How to Have Baby-Making Sex

If getting pregnant hasn’t been so easy for you, maybe you’re not doing “it” right. Maximize your chances!

Here’s how:

  1. Stop using hormonal contraception or have IUD removed at least 3 months prior to conception attempts.
  2. Make sure you have intercourse during the woman’s most fertile time.
  3. Men should refrain from unproductive ejaculation for 48 hours prior to the woman’s fertile time.
  4. If possible, schedule your conception attempts for the morning, as sperm concentration may be higher then.
  5. It is best to avoid artificial lubrication, but if it’s necessary, use only water-based ones. Water-based are the same lubricants that are marketed as condom-safe.
  6. Avoid douching at any time.
  7. Use sexual positions that encourage the natural tilt of the vagina toward the uterine opening (cervix) and that assist gravity, for example, missionary or doggy style positions, or lying on one’s side.
  8. Avoid cunnilingus (oral sex given to the female) during conception attempts.
  9. Avoid anal sex during conception attempts.
  10. Avoid underwater sex and hot tubs in general during conception attempts.
  11. Avoid sex toys during conception attempts.
  12. After ejaculation, the man should remain inside the woman for several minutes and withdraw carefully.
  13. After ejaculation, the woman should remain lying down for twenty minutes or more, and may also elevate hips and legs with a wall or pillows.


  1. Include satisfying foreplay to keep things interesting and assist with lubrication.
  2. Allow time in your lives for spontaneous, non-productive sexual relations during less fertile times.
  3. Seek relationship counseling through your doctor’s office if sexual dysfunction of any kind becomes a factor.

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