Hey there. How are you doing? I am really sorry you have to go for surrogacy. I wish you good luck. Surrogacy is really wonderful. I have had it. I would suggest Ukraine. I wish you good luck. Take care.


I am so sorry for you. I have gone through the same few years back. I went to a clinic in Europe. I was infertile and I had no other option. I went there for surrogacy. I am so happy that I went there. I went there because It was an affordable clinic. They provided us facilities free of cost. One more thing that they provided us with a healthy surrogate too. I have a baby and he turned 2 now.


I am so sad for you. I have experienced a similar thing. I went to a clinic in Europe. I was infertile and I had no other alternative. I went there for surrogacy. I am happy to the point that I went there. I went there in light of the fact that It was a reasonable facility. They gave us services free of cost. One additionally thing that they facilitated us with a solid surrogate as well. I have a child now.


I’m also struggling to TTC for past 10 yeras.Just like you i m also worried about the age limit and it really is stressful.I have tried IUI and IVF but there was no luck with them.A friend of mine gave me the idea of surrogacy and she recommended me BioTexCom.I will surely go for it as all of other options are disclosed in my case.You better should research about surrogacy and should visit some clinics regarding surrogacy.As for me i will go for surrogacy ultimately i dont have any other option left.I have contacted this clinic in Ukrine and soon i will do it before its too late. If anybody has an opinon about this kindly guide me.


Hey. I hope you do good. I am really sorry to know about your infertility. You must be going through a lot of pain.I know how bad that feels. I am glad you have decided to move on. Surrogacy is the best option. We have had our surrogacy from Ukraine. I have an amazing experience. The doctors were quite honest in their opinions. The staff was cooperative. We were given a room in the hotel to live, driver, food and accommodation. We were also allowed to meet the surrogate mom after some time. You must consult the doctors their. I hope they won’t let you down. All the best!


Welcome, dear, Good afternoon. Yes sure that our form provides you good advice. First of all, I feel very sorry that you face through this type of problem. I know your feelings. I completely understand your feelings. After marriage, this is the only wish of any couple. But when do not say that you cannot conceive naturally. Then it is very heartbroken feeling. But you come toward surrogacy. I am the good decision of yours. Keep on it and do not lose hope. Surrogacy gives many couples happiness, they live their life happily with their baby,s through surrogacy. You should do not lose hope and make yo7 source complete. Wish you best o luck "


hi there. I hope you are doing great.its really sad seeing a woman go through all of this. it is really painful. I like surrogacy, it has made so many improvements. surrogacy is a blessing. more couples should go for surrogacy it is an amazing process. especially for infertile women, it is a great solution. I had twins through surrogacy and I am really happy with it.


Great to hear your decision over surrogacy, And even I am much amazed to see how many individuals have been decided over this treatment. Each day you would probably find two to three post which either says that they are looking for surrogacy or many of them are having their babies. That’s really amazing to know.
I am sure you would find a much preferable answer to this question. Since I am no advice to provide you with.
But would love to hear up positive news soon.


hey, how are you? hope you are fine. dear, I can feel your pain. you are going through hard circumstances. it is not easy for any women to wait for 12 years. really it is a long period of time. I salute you for your patience. dear, the surrogacy in America is truly expensive because you have to earn in dollars and to pay for it also in dollars. but if you travel to northern Europe this is not too much expensive because you have to pay in local currency. so if you are not affording it in America then you should go for it in Europe. hey, one thing more the surrogacy in India is not good. this country is not suitable for furriners. you should have security threads there. Europe is safe as compared to humble suggestion is to go there and fulfill your all dreams and desires. my best wishes are with you. take care. they don’t lose your hope at any step.


You have been through a lot struggles during your journey. The thing with endometriosis is that each person has different symptoms therefore, has to be treated differently. I know a lot of people who had this one complain that doctors are treating everyone in a similar way. Anyways, it has been 12 years I am sure you would have changed doctors just to make sure. I feel like with any treatment your own research is very important. So for this new process, I would say that make sure you are well researched on it. It is a very lengthy process therefore, it is important that you are careful about it. It is expensive compared to other treatments and no one wants their money to be wasted. In India foreign couples are not allowed to go through it so I think that can already be off from the list. Other than that going towards the Europe side isn’t a bad option. I have heard some good reviews regarding this on this forum. Just make sure that whichever place you choose they are operating legally. Apart from that they are providing that ensure that they are providing you with child’s legal documents. Best of luck. Do keep us posted.


hey, and. hope you are having good. I am really sad for you. I want to share a story. my aunt was going through this problem. she was told by her doctor to go for surrogacy. surrogacy is really a way to start a happy family of your own. she adopted this treatment and has a baby now. medical science has made a much development in this regard. there are many treatments for your problem. just talk to your hubby. search for the fertility clinics. you will get good results for your problem. just don’t give up. best wishes to you. looking forward to your next post.


Hi Marry. How are you doing? Hope so you are doing better now. Dear where there is will there is the way. I am happy that you did not let your weaknesses dominate your fear and hope. I really want to admire you that you are one of those who did not give up. Things will happen to you soon. I will suggest you go for eastern Europe. As one of my friend been there. And she is very happy with the overall treatment. Also, expenses are low there. So do research on that place. Maybe you will find your destination. Best of Luck.


