Predicting Ovulation/Fertilty


Latest research says that women on average ovulate all over the calendar, making it tougher to predict fertile time. Learn about all the various methods of predicting ovulation, when a woman is most fertile.

Basal Body Temperature (BBT)

At the start of every conception journey, women hear the term BBT . Just what is this all-important diagnostic tool? BBT simply refers to a baseline reading of your body’s temp, that i… [more]

Am I Ovulating? OPKs

Having a good foundation of knowledge about the workings of your ovulatory cycle is important, to say the least, when planning a family. However, not everyone will have or make the time to … [more]

Am I Ovulating? Reproductive Hormones

Understanding how the average woman’s hormones fluctuate with her fertility is the first step; applying that understanding to your own body’s variations is next. While there are only a few … [more]

Am I Ovulating? Natural Family Planning

Once you understand the relationship between your hormones, your basal body temperature, and your fertility, you will be able to more easily use the combination of methods referred to as N… [more]

Am I Ovulating? Your BBT

One of your very first assignments as a person trying to conceive will be to chart your Basal Body Temperature , or BBT . Let’s briefly discuss why this is necessary, how it can effect yo… [more]

How to Use an Ovulation Prediction Kit

Ovulation Prediction Kits (OPK’s) are handy tools when trying to conceive. Knowing how to use one can mean the difference between just another month and getting pregnant. Here’s how: If… [more]

How to Monitor Cervical Mucus to Predict Fertility

Changes in a woman’s cervical mucus are nature’s way of signalling where she is in her cycle of fertility. Here’s how: Purchase a small portable calendar or notepad with pen or pencil at… [more]

How To Monitor Your Cervix for Fertility

Being aware of simple changes in your uterine cervix can help detect your most fertile times. Here’s how: Choose a time of day that is convenient, as you want to do this daily. After yo… [more]

Chart Your Basal Body Temperature

Keeping track of your monthly cycle via BBT is crucial to beginning infertility treatment or anytime you need to detect your ovulation. Here’s how: Purchase a basal body temp (BBT) therm… [more]

Predicting Ovulation for Conception

So, you know all there is to know about a woman’s ovulatory cycle, but you’re still trying to conceive? Let’s overview ovulation prediction methods : This refers to the standard informat… [more]

Am I Ovulating? Other Devices

Detecting and predicting your own body’s ovulation cycle is key to enhancing your fertility. The “window of opportunity” for conception is much shorter than many people realize; t… [more]


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