aspect of surrogacy. And then start our journey. Now the surrogate mother is pregnant with our twin daughters. We are very excited to have our own babies now.


That’s amazing! My congratulations! Wish you the best!


Ladies, I’m so sorry to hear you’re facing these fertility issues…Going through this path may be painful and long lasting if dealing with people not knowing the field…Seems this happened to me previously when we failed all our 4 rounds IVF in the UK. Devastating if not frustrating…Though we’ve been always realistic not everything depends on the clinic and staff. BUT when they literally spill the embies on the lab floor and want you to pay extra fees for this - I wish we switched much earlier! Our second fertility center was Bio tex com in Kiev. where we successfully passed IVF treatment.
You know, I’ve always thought that secondary infertility is not the issue. I truly felt angry with lovelies venting they couldn’t conceive their #2. I thought ‘‘what else do you want?!!’’ But when I found myself one day in the same boat I understood, secondary is no less painful…
So we already have a 7 yo son, I’m currently prego with #2 (1st trimester). I cannot believe we did it!!
I wanna share the piece of news I’ve recently read on our clinic’s site. They offer women 40 + and those with low AMH or multiple failed OE IVF cycles a completely innovative procedure. it’s called mitochondrial replacement therapy. Mitochondrion is one of the most important components of any living cell, including the egg. In simple words, mitochondrion is the cell’s energy station. Essentially, its work consists in supplying the cell with vital energy for its normal functioning. And if it’s weak or ‘‘unhealthy’’ it cannot supply the needed amount of energy to the egg. This leads to the failure.
So the core of the method is extracting the healthy mitochondrion from the donor’s egg and placing it back to the intended mom’s egg in order to make her egg stronger, renewed. To carry out such a procedure, an egg donor with a high functional activity of mitochondria (a blastocyst production rate of 70% or more), a patient (willing to get pregnant), and sperm for in vitro fertilization are required. Healthy functionally active mitochondria are taken from a donor’s oocyte and integrated with the patient’s cells. Next, fertilization with sperm and transfer of a healthy embryo into the patient’s uterus is performed.
This way you get genetically related to you baby!!! (though you do use donor’s help, mitochondria does not affect the DNA of the future baby!) The method is worth considering, isn’t it.


Hi, lovely lady. Thanks for sharing your experience with the clinic. Would love to share my story as well. My first attempts took years. Finally I was diagnosed with pcos and thyroid issues. Got pregnant and soon lost the baby. Then tried for 16 months with multiple miscarriages. Devastated and heartbroken we didn’t know what to do. It was a complete desaster for us both. You know when you do achieve pregnancy but loose it again and again. In my 35 yo this was not the exact thing I was expecting! Why me suffering from this all!! Though dh was and is very supportive I felt like a useless thing who can’t give a birth to a baby and make my second half happy.
So after 3 years in which we tried everything we finally were doing IVF in Greece. They retrieved 17 mature eggs and we had 8 day5 blasts. Shot#1 ended in chemical pregnancy. Shot#2 – with BFN. How else could I describe my feelings except being a miserable poor thing! We thought we could never go through treatments successfully. But once we happened to find some of the boards where ladies were sharing their experience with abroad clinics. We got interested in Biotexcom mostly for the positive comments and affordable prices as we had already spent fortune on treatments. This time we wanted to have some guarantees. I mean, when in case of failures clinic refunds money paid.
Well, our infertility path continued in the following way. I could produce healthy mature eggs. My dh’s swimmers were excellent. BUT our tiny embies could only make home in me but never develop to a baby. With such matters we were strongly recommended to look onto surrogacy. And here we’re very thankful to the clinic as they were honest with us. They never loomed our money for other unsuccessful attempts. They simply told us my body can’t carry the pregnancy to the term, so that we had to use a surrogate. And Ukraine definitely is surrogacy friendly. This is due to its legislation concerning surrogacy matters and again affordable prices. Finally after pasing all the procedures our surrogate successfully conceived with a beautiful baby. We’ll be thankful to this young woman and the clinic itself forever for our parenthood. And one more thing I always keep saying to people struggling. God always blesses the waiting. You should never stop and keep on moving and find all the possible solutions.
One day it will be your rainbow!!