Hi Marry hope you are fine. Welcome to this forum. Really sorry to hear what you are going through. Life is hard but being positive is the solution. Its good that you didn’t gave up and are looking for treatment. You are following a right path . I think from these options Ukraine will be perfect for you as they are very affordable and other good thing is their government , their laws favors all this . They infact are very trustworthy. People from all over the world visit them. I t will be best for you. Good luck for your journey


Hello. How are you doing? Twelve years is such a long time. I would’ve long my mind, to be honest. It gets so frustrating as the time passes. I really couldn’t have waited or tried that long. You must be a very patient person. I think Ukraine is the place you should go to for your surrogacy. If you did your research, you would know that the internet is full of good reviews about this place. They are doing this for people at such an affordable rate. It is even a good option for the people who live in the country that have banned surrogacy. You should really check it out. They wont disappoint you. Good luck. Share your story with us.


Hi there Marry, Hope you are fine.Thanks for sharing your words with us. You had facing hard times from years but don’t worry things are going to be perfect very soon. Well from the countries you mentioned , I will choose Ukraine. They are doing exceptionally great in this field. I hope you got best clinic for your treatment. Good Luck.


Hi , how are you . You should go for surrogacy . It will be the best option for you . There are clinics in UK . They deal with surrogacy . You should go there . They are less expensive . Best of luck .


Sorry to hear about you lose. You suffered a lot. I can understand your pain. Dear, don’t lose hope. You have to stay strong. Time passes. I am also an infertile. I had a surrogacy last year. It was a very reliable place. The package was also affordable. They also bare the travel and stay expenses. Search about the best surrogacy clinics in your area. I hope you will find the best one. Also the one offering cheap reliable treatment. I am praying for you. I wish you good luck. Take care.


Hi there! Just wanted to say I’m with you. Ukraine is really popular with patients throughout the world. The majority of couples come there for surrogacy treatments. And it’s not surprising as it’s a perfect destination judging from its law basis and affordable costs. Moreover surrogacy without egg donation costs in Ukraine are the cheapest in Europe! Clinic provides you surrogate mothers for your choice with complete information about them in the profile form. Usual surrogates’ remuneration in Ukraine is about 15k US dollars paid after delivery, and 400 US dollars paid monthly for her support during pregnancy. Special pricing is often an option. Biotexcom, for example, can offer even an exclusive guarantee program that refunds 100% of your clinical fees if your surrogate does not become pregnant. The clinic has modern equipment based on Western medical protocols, and its medical staff is known to have been trained in Europe and the United States. Surrogacy in Ukraine is well regulated, and surrogacy contracts are considered enforceable under legislation enacted at the federal level. Under Ukrainian law, the child is considered to belong intended parents from the moment of conception. Once a baby’s born the birth certificate is issued with your names. A surro cannot claim any rights. She cannot keep the baby after delivery even if she changes her mind. It’s the hugest factor for the majority of couples as there are so many episodes in the world’s practice when surros keep the children (even though being paid!!) So this will never happen in Ukraine. This is true even if egg and sperm donors were used and there were no biological relation between the child and intended parents - your names remain on the birth certificate. In general, there is a much more comprehensive legal framework for surrogacy in Ukraine. Other European countries either prohibit surrogacy altogether. Or they allow surrogacy agreements only the surrogate is unpaid. For those countries that allow surrogacy, the laws typically give all parental rights to the surrogate until a court process. this one only can transfer the rights from her to the intended parents. So if you’re heterosexual married couple and have at least EUR 30k you may go straight to Ukraine and are more likely to get the best of services for surrogacy there.


You may also find it useful looking onto the site has the list of packages to consider. Make sure you notice all the items included. Among those: Unlimited number of attempts. It means that in case of failure they’ll be trying again and again until they get the desired result and you travel back home with a baby. It’s already covered by your contract and doesn’t require any extra fees.
All relevant medical examinations. Even if you have already been examined in other clinics and the reason of unsuccessful treatment wasn’t determined, they will do extra checkups in order to make treatment effective. Medications and all medical expenses. All their packages include all medications for hormonal stimulation in framework of your program, vitamins, medical expenses and services of medical staff.
Legal service: assisting in getting all documents in civil status registry office and embassy, translations, lawyer service, assisting of a manager at all stages of your program, etc. Large base of egg donors and surrogate mothers. You have an opportunity to choose donor on your own. Thus, you are provided with her photos, video interview and 3D photo on which you can see your donor from different angles. It enables to start program just after signing up contract with no wasting time on searching for a donor. DNA test. In order to get a baby’s passport, you need to prove genetic relation to the baby. There is a special procedure of DNA testing in the embassy in order to prove it. PGD. It is a genetic testing performed to the embryo prior to the implantation. You can make sure that embryos are healthy or determine the gender of embryos.
Pediatrician supervision & babysitter & housemaid if needed.
In my opinion all this is worth considering. Good luck with your further researches!