Infertility and Holidays

Don’t Just Survive – Thrive!

As holidays approach, it’s easy for people experiencing infertility to feel gloomy. Regardless of culture, religious affiliation, or socioeconomics, most holidays conjure up media-fed images of happy families gathering. For anyone who’s having trouble conceiving or maintaining a successful pregnancy, these images can dredge up emotional pain, even in folks who felt that they have been dealing well with their family-building struggle.

Time to Recharge!

Start thinking of holidays as special times set aside for you to recharge your own emotional and physical batteries.

Dealing with infertility is draining, to say the least. Monitoring your body’s signals day after day, waiting and watching anxiously month after month. If you’re going through any kind of related treatment, then you have additional time-consuming hurdles sapping your energy, like trip after trip to the specialist’s office, painful injections and blood draws, uncomfortable physical symptoms.

Rather than thinking of holidays as a time to give to others, realize that you can instead use these days to care for yourself! Taking time now to do that may result in a renewed sense of positivity toward upcoming treatment and conception attempts.

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