Fertility Treatment Abroad: What You Need to Know in 2021?

By:Lisa Holliman Updated: Feb. 21, 2021, 7:13 a.m.

When considering in-vitro fertilization, you may feel overwhelmed with all of the associated factors:

  • You may live in a country where the costs are higher than you can afford
  • You may be of an age that is beyond the age most clinics in your country will accept
  • Your country may have long waits for donor eggs
  • You may have a non-traditional family, making it difficult to find a clinic that will help you have a baby

One solution may be to have your IVF abroad. Many countries offer affordable and quality IVF treatments.

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Why have your fertility treatment abroad?

In many cases, it’s better to have your fertility treatment abroad. You may be facing many stumbling blocks in your home country that are much easier to overcome in another country.

For many people, it’s much more affordable to have IVF treatments outside of their home country. Certain countries have high costs associated with fertility treatments, making it nearly impossible for some people to afford it. In many situations, your insurance may not cover IVF or any infertility treatments. If the procedure is too expensive to pay out-of-pocket in your own country, it may be affordable elsewhere.

In some cases, infertility clinics in your country may have age limits for the procedure. As women age, the likelihood of pregnancy decreases, even with fertility treatments. Some clinics will not perform IVF on women over a certain age because they deem the pregnancy too risky or because too many older patients will alter their success rates. If you’re beyond this age limit, then fertility treatments abroad may be your only option.


Clinics in your country may have a long waiting list. It can take you weeks or months to even see a doctor. If you’re using donor eggs, it can take even longer. There may be a waiting list, and it could take months or longer for eggs to become available for you to use. If you’re of advanced maternal age, you may not feel you have time to wait. You may be able to go to another country and get seen much more quickly.

You may even find higher success rates and better care at an international facility. Many clinics abroad are at the cutting-edge of research when it comes to fertility treatments. They may employ practices that are safe but have yet to be approved in your own country. These advanced treatments may be the deciding factor in helping you to get pregnant.

What are the factors to consider when choosing a country for your IVF treatment?

There are many factors to consider as you choose a country and then a clinic for your IVF treatment. You can use these factors to compare and narrow down your choices until you find the place that offers exactly what you need.

  • Cost

    The cost of fertility treatments varies from country to country. Many overseas countries offer treatment for considerably lower than places such as the US or the UK.

    More information on costs abroad – What Does IVF Cost Abroad.

    Compare basic fertility treatments – IVF Cost comparison.

  • Effectiveness Rates

    You don’t want to only look at low cost. You need a country and a clinic that reports high effectiveness rates. Lower costs won’t be worth it if success rates are low and you wind up having to have the procedure several times.

  • Quality of Care

    Nothing is more important than your health and the health of your future baby. Read reviews to ensure that the country you choose has regulations in place to assure a high quality of care.

  • Other Factors

    If you fall into a special group, such as advanced maternal age or a nontraditional family, you’ll want to ensure that the country you chooses offers services for you.

What are the most popular countries abroad for IVF treatment in 2021?

If you’re planning to have your IVF overseas, several countries are known for high success rates and superior care.

  • Spain

    Spain is the most popular country abroad for IVF treatments. The costs among the highest in Europe but are still significantly lower than in the States. Spain’s success rates are high, and they are willing to accept patients up to 50 years old.

  • Czech Republic

    The Czech Republic is often chosen for overseas IVF treatment because the cost is so much lower than in the US or the UK. As long as clinics are licensed, they should be both safe and effective.

  • India

    While many still think of India as a third-world country, it has some of the world’s most advanced medicine. Not only is India one of the most affordable places for IVF and other fertility treatments, but they also have high success rates and are willing to treat women up to age 55.

  • Greece

    Greece is not only an affordable destination for IVF overseas, but the country is also known to have short wait times if you require donor eggs. While the government does have stricter rules regarding maternal age and same-sex couples, the quality of care is superb.

Other Factors to Consider When Having IVF Treatments Abroad

Whether you have IVF in your home country or abroad, it’s not a decision to be made lightly. You should always consider the positives and the negatives when deciding to go outside of the country to have your treatment. Read on to see some of the challenges you may face.

  • Different Regulations

    One of the most significant factors to consider is medical policies and regulations another country may have in place. Regulations may differ significantly from the regulations in your home country. Requirements for care may be different, and clinics may not be required to disclose certain information.

    Your best option to avoid problems with differences in health regulations is to do your research. Find quality documentation to let you know precisely what is required and how things operate in the countries you’re considering. You can use this knowledge to guide your decision and let you know which questions you need to ask before committing to a fertility procedure.

  • Legal Issues

    If you leave your own country, you are likely giving up any options for legal recourse in the event of malpractice. While the US and many other countries hold their doctors to certain standards and allow individuals to sue if there is some sort of negligence, other countries may not have this option. While the chances of something going wrong due to malpractice are low, you need to be aware that there may be little you can do if it happens.

Final Thoughts

While there is much to consider when choosing a location to have your fertility treatments, you have many options that can fit your unique situation. Many places will offer an affordable opportunity to get pregnant and grow your family.

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