What Does SARMS Do To Your Testosterone?

What Does SARMS Do To Your Testosterone

The use of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMS) is an emerging trend in the bodybuilding scene that claims to provide all the pros of anabolic steroids with a minimum of its side effects. Despite its known potent effects of supporting rampant muscle growth, SARMS remains illegal for human consumption due to a lack of testing … Read more

How to Use an Ovulation Prediction Kit

Ovulation Prediction Kits (OPK’s) are handy tools when trying to conceive. Knowing how to use one can mean the difference between just another month and getting pregnant. Here’s how: If you’re seeing a specialist, ask what brand they recommend. If not, ask friends or at online Forums like ours. Purchase ovulation prediction kit (OPK) based … Read more

Luteal Phase Defect (LPD)

Luteal phase defect, or LPD, is a subtle but influential ovulation disorder that can result in conception difficulties. To understand how LPD stands in the way of conception, you must first understand your body’s ovulation cycle: Two phases of the ovulation cycle: Follicular phase: Part of cycle prior to ovulation, so named due to the … Read more

The Real Risk of Multiples

It is common knowledge that the use of assisted reproduction techniques and fertility medications leads to a higher rate of multiple births than among pregnancies resulting from no intervention. While some in the general public see as foolhardy or greedy the people who go through with ART-initiated pregnancies of twins, triplets, quadruplets and more, the … Read more

Predicting Ovulation/Fertilty

Features Latest research says that women on average ovulate all over the calendar, making it tougher to predict fertile time. Learn about all the various methods of predicting ovulation, when a woman is most fertile. Basal Body Temperature (BBT) At the start of every conception journey, women hear the term BBT . Just what is … Read more

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What Infertile People Find Scary About Adoption

  For most visitors to this site, adoption is something that they may never have considered before being confronted with infertility. Getting to the point of considering adoption is typically not something that comes quickly or easily; rather, it is a bend in the road that must be journeyed to by people seeking to build … Read more

Chapter 50

The Infertile Patient’s Prayer and Infertility Lord, Give me Strength… To keep my cool when another period starts. To keep my chin up when a co-worker announces her pregnancy. To have a good relationship with my friend in spite of her ability to conceive easily and not be jealous of her. To endure my sister-in-law’s … Read more