About our team

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Team Founder

David Langr

Project lead & development

He became interested in infertility and IVF treatment in 2019. Since then, he has been studying the latest methods of IVF treatment around the world and, as a digital innovator, has been trying to connect the two areas.

team manager

Denisa Schreiberová

PR & Communications

Denisa started as an IVF specialist in one of the Czech fertility clinics. He has extensive experience and tries to capitalize on it at FertilityCommunity.

Team part time

Simona Matúšová


Simona studies medicine and at the same time focuses more on the treatment of infertility. She is interested in becoming an IVF Embryologist & Specialist.

team manager

Lisa Holliman

IVF publisher

Lisa Holliman is a teacher and writer. She went through several infertility treatments before getting pregnant with her first child.