Why you should consider IVF abroad packages in 2022?

Authors: Lisa Holliman

Updated: 04/28/2021 | Originally published on 02/26/2021

If you are considering having your IVF treatment abroad, you may want to look into clinics that offer packages. IVF abroad packages can often save you money, simplify the process, and ensure you get everything you need.

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IVF in Greece

  1. What are IVF packages?

  2. What do IVF packages include?

  3. Current packages on offer at IVF clinics abroad

  4. Are IVF packages worth it?

  5. Final thoughts

What are IVF packages?

In most cases, fertility treatments involve several steps. You will often pay for each step individually. You may wind up with a lot of bills and fees to take care of at the end of the process. If you decide to get your IVF treatments abroad, you'll also have travel expenses.

Fertility packages are all-inclusive, allow you to pay one price for the process, and often save you money. Some packages will even include accommodation arrangements. As you consider clinics, be sure to check and see if they offer any packages to make the process a little easier.

What do IVF packages include?

IVF packages will vary from clinic to clinic. Some clinics will offer different tiers of packages, with basic ones that only include standard IVF up to more detailed packages that offer multiple cycles, more advanced treatments, and even lodging and meals.

  1. The IVF process

    Most packages will, at the very least, include the steps of the IVF process. This may include phone and video consultations before you actually go to the clinic. You'll also have all of your in-person appointments covered. Tests and labwork are usually included in basic packages.

    Ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval, fertilization, embryo transfer, and implantation are almost always included. These are the main steps of the IVF process and are typically your most significant expenses.

  2. Medication

    IVF involves many different medications, and the prices can be relatively high. Some IVF packages will include these medications, while others do not. It's important to read over a package carefully to see if it includes medications. If it doesn't, you'll need to add the medication cost to see if the package is still cost-effective.

  3. Further Treatments

    If you know that you already need treatments beyond standard IVF, such as egg donation, sperm, or embryo donation, you can choose a package that includes these treatments. You'll pay one price, and the donation costs will also be covered.

  4. Post-IVF Expenses

    Once you've gone through the IVF process, there are still a few more steps to complete. You'll need pregnancy tests and ultrasounds to confirm the pregnancy. Some packages will include these labs and visits.

  5. Travel

    Many IVF clinics abroad want to make the IVF process as easy as possible for you. They often offer packages that include round-trip airfare. They usually provide this for up to two people, so your partner can travel with you.

  6. Accommodations

    IVF clinics will often offer a package that includes accommodations. You may find this helpful if you're traveling to an unfamiliar country and don't know how to find the best hotels. The clinic will ensure that you stay in a great hotel located near the clinic.

  7. Shared Success Packages

    Often, your first round of IVF won't work. Some clinics offer shared success packages to offset this problem. These packages will vary from clinic to clinic. Some of these packages will refund you money if you don't get pregnant.

    Others will offer you multiple cycles until you achieve a live birth. Your success is also the clinic's success, so these packages are mutually beneficial.

    Be sure to read over the clinic's rules. Sometimes the price is based on maternal age and pre-exisitng issues. In some cases, you may not qualify for a shared success package. In other cases, if you're beyond a certain age, you may be required to pay more for the treatment, but it should still be a savings for you.

3 Newest packages on offer at IVF clinics abroad


Prague Fertility Centre

Category: Embryo donation packages

Expire in: 2 months, 1 week from now
Embryo Donation

3,200 $

Includes the preparation and transfer of two frozen donated embryos.


Prague Fertility Centre

Category: Standard IVF packages

Expire in: 2 months, 1 week from now
All Inclusive ICSI IVF

4,900 $

Includes stimulation, egg collection, microchips sperm sorting, ICSI fertilization, Optimfert, embryo cultivation, and monitoring until the blastocyst stage, embryo glue, and laser-assisted hatching, vitrification of all resulting embryos for one year.


Prague Fertility Centre

Category: Egg donation packages

Expire in: 2 months, 1 week from now
Tandem IVF: own + egg donor

7,200 $

Suitable for couples with reduced and/or low-quality cells who would still want to try one last stimulation, but who also want to save time and have an egg donor stimulating at the same time in case their cells don't result in a viable embryo. It includes stimulation of both, recipient and donor, egg collection for both, microchips sperm sorting, ICSI fertilization, Optimfert, embryo cultivation, and monitoring, embryo glue, and laser-assisted hatching.

Are IVF Packages Worth It?

In many cases, an IVF package is well worth the money. If your anxious about getting your IVF treatment abroad, a package can take away some of the stress. You pay one price and most of your expenses are taken care of.

Some IVF packages can also save you money. You just need to read through what the package offers and figure out if you'll need all of the treatments that are covered. If you do, there's a good chance you can save money. However, if there are a lot of treatments that aren't suitable for you, you may be better off paying for each treatment individually.

Final Thoughts

IVF abroad packages can be quite helpful if you're planning on getting IVF treatments outside of your home country. While not all clinics offer these packages, it's well worth checking into to see if you can find a package that fits your needs. IVF abroad packages can save you money and help relieve some of the stress of planning to have IVF.

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