A friend of mine was going through the same thing, she felt absolutely open about it, that’s why I know quite a lot about it. Firstly they were looking onto surrogacy in US, then in UK. Here are some of the aspects she talked about.
In US - overwhelmingly expensive ($60 – 150k). Unless a couple has a kind family member or friend that is willing to carry it for them. It was a factor for them. Then if things go wrong, such as a surrogate backing out, or unfortunate situations like a miscarriage, they automatically have to pay at least $5k to match with another surrogate and do their health workup through the agency. It just seemed that there were so many costs that could be added at any time. And it seemed so unreasonable that most of that cost was going to the agency or lawyer, rather than the surrogate, who receives on average of $20 – 30k for the pregnancy. What also bothered them was that in some states, surrogate mothers retain a parental right to the child, and can even pursue custody. Even though the embryos placed in the surrogate have both of their DNA, the surrogate mother’s name is on the birth certificate, and then they have to go through the process of adopting the baby in court. The biggest factor for them, though, was time. All of the legal paperwork, signing a contract, matching a surrogate, having the surrogate go through the work-up, it’s been a year or two since they started the process. Having already put in years, they weren’t willing to wait for an indefinite amount of time again. So headed off to Ukraine.


Good day,How are you doing? I am a representative on a reproduction clinic “New Life” which is based in Ukraine.We offer are wide variety of programs that could assist absolutely anyone with having a child.We do have surrogates that are able to fly out and give birth at your home country.
Ukraine is one of the most affordable countries when it comes to surrogacy do consider that while making your choice,as from 30 000 euro.
If you would like to have more information please do contact at [email protected] or call us on Whatsapp +380635977777.

Kind Regards


I’ve shared this on another thread. Commercial surrogacy is legal in the Ukraine. But it is only available to married heterosexual couples!! Couples also have to demonstrate that they require surrogacy. They have to provide suitable evidence such as the absence or deformation of the uterus to include adhesions or scar tissue. Risk to the health of the mother or potential child through pregnancy or by providing evidence of having 4 failed IVF attempts. The IP of a child born through surrogacy are considered to be biological parents from the moment of conception. They are specifically named as biological parents in the birth certificate without any mentioning of the surrogate mother. Importantly the gestational surrogate has no legal claim over the child!! Also no specific permission from any regulatory body is required. However written informed consent of all parties participating in the surrogacy program is mandatory! Unlike the US and Canada, babies born through surrogacy in Ukraine do not gain Ukrainian citizenship!!! Ukraine is currently the most popular surrogacy destination. Whilst it is an attractive option for couples because of the relatively low cost, couples need to be aware of the limitations with surrogacy in Ukraine.
Among the other things to consider are: #1 English is not widely spoken in the Ukraine. This can make it difficult for the IP to navigate their way through all aspects of the journey. It can also make for a very complicated journey legally, where all correspondence,documents and agreements have to be translated through a professional service. It is advisable to get an English speaking lawyer in Ukraine to represent you. (Unless the service is included into the package price).
It is important that the intended parent’s name, particularly the intended mother’s name, is exactly the same on both passport and marriage certificates. Any discrepancy can lead to time delays as translation, notarisation and apostillization of the documents will be required.
Some medical institutions request that intended parents ‘shall not submit any legal claims against the institution for any reason’. This contradicts the civil procedural code of Ukraine! Namely, the individuals right to defend his or her interests in court and is something that should concern you.
In total you can expect to pay about €40k for a surrogacy arrangement in Ukraine. This may or may not include a guaranteed take home baby package (Which will cover the cost of all the IVF attempts until you achieve a pregnancy.) You should also budget for flights and general living expenses, taking into account that you may have to stay there for up to 6 weeks post birth. (Angain, if it’s not included into the package price). In general, the symptoms of IVF pregnancy resemble the symptoms of natural pregnancy. But those with IVF may be more conscious to these side effects. Since they know they’re carrying a child from the beginning. And for most natural pregnancies, women don’t realize they’ve conceived for about a month. This sense of awareness may also cause anxiety and stress. Especially in those worried about maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Keep in mind that fertility medications, which are used to stimulate egg production before the IVF procedure, may also have side effects. And those in their turn can resemble pregnancy symptoms. These include headaches, abdominal pain, mood swings, bloating, and hot flashes. While these symptoms aren’t usually cause for concern, they may rarely be a result of OHSS.
Also starting from 01.09.2019 the price for the VIP package with Biotex, the clinci we’ve been with, will be 64900 EUR. The waiting time for the 1st att at a VIP package will be 4 months, and at a Standard package - up to 1 year